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  1. Yes thats what i guess.. Just want VLC player on it and we are good. I mean you can still doesnt bring down costs to 500-700 right ? also sharing accounts is risky and im not good with it unless its a close friend or family
  2. But this doesnt stop privacy now does it? I just have to use that stupid fire stick just for playing movies and tv shows. Now even firestick wont play H.265 files (Most tv series use this now). The PS5 has and media remote on launch. hope they are listening
  3. Dude WTFFFF. i paid 339 for this and now its free on ea access which i already own.... Well that sucks
  4. I want PS5 to have a good media player. The current one sucks doesnt play S*** cant even play anything from my NAS drive. On other hand xbox one x was really amazing in that part. Sad xbox didnt had any exclusives hence had to sell
  5. Even i want to go all digital but cant. Reselling physical discs and playing an game for around 500-700 rs is amazing. Hope sony comes with something allowing you to sell your digital copies (impossible) but HOPE XD
  6. A new private video has been added to the PS5 future of gaming playlist If you go the the PlayStation YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/PlayStation and go to playlist and sort by last video added you can see the PS5 - FURTHER OF GAMING at the top but no new video visible. It's a speculation that they have added an private video.
  7. It this the case in the main story too? Means, il need to play online to complete the story?
  8. Lol thats bad. Neverming will wait 7 days more XD thanks for the information
  9. Agree . Steam has the best refund process.
  10. Can someone confirm this . So if I pre-order the game on PSN network and download the beta. But then I don't like the game so I want to cancel it. Can it be done? Do you get refunds even if you download the beta? As the policy says no refund after download
  11. Oh there will be plenty of idiots who will go to gyms. Hell just open theatres and DINE IN and there will be a flood. Im an avid movie wathcer but no theatres for me for atleasat an year. This virus needs to go man
  12. I have pre ordered from Amazon, on Cash on Delivery. Hope il get the early access beta codes from them. Will cancel it as soon as I play beta , and if I like it il buy from GTS 😄
  13. Rocket arena for Rs 339/- https://store.playstation.com/en-in/product/EP0006-CUSA18700_00-ROCKETARENAMATCH
  14. Need to clear territory in region 2 also. You get gold by defeating Mongol war lords in camps as far as I remember
  15. A FEW MORE WALLPAPERS THIS IS AN GEM OF A GAME <3 You can check 50 more screeshots here - https://imgur.com/a/uVUW7MU Also Original Images on Gdrive- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10BJoQ3iTn1oa9FXCnatj1WKg3JRwNTD6?usp=sharing
  16. Would have sold way more if they had more stock 😂 people are still wanting to buy game but it isn't available like anywh
  17. I didnt really liked stealth that much in this game. But given that the game wants to play more as a samurai i was ok with it
  18. Completed the main story! Gotta say it's the best money I spent on a game. Thinking to platinum it 😊
  19. Here's hoping Indian accounts get it too! Have ps plus 😊
  20. The load times in this game is crazy fast. Like 5 seconds for fast travel??? SP has some kind of black magic for sure. They literally turned PS4 HDD into SSD 😂
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