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  1. I will only play 30fps mode if 60fps mode has visuals compromises other than resolution reduction
  2. 30fps doesn’t benefit from VRR 🥲
  3. Feel your journey through the Norse realms, made possible by immersive haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functionality. Take advantage of multidirectional 3D Audio; hear enemies approaching from any direction. Bask in the beautiful worlds you travel through, brought to life by precise art direction and arresting attention to detail. Switch between full 4K resolution at a targeted 30 frames per second, or dynamic resolution upscaled to 4K at a targeted 60fps
  4. Looking at screenshots from game sales page, by what % do you feel are gowR visuals better than gow2018?
  5. That’s not eww, it’s old school cool 😎
  6. Disc because of artwork on disc itself, box artwork and feeling of anticipation when disc gets shipped and is traveling to reach you and hype when you tear open the box You can get everything digital owners get when buying the disc and more, for the same price
  7. This bundle is available on PS where I got it. I am contemplating whether to wait till independence day for some discounts to buy a Switch as I have backlog games on both ps5 and xsx which are currently already fully filling all my free gaming time
  8. More - Join the celebration on July 19, when the following games become available on PlayStation Plus with Ubisoft+ Classics: The Ezio Collection (Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, and Assassin’s Creed Revelations) Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (Includes Freedom Cry, a standalone expansion) Assassin’s Creed Unity Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered Ubisoft+ Classics initially launched with 27 Ubisoft titles, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, The Division, and For Honor, as well as classic games like Child of Light, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Watch Dogs, and Werewolves Within, with plans to expand the library to include over 50 titles by the end of 2022. Experience a life in the Assassin Brotherhood and discover other beloved Ubisoft franchises by signing up for a PlayStation Plus membership today.
  9. 0verlord

    Elden Ring

    None of you played whip builds right? Check this
  10. Bought Bayonetta 1 (+ Vanquish bundle) today will play B2 and B3 some day
  11. I learnt that original dualsense battery is 1500mah and you can easily swap it out for a 3500mah one. Has anyone tried it?
  12. When you are installing Hitman Trilogy from Gamepass, all levels from H1 and H2 run automatically in H3 engine right? also, for the trilogy, it’s worth playing sequentially right?
  13. Guardians of the galaxy, finally started let’s see what the hype is all about kickass soundtrack
  14. This is what was expected because for practical purposes like loading and traveling in games, SSDs across ps5, xsx and xss perform approx equally
  15. What does “works with current carts” mean? What are current carts?
  16. Digital editions seem to be very hard to get, have you already booked it?
  17. I am selling my PS4 pro and have 30gigs of data which I want to backup. My pro wasn’t uploading SCs and videos for most of its life
  18. 0verlord


    In later biomes, I always loved playing dreadbound This is from last October I think when I had completed all endings, don’t know if there are any recent changes after patches
  19. I completed DMC5SE on Devil Hunter mode with Dante/Nero/V in 12 hours Is there anything else unique I should do for my 1st playthrough? I want to sell this now and may buy later on a sale for more playthroughs at higher difficulties
  20. 0verlord


    Why is dreadbound 10th, it’s actually the best weapon in the game. Requires proper skill to wield properly though
  21. Rift Apart's opening shot just blew me away, visuals and sound are like no other - it could create genuine excitement while playing
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