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  1. Going by the title I was wondering how is this a spoiler for GOW Ragnarok. But when i looked at the video then I realised it's a spoiler GOW
  2. https://www.espn.in/football/paris-saint-germain--frapsg/story/4718930/ballon-dor-lionel-messi-left-off-nominees-list-for-first-time-since-2005-as-karim-benzema-leads-contenders?platform=amp Was kinda expected considering the season Messi had at PSG. Karim Benzema would be a deserved winner for sure πŸ˜ƒ . Also unless Messi/Ronaldo can pull off a miracle at World Cup later this year this seems their duopoly over Ballon d'or is over now. What an era it was though. Hands down two of the best players ever to play the game
  3. @TRMNTR Happy Birthday dude πŸ˜ƒ .
  4. Barcelona sold almost 25% of one of its company - Barca studios to raise funds to register players.
  5. I think you might get 1/2 copies in the first week not more .
  6. Don't think it was due to any game but launch of PS4 slim and Pro model in Q3 of FY16 (2016-17) . New consoles with one being very affordable - 250$ PS4 slim with a game and it was a holiday period . Sony ran aggressive promotions - PS4 slim was available for 200$ during Black Friday next year (FY17) and hence the sales imo. GOW/Spiderman released much later in 2018 so didn't affect these numbers
  7. Okay so now you are back to your Pony side now with that custom I/O stuff .
  8. Camera effects - Are these in game settings or these settings apply when you use the camera in game for taking photos ? Sorry for the noob question. Also Why Ray tracing off though ?
  9. Yeah if PS5 is your main console then XSS is a great budget buy to enjoy games on Gamepass at 1440/60fps. I had the same combo but recently sold of my XSS as i just don't have the time for two consoles . I think you might be referring to my post here . I sold it via OLX for 21k few days back.
  10. Don't think you will get a brand new XSS for 20k even if you import from US . Actual usable storage is 364 GB. So yeah definitely need external HDD with USB 3.0 or SSD . While you can't run next gen games , game transfer between drives doesn't take a huge amount of time at all. Test Results while transferring AC origins game files (49 GB) between Drives on XSX were as follows : External SSD - Internal SSD 2m 20s Internal SSD - External SSD 4m 33s External HDD - Internal SSD 7m 46s Internal SSD-External HDD 10m 36s source: https://www.destructoid.com/xbox-series-x-has-speedy-file-transfers-between-hdd-and-ssd/ Transfer times from XSS should.be the same or near about. I think these times are manageable especially if XSS is not your primary console. Why spend extra on storage.
  11. XSS does that job pretty well . Although it's designed to output at 1440p - it does very good job of 4k upscaling. most games run at intended resolutions - even Halo infinite runs pretty well at 60 fps with good visuals. It's only when you try to play it 120 fps resolution goes down to 900p with poor textures .
  12. Better to buy pre-owned. It should be available for around 25-28k with 3-10 months warranty left depending on where you are located.
  13. Think he's worse in attitude and difficult to work with. Same goes for Arnautovic.
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