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  1. All stocks with all us brokers are held in the street name of the brokers, while custodians have records of ownership of retail us and non-us investors under respective brokers, afaik so, non-us investors are not at a disadvantage
  2. When do you usually see the best discount on Switch during the year? Would we see good discounts on SwitchOLED during independence day sales? Currently it’s ₹27.5k
  3. These guys paid ₹2500 for Deathloop at launch but didn’t finish yet. Today I can buy disc for ₹2090 and it would be cheaper and I needn’t even sell the disc, no hassle
  4. This pricing is alarming and disgusting games are great, goes without saying
  5. Ultrawide in Spiderman is badass
  6. PS5 version seems to have drastically reduced crowd density which reduces immersion and believability
  7. I am scoffing at you being a yakuza fan, didn’t even finish Y7
  8. Disc ps5 + ps extra is equally good combo. Over lifetime of console there will be enough opportunities to buy a few games on disc which will save total 10k. Digital ps5 are super rare in India till now. Against all these points, no reason to digital ps5 Digital ps5 is included in disc ps5 and digital is rare, so why the hassle for a new buyer nobody looks at the console after some time
  9. I still don’t get why you would buy a digital ps5, to save 10k? That 10k can easily be saved with some disc games and rest digital games, over the lifetime of the console even if you don’t resell discs
  10. You forgot Sony Santa Monica studio, shame on you
  11. Wild guess for a 4080 build budget if this comes true?
  12. f**k, this was 31k when I was buying
  13. 0verlord

    Elden Ring

    battled him, defeated him and showed him mercy, not killed
  14. 0verlord

    Elden Ring

    I have spent a proportionately fair amount of time in the lake of rot out of 110hrs I have been playing this game efficiently and in a completionist sort of way. Here’s the list of bosses I’ve beaten till now in 110hrs: LIMGRAVE Soldier of Godrick *Tree Sentinal *Margit Bloodhound Knight Darriwil Demi-Human Chiefs Beastman of Farum Azula Burial Tree Watchdog Stonedigger Troll Grave Warden Duelist Bloody Finger Nerijus Patches Guardian Golem Black Knife Assassin Recusant Henricus Mad Pumpkin Head Night's Cavalry x2 Flying Dragon Agheel Tibia Mariner Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater Crucible Knight x2 Ulcerated Tree Spirit x2 Grafted Scion Godrick The Grafted Deathbird Bell Bearing Hunter WEEPING PENINSULA: Burial Tree Watchdog + Imps Runebear Erdtree Avatar Cemetary Shade Scaly Misbegotten Ancient Hero Of Zamor Miranda The Bliahted Bloom Leonine Misbegotten LIURNIA OF THE LAKES: Cleanrot Knight Adan, Thief Of Fire Tibia Mariner Preceptor Miriam Bloodhound Knight Crayfish/Grafted Scion Glintstone Dragon Smarag Crystalians Omenkiller Erdtree Avatar (West Minor Erdtree) Red Wolf Of Radagon Moongrum, Carian Knight Rennala, Queen Of The Full Moon Erdtree Avatar (East Minor Erdtree) Ring Blade Crystalian Bell Bearing Hunter (Church Of Vows) Cemetary Shade Black Knife Assassin Festering Fingerprint Vyke Edgar the Revenger Bols, Carian Knight Spirit-Caller Snail Royal Revenant Royal Knight Loretta Onyx Lord Red Wolf Magma Wyrm Makar AINSEL RIVER Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella SIOFRA RIVER Dragonskin Soldier Ancestor Spirit CAELID Putrid Avatar ERDTREE BURIAL WATCHDOG DUO (SCEPTER & SWORD) Battlemage Hugues Cleanrot Knight (Sickle) and Cleanrot Knight (Spear) Magma Wyrm Frenzied Duelist Nox Swordstress and Monk Fallingstar Beast Commander O’Neil Millicent Starscourge Radahn Godskin Apostle Putrid Avatar 2x Beastman of Farum Azula Flying Dragon Greyll Black Blade Kindred ALTUS PLATEAU Misbegotten Warrior and Perfumer Tricia Necromancer Garris Black Knife Assassin Godefroy the grafted Maleigh Marais, Shaded Castle Castellan Elemer of the Briar Omenkiller and Miranda the Blighted Bloom Fallingstar Beast 2x Tree Sentinal Crystalians (spear and ringblade) Wormface Eleonora, Violet Bloody Finger Godskin Apostle Black Knife Assassin Ancient Hero of Zamor Ancient Dragon Lansseax Sanguine Noble NOKRON, ETERNAL CITY Mimic Tear Regal Ancestor Spirit 2x Valiant Gargoyles MT. GELMIR Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater DEEPROOT DEPTHS Crucible Knight Siluria 5x Fia’s Champions Lichdragon Fortissax NOKSTELLA, ETERNAL CITY Baleful Shadow LAKE OF ROT Dragonskin Soldier
  15. He is yet to appear for JEE Advanced but has qualified for it. No loss in appearing for JEE Mains second session as it will give him good practice in actual exam environment and actual questions, a very good practice for JEE Advanced later. JEE Advanced has only one session per year and is the actual one used for IIT seat allocation. Nothing funny here, anyone in his place would like do the same thing
  16. 0verlord


    No. He’s not asking about duration of the trial. He’s asking about the duration of the offer
  17. 0verlord

    Elden Ring

    After 110 hours, I am at the end of the Lake of Rot. At this rate, after how many hours, will I be able to roll credits? What a massive big a*s butch of a game
  18. 1) which store did you get them 2) what price did you get them 3) what amp are you using to drive them 4) why didn’t you get 3030i which seem to have better low end 5) did you consider M20 also which are based on 3020i and what do you think about M20
  19. You can do all this if you pre-order 10-15 days before release
  20. Am I the only one who wants to pre-order 10-15 days before release, say after reviews drop?
  21. I’ve bought and sold many ps and xbox games at gameloot, all without any problems I think it’s quite beneficial for the gamer community that they exist, to provide the services that they provide
  22. Release is on 11 Nov, what date will you get it in hand?
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