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  1. As always Samsung’s pricing is commendable.
  2. Completed Yoshi's Crafted World with my kid, it was a complete joy.
  3. Yeah someone is trying to gain access (or has already done) to your account. I'm guessing the time chosen by them was 01:30 am so as not to raise an alarm at your end.
  4. Have two sets ,one is fine ....for the other one, the left joycon is drifting And sadly no free repairs by Nintendo over here.
  5. They're too meek to get rid of him for fear of regional backlash.
  6. Well it's always good to have options. It's not like they're going to discontinue the regular one or not release a Pro model. For someone who wants to play just 2-3 games or for someone who like to play handheld only, it's great having a smaller form factor and it's cheaper too. Now if only the Switch games weren't so expensive. For people who've lived in the US, how does it differ paying 60$ vs 4000 for a game? I've always read the PPP to be around 1:20. So does that mean buying games outside is much easier?
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