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  1. Sad part is angelo mathwes asked / requested him to withdrew he did not . Also umpires be BKL he it was equipment failure, aise hi khelke lag jata toh? No wonder people never found love for bangladesh , faltu ke shenanigans.
  2. Nah man , this year its just too tough to decide. Jedi Star Wars Spiderman 2 FF16 Armored Core VI Lies of P And im yet to play Alan Wake 2 Baldurs Gate 3 Just Insanse
  3. @bharat_SS Would like to change this to - Afghanistan v Australia Match = 1-0 50s = 3-2 If thats allowed Thanks
  4. Serial numbers don't match, plastic is flimsy and case is not aligned properly
  5. Currently using Pixel, found Ios to be smoother and less buggy . Pixel is less buggier than most androids still below Ios. FaceID is miles above infingerprint scanner . The new automations in Ios is fantastic (Similar can be done in android but not natively). As i said again its ios vs android in the end. If you like freeness of android go with 23+ Ultra , banger phone. Il sadly be switching back to iOs next year, unless android comes with sub 6 inch phones
  6. Bro predicted the future. He did not get the legit ite.
  7. Debate ends at Android or iOS. After using both in last 2 years, il go with iOS.
  8. Another movie Thats gonna bomb next is Miss Marvels.
  9. BG3 was also being sold by that tanveer guy if i remember correctly.
  10. fooken zerodha is down since an hour
  11. Yeah was the perfect chance to do that. Anyway man we cant choke now. Insanse performance this has been
  12. Same JBL Q600. It does get hot but never had out of sync or any other issues. Looks UGLY AF on the front. Only complain is why there isnt enough space between two USB Ports.
  13. It was something to watch in theatre. AS soon as you watch if on home setup 50% charm is gone already
  14. My thoughts after finishing the game , this is a solid 10/10 game if your a spidey fan still an 8/10 if you are not!! Things i Liked- 1) The traversal feels so much better and sense of speed is upped from previous game, fast travelling is bonkers but whose gonna use it XD 2) The story is 10/10 here. Not too stretched but also not too short. I would say a perfect length 3) The combat is smooth and new abilites makes it more fun , also some of things you unlock are insane too. 4) This game has the exact Jaw dropping moments i had when i played Ghost of Tushima and played "THAT" part. 5)Side missions are also better than first game but falls short of GoT. Two of them are actually well done. 6) Boss fights are good , but still does not beat GoW 2018 ones. 7) All the characters have been nicely potrayed. Things i did not like- 1) Enemy types. You fight the same enemy for like 80% of game. More variety would have been welcomed. 2) Characters sometimes walk too slow. hated that , wasnt necessary 3) After completing the main game the open world feels empty, they should have some random fights between guys of two bosses ? About glitches i had them 3 times , mostly at the end of an side mission where the Triangle button wont appear , restarting last checkpoint fixed it. All in all Absolute banger. Cant wait for whats next
  15. I hope we get to see more x-men villians, or some that MCU has not yet explored (like kraven). Also mysterio is 100% there too , (IF you completed all side missions you will know) They also teased something with across the spiderverse. dont think it will have anything ahead of this though.
  16. Another unnecessary comments that makes no sense in this thread. What knackchap posted was something good , hope every company does that. would More regional games
  17. Yes atleast 19 Inches.
  18. Im thinking Aus and if we win then final with SA. Battle of The Chokers Lets Gooooooooo
  19. Yes as @Snake said clean it . sh*t gets lot of dust stuck in the fans . And after finishing the game i stand by it . Best spiderman story told while keeping good amount of things for 3rd part. No way they can show so much in movies.
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