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  1. I should have read this earlier. Bought it with season pass and DAMN the game sucks. Stupid progression system kills the fun. You have to do WAAAAAAAAAYY many side quests make you literary forget the main story. You cannot kill a guy higher than you, where he can kill you with two strikes. But you cannot kill a guy lower than you with two strikes. THE GAME SUCKS!
  2. Hello all IVG memebers. I have seen a lot of threads but havent seen anything specific for sharing meme's related to gaming! So how about we start a one? Share your best gaming meme's here .
  3. [PS4] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition Rs 1099 (PSN INDIA) [PS4]Assassin's Creed® Origins Rs 1099 (PSN INDIA) [PS4] Assassin's Creed® Origins - Season Pass Rs 1332 (PSN INDIA) Total Assassins creed origins + Season pass costs 2431/-
  4. Hope they also have regional price for games now . to be honest for a lot of indians 4000/- a game i way too much and have to wait till the second hand prices drop to 2000-3000 to buy. 2500-3000 for standard and 4000-5000 for deluxe and gold will be amazing
  5. Can anybody tell if you buy the gold edition of this game on disc , then do you get seaason pass as an "DLC CODE" or its on the disc like witcher 3 goty?
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