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  1. https://www.flipkart.com/god-war-ragnarok-collectors-editions/p/itmfaa3341536aa2 collectors available for 12150 with card discounts
  2. also love how he now morphs (travels) even when the camera is on him showing he doesn't care now. Earlier he used to do it off cam. I mean im ok not weilding it (It will then bring worthy not worhy crap) but why give it as a collectors item when its not even attached to the character? Because the mask will show him how he can change his fate , he knew his fate and always wanted to change it. there is multiple dialouge where mirmir and freya said he was crazy behind the mask and never let them close to that. What i did not understand is kratos just leaving his son and not accompanying him. Also Egypt next ?
  3. 1 trick i found out that you can load wallet into paytm wallet and pay from there. gets 1% on millenia debit
  4. You meant to say you cannot pay HDFC credit card bills Via Hdfc debit cards right? because thats what im trying to do
  5. Does millennia work? also i dont get the option to pay via debit card? Where do you get it?
  6. So he kept the steel book and the game codes and shelved 7.5k for it ?
  7. Yeah i have been making unboxing videos for anything above 5-10k.
  8. No. same for every other ps5 i place. MAKE SURE TO MAKE AN UNBOXING VIDEO.
  9. https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B0B9GH5TTN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 In stock since long.
  10. Anyway to get cashback on paying CC bills other than cred(Useless now)?? Can bills be paid using visa prepaid cards on any app (Paytm and mobiwik charges 2.5%)
  11. I have 1000 psn wallet codes i got for 900 from paytm. If anyone needs it please dm.
  12. The biggest mystery with the game is.... Why does collectors hammer has an hammer when we never get to wield it ?
  13. I have 1000 psn wallet codes i got for 900 from paytm. If anyone needs it please dm.
  14. Kitna mila?
  15. I took a 360 as soon as he two shot killed me XD
  16. Scalpers are staying away from forbidden west bundle. As most people think its a rip -off considering its an old game XD ps5 is now a lot easier to get during drops. i booked one each drop and was upto OTP today.
  17. https://dl.flipkart.com/s/QCSPWtNNNN keeps coming and going. Unable to do cod , but was able to go until otp page and cancelled
  18. Why are you using runic attacks so late?
  19. Guys i have pvr gift card i bought worth 1000 for 800 (20% off). its useable after 48 hours hence i wont need it. (can be used from thursday till next year) , can be used multiple times online . will give it for 800 if anyone needs it, as i wont be needing it now
  20. its the same man. You'll get bored pretty soon now.
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