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  1. Guys he's trolling all of you.
  2. Mine’s dumb. Check DM.
  3. BOTW is IGN's Top game of all time. https://www.ign.com/articles/the-best-100-video-games-of-all-time Deservedly so
  4. Maybe we’re just delayed in the scheme of Sony things. Even the launch was delayed here. Also this is unrelated but who is buying these scalped consoles. All my friends/cousins are like MRP or nothing. 50k is already too high.
  5. Why would a retailer like Amazon buy individual units from scalpers? And yes this time the stock was low but most probably it’s because here the main festival is Diwali ( at which time there were ample stocks). It makes sense for Sony to provide more units to US & Europe this time of the year.
  6. But you only wanted a 1000 series console on account of more copper. Can't say about Fk but how would Amazon be sourcing from scalpers? I think these are left over consoles which they kept for replacement/other contingencies.
  7. I got July '21 stock this time....Amazon definitely clearing inventory.
  8. @LordSpymaster Amazon page is live, they will drop again.
  9. Fk never stocks it, they didn't do last time either. It's coming sporadically on RD, Amazon.
  10. Everytime Amazon sends a naked box it is mentioned in the product description, something to the effect of - The product arrives in a packaging that reveals its contents. If not one should raise a complaint...I'm still wondering as to what use that guy had for an empty box. Are they counterfeiting items this way 🤷🏽‍♂️
  11. Did Amazon declare at the time of purchase about box free packaging? Around 10 days back I got a PS5 without box and receipt taped over, the delivery person was fiddling in his van for 3–4 minutes at a distance. On being sternly asked he admitted he had kept the box for himself and returned it. It might or might not be an issue depending on the recipient but I wonder why are these guys keeping boxes.
  12. Guys what is the cheapest way to get the PS5 versions of the Spiderman games. Digital or Disc?
  13. I cancelled my order this morning, maybe it was that which came in stock.
  14. Finally it’s unavailable on Amazon…wow that was almost a day.
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