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  1. This just shows to we need to voice our opinions and be angry rather than supporting every single move they make blindly!! Gotta stack for one more year of ps+ days of play sale now 😂 f*** sony.
  2. IF its the PS5 , dm me first
  3. They wont. But prepaid gamer card would know your ip and that might be more harmfull that letting go of a discount
  4. Let me know if its at MRP. Il take it
  5. I was shocked at that ending man. I just never imagined it would end like this. This has to be the best spin-off to ever come.
  6. Actually i was going to stack as it will go for 2250 ☠️☠️☠️ money saved 😂😂
  7. No point arguing. Once he has made up his mind to defend a corporate for some ridiculous sh*t he ain't changing.
  8. 1600+4000 5600? Yeah bye bye Ps+ extra dont have that much money in my wallet XD also before someone comes with "i got psn codes for discount, why does it matter", it does. i want to save every penny i can.
  9. I have it upto 2024 . Only 2 years And its absouletly scummy. You're basically telling customers that discounts are not allowed?
  10. WTF? so i have to pay the difference and 800 extra? f**k this sh*t man. Man i avoid replying you but "IT IS AN ABSOULTE SCUMMY AND DICK MOVE". I did not buy ps+ now i bought it an year back.
  11. yes i stacked at 2249/- so yeah good deal.
  12. IF the conversion is fair il do it. otherwise no point.
  13. Dude , just wait until it launches in india. Until then no point with the guesstimates. The prices are different in HK and in India.
  14. I think GOW would do just fine. But yeah can do better if nothing else is avaiable.
  15. Damn thats a sick and well kept collection bhai! Is that bloodborne steelbook?
  16. Haven't watched the movie , but watched his interview where he openly admits he did it. Honestly its just sad to see he's still free.
  17. Is it that good? I havent watched a single season yet.
  18. Sit back and SIP. Dont think too much, from last month or so a lot of times i dont even see my profolio, only when i read something here or in the news i go to check. This habbit of checking everyday is bad for long term investing (Solely because im an impatient soul and always do bad trades in a hurry). Waiting for more dip to deploy 10% of PF amount. Rest 10% on more 5% Dip on index and so on.
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