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  1. Too hard to play wc at 39 honestly. That too 50 overs much more difficult
  2. Bhai I'm not into this congress bjp and nor do I care. This was India's match through and through. Ab June me milenge for T20 world cup 🥹
  3. Bhai hear me out. It's not about the ground but about intent and only intent. In Mumbai we where taking risks. If we played similar to today (defensive approch) toh waha bhi Harte . Also ahemdabad ka politics samja nae. Mumbai me hota toh bhi sab politics log waha ate. End of the matter is we changed the way we played in the final which we shouldn't have. Feel sad for Rohit man. He had to get this.
  4. This is copioum. An excuse for sub par performance to be honest
  5. All said and done . Fantastic tournament by India. Australia once again showing they are big tournament team. Until the next world cup . This was a dream run for us until this match.
  6. 280 100% would have caused trouble. Run rate when goes above 6 batsmen have to take risks. Yaha they can play easily
  7. I mean what would you expect? It's 50 overs bro , can't shout all the time esp when they are bashing 😭😭
  8. We lost the match when we were scoring 3.5 per over in the middle. Look at Australia 3 wickets down, still going after the Bowler
  9. Yes that too faltu, not even good ones. 15 runs in 240 in first 10 is def big impact. Without those extra pressure + score below RRR.
  10. Jadega bhai please kardo aj jadu
  11. ha. chutiya smith. good for us.
  12. Get labuschange and this is a perfect match man . Absoulte perfect.
  13. Common man letsssssssss gooooooooooo . Dont leak runs and we are very much in man. lets goo.
  14. Why was that catch not attempted
  15. Boys anyone feels we lost wicket because of defensive play or it was just not our day? Inputs please ...
  16. australia can play flat tracks better than anyone lol XD
  17. Kyu bhai ? Flat tracks me kya hi maja he.
  18. Nae, kyuki koi idea nae he XD
  19. First 10 ke baad defensive approach hi raha he. Sky could've easily hit earlier overs. No idea why he waited. Lets hope bowling is 200% today
  20. The fielding has been something else
  21. Australia in knock-outs has always been something else.
  22. Yes but looking at the climate (Cloudy dark) dew will be there. Remains to see how much
  23. well. 30-40 i guess now ? We are playing way tooooo defensiveeeeeeeeeeee
  24. im hoping 100, to be realistic it will be 45-60 runs. We dont have any batsmen
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