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  1. Unfortunately Orient is underrated brand, my neighbor asked me is the fan and watch company same
  2. Hey what's your and wife's favorite animal?
  3. Got myself a Diwali gift from Japan
  4. I did consider this option too but it increases the overall weight, it is already quite heavy and I am worried to hang it
  5. Very new to black coffee. Always been a filter coffee drinker so recently pivoted to moka pot did not enjoy much now got aeropress and this is definitely much better. Currently I got Sampigehoney Estate, Orchardale Estate and Seethargundu Estate from BT, sticking with grind coffee for now
  6. My recommendation is Racold Aures, have been using for 2 years and now replaced all geysers with this one. This does not have any water storage capacity, water passes through the coils and gives hot water directly. Requirement for this is good water pressure. https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07W1TQLJY/
  7. Wise choice! It has already collected enough dust and cant even dust it off easily. So had to place it way up on the wall to avoid dust detection
  8. It is adjustable and this is piece placed quite high on the wall so cannot be reached so easily thankfully
  9. Whats with the sudden surge in demand for BOB cards? Any good offers going on?
  10. And we know how things went with Max ad Daniel. Absolutely there is no reason to RB for Checo;s performance, RB has delivered a car which is beyond other teams expectations and Checo did deliver some good results at least initially he was neck to neck with Max so car cannot be blamed here
  11. Iam not even feeling bad for Checo now, he got ample opportunity in a car which is literally unbeatable. He will be compared with Max and they are miles apart. There are chances Daniel might get RB seat again, back to square 1
  12. Phew! That's a relief, when I read I subject line I thought I short sold the share which I have never done. Thanks for explaining so well. In which scenario seller fails to provide these shares?
  13. Buying from flipkart is such a hassle and risky, glad you are good. I had to order just an aeropress from fk but still I was so worried
  14. Guys, I got this email from Zerodha says my stocks were "short delivered" so either stocks will be credited or funds will be credited. I already see the said quantity of stocks in my portfolio, I want to understand why did this happen? Is it because of some error I did while buying or issue with seller? @KunjanPSD @dante77 Email:
  15. So whats your guess on who is going to take Checo's seat? At this point it is quite obviously that RB wil not continue with him, last few quali and races were disappointing.
  16. I agree I have been to Mumbai comicon couple of times, its just scam at this point. No proper management or crowd control, too expensive for a such a place.
  17. Yeah many are reporting on twitter as well, my 7k order is good so far, its still a great deal though.
  18. I added in cart but was unable to pay. Went back to 16k
  19. I am not part of lego group, can you add me? Oh man I did not even know about lego separator I was using stainless steel spoon to remove. It is too tight for finger to fit in and I want to dissemble. It is quite heavy has multiple layers of lego. I wanted to hang it but I inserted the hanger upside down thats why need to remove it
  20. Anyone knows how I can pull or remove these? While hanging it I realized its hanger is up side down. @Bird Bird Bird
  21. Are you aware of Bur Dubai everyone keeps talking about? Are the shops there reliable? Apparently they sell international models way less than Apple store.
  22. Eventually 14 will get usb version soon and battery life is quite subjective
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