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  1. If we loose i wont be disappointed as i already dont expect anything from this team. So slow playing in power play on chunu munnu grounds is not acceptable.
  2. Shakib al hasan talking sense in post match ceremony. WOW!
  4. Hindi commentry has been cringe for ages. why do people even listen to it
  5. That was a matka throw. a good one but matka
  6. So final. KL Will now play all matches
  7. KL Rahul will most likely (100%) open for all the remaining matches if you go by rahul dravids statment.
  8. Recieved it in pristine condition back to me thanks.
  9. I need to press 10 buttons for a full shutdown . What clown design.
  10. DK's keeping was bad today. missed two or 3 chances i think?? But keep him in the team and be done with KL Rahul. Inspite of rohit telling him the balls going down leg side he left. ab next match me jab rohit bolega nae plum he tab review waste karega. Either he comes in form or gets rested.
  11. Outcome - Market decides everything at its whims and fancies.
  12. Looks like something to play on subs ?
  13. Kya news? Had it in my dads account but sold it around 3600-3800 ish.
  14. Aajao ikatha hojao collectively gaaliyaan dete he
  15. Hey @djdgr8 can you ship me back the game?
  16. They indeed are. 2 of my friends (One with ps4 other with ps5) have only played fifa and few other games (Discs i forcefully gave them to try) over the lifetime have this pre-ordered. Exactly why i was given a laptop first and then slowly managed to convince my family for a console XD They are chill about it now.
  17. Dude common they will remake GoW:R too.
  18. Elden ring Also WHO TF Keeps buying fifa, madden and nba every single year?
  19. Sorry i mistook this thread for what you are playing. agree horrible grind. Should have dome a better job there
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