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  1. Also, SSD installation is child's play. Don't need to blow it out of proportion for installation of a mere m.2 ssd. (seriously, time like this do adds up to discrimination of 'console' gamer and general game media, no offense) Just make sure you get any of the 2 above mentioned SSD (I don't wanna complicate the process with dimension requirement of SSD and the sequential read requirement, just know those 2 matches the spec, just get any of them). But need to get a heatsink separately which needs to have lesser than 8mm of height, need to check for a good heatsink, for now this is fine.... but could be better. https://www.amazon.in/DFine-Heatsink-Universal-Silicone-Thermal/dp/B08MPRVF9Q/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=ssd%2Bheatsink&qid=1627886912&sr=8-3&th=1
  2. Just get a WD Black SN850 1tb or Samsung 980pro 1tb. Get a seperate heatsink which has has lesser than 8mm of height. Both of them checks the sepc requirement. Why would you wanna wait and pay exorbitant amount of money to Sony for 'PS5 ready' SSD tag?
  3. Actually BF scene in India for console is nothing compared to PC community. Talking about the series. Maybe on abroad the BF community is bigger on console, but for India, PC is still the biggest for BF. Not in IVG though as I figured out this community is mainly focused on consoles.
  4. BF2042 price on PC has been reduced abit. Now base variant costing 2999, gold edition at 4799 and Ultimate edition at 5999. On steam and Origin.
  5. This is probably the most amazing game I've played this year. Yes, I love it like crazy. I'm not much into Souls games, and eventhough I have Bloodborne and Sekiro too, I didn't like the genre before. Demon's Souls on PS5 changed the perspective for me personally. I've paid 5k for R&C Riftapart and paid 3k for a 2nd hand copy of Demon's Souls. Wish it would be other way around. It's that good for me! I will give BLoodborne and Sekiro another chance. I just hope that Bloodborne on ps5 gets it's framepacing fixed.
  6. Well, there goes another 150-200hrs from my life.
  7. See I agree that some upgrade like DLCs do require lots of development time and money to warrant a paid extension for the game. Like, I agree with the Death Stranding update, it has lots of addition into the game to warrant that 10 dollars extra for existing ps4 copies. Like a small DLC and such. Ghost of Tsushima isn't the same case here. 20 Dollar for DLC is understandable. But the 10 dollar PS5 tax is abit much. Honestly, as far as my experience goes, a simple specific controller for ps5 implementation, fps unlock, testing, some tech art mandays isn't something that require an extra 10 dollars from every consumers. A big patch requires same if not more resources. And patches are suppose to be free. Most consumer friendly companies include the cost of making patches and some addition of the game into their existing game budget or profit revenue in hope to generate more revenue. But not all companies works like that it seems.
  8. Let's change the subject. Ah yess.....Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut.
  9. I'm one of the lead developer in RockstarGames India.
  10. Under NDA so nothing I can say here regarding my Employer. Suffice to say, R* is actually never unfair towards fans and their own people. And we don't want you to buy the game again. Rockstar earns more from online features rather than selling copies of the old games. So what the company decides shouldn't be anything unfair. R* is very serious about public image, gamer's support. They don't wanna jeopardise their relationship with their fans Afaik. But Sony is being very anticonsumer recently, it's quite visible when the competitor is trying to be more consumer friendly. When 3rd party companies are giving free upgrades for crossgen games.
  11. This is messed up! I love the game and it was my personal GOTY of 2020. But, It's unfair and wrong in so many ways! 1. People who supported this game from day one (bought with full 4k mrp) now have to pay another 30$ extra for the PS5 version of their game. 2. Sony now getting away with this and people also supporting this means Sony will keep doing this for more of their games because of the rabid fanbase. Thank you PS fans, for making apple standard in gaming industry.
  12. SaiKO

    Death Stranding

    Where is the option to upgrade? I have ps4 physical version, how I can upgrade to ps5's DC edition? Is the upgradation not available for India yet?
  13. I'm using LG 55 nanocell 4k dolbyvision HDR. When I didn't try the CEMU version, I thought the switch version looks good on tv too. Then I tried the CEMU on 1080p, not even 4k, just 1080p and 2k on my 2 different monitors. Even the 1080p looks SOOOOO much better than switch on Dock with 4k tv (BOTW runs at 1080p in docked mode). I will post screens if it's possible at night. It would be easier to show.
  14. The existing graphics could look and play far better if HW is better. CEMU version of BOTW is the example. It doesn't add graphical fidelity to BOTW, just runs everything at high res and with high framrates. Again, just an example. Plus, Hyrule warrior doesn't run with good framerates in Switch itself. So a HW upgrade could have been fruitful. Just saying.
  15. Also, I dunno how many of you played Hyrule Warrior on Switch, the game runs horrible with inconsistent FPS and has really bad resolution degradation when the big fight happens. If that's not holding a game due to Hardware limitation of an old tech I dunno what is. And funny thing is that's Ninty's own game, not even a 3rd party game.
  16. I'm not talking about innovation in games here, only the push for the tech in games. Games like BOTW looks and plays EPIC in CEMU (where it runs at 4k and with 60fps). Instead it looks pixelated and with bad fps in my Switch itself... even if I play on 4k TV with good inbuilt upscaler. I'm not asking that you should try CEMU version on PC (because that's goes to gray area, I did because I have Switch version of the game so gave the CEMU version a shot). But once you see how BOTW look and plays if the framerate and resolution is at it's best then you would know what's missing. And tbh, that's one of the reason I never could finish BOTW on my switch at all after witnessing the graphical fidelity of BOTW on CEMU. Nintendo games could look and play alot better if atleast Ninty could give a damn to push the Hardware. But hey, if fans are OK with what they have, why would even the company try?
  17. Lmao! Masterstroke indeed. It's the same company which locks down quality of life features like fast travel in a game behind a limited Amiibo physical figurine. It's a same company which sells you oldass games with no addition at a full 60 dollars of price, and with limited availability. They treat games like toys and such, with self made limited availability, not a media.
  18. Only Nintendo can sell console and games with basically no push for graphical fidelity. No push for hardware, persisting dreaded controller stick issues. I mean, imagine the feat! The console sold alot in India without even Nintendo's official presence and support here. People just said: "eh...f**k warranty and support, I'll just get the console to play games while I'm mobile". Btw, if anyone is wondering, Switch is basically as powerful as a mere iphone 7! That's basically nothing nowadays. They could have done more, but it's nintendo and their fanbase don't even care for actual upgrade, and more into gimmicks.
  19. Meant Pixelated only, thought that might not be the kind word...
  20. No chipset upgrade? Oh well, I guess I will continue with the blurry BOTW in a 4k tv as before.
  21. SaiKO

    Doom Eternal

    First 120 fps on consoles, Cute.😚
  22. BF2042 is basically a downgraded game on ps4/ps4 pro. 64 people mp instead of 128. It’s not because Dice wanna sell you a game twice. Old gen isn’t powerful enough to run the 128players version that is on pc and nex gen. But I agree that the price should have been same on all platforms. Stupid EA.
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