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  1. Bhai whatsapp karde i have on code avialable. also final price is 2249/- this is just marketing gimmick (Official price is 2499 i think?? The link send you the a page where the price is 3999/- so after this discount it becomes 2249/- all in all still 200 rs savings XD
  2. Yeah but sony has a problem. The disc version and the digital version have different SKU's. Happened with me on days one. Hope newer titles wont have this issue.
  3. Just hope that save game from time trials carry on the disc versions. So for example i play GOD:R time trial until my disc arrives. then continue on my disc.
  4. Nah prices for such games drop drastically. Better wait a month and play it for free 😅
  5. Honestly this looks meh to me. Combat feels too oldish . Hope it doesn’t turn out to be avengers level bad. Won’t be preordering
  6. You can ship . I think bluedart is only available on paid plans of shiprocket. The declaration is that you do not have any account with bluedart.
  7. Sorry guys. I was wrong here. my apologies.
  8. Do we have more death than reported- 100% Yes. Do we have the highest - I honestly doubt. We would have seen people in close family die left and right. Did not happen with me.
  9. I would play titanfall 3 anyday. i just dont get matches even after 10-20 mins. Dont recall an online FPS I enjoyed so much
  10. But how does that make a game bad? it may not be for you i agree! i found weapons switching smooth af and inventory management is better than first part!
  11. Hottest summer in my city. Temps around 40 but because of humidity feels 48-50. Cant even drive without sweating.
  12. Kuch nae hoga bhai itna likhnse . for some people console wars is a 24*7 Unpaid Job.
  13. Nintendo switch out there chilling on top and letting the kids fight . Same . IT was non-existent in japan right ?
  14. I just stopped trying to make sende of market moves few months back. They need any reason to go up and any reason to go down. i just sip and when its down more than usual i lumsum. Keeping it simple.
  15. No IDFCFB . The banking department. Im not an expert in this reverse merger play , so sticking with simple SIP.
  16. Fed meeting , LIC Ipo and many factors. Good for me Finally got good amount of LTTS , added some more ITC , IDFCFB , and tracking position in RUPA. NO RECO'S.
  17. rushab oswal

    Elden Ring

    Nothing is cheating against melaina. I told him to do that, because I defeated her normally and she’s frustrating AF!
  18. rushab oswal

    Elden Ring

    It can . Have healing stone in your quick items and it can.
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