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  1. Yup....Nintendo ka hi sahara hai. Hope they don't get swayed like this.
  2. Everything moving to subscription based.....Physical games
  3. blitzkreiig

    Days Gone

    If not for PS Plus collection, would have definitely missed this one. One of my best games ever. 96 hours done and still some hordes left.
  4. I just browsed Olx and the prices there were crazy.
  5. Is there any place where we can source a digital/disc ps5 from with minimal scalper margins?
  6. I recently shifted to Airtel and i get around 70 at 2.4GHz & 120 at 5GHz. I've connected all my devices at 5GHz itself because of this. Should i be changing some to 2.4?
  7. Some folks have successfully returned, some have gotten their entire order cancelled. Keep it sealed and sell or else roll the dice.
  8. Don't cancel camera, whole bundle will get cancelled.
  9. Thanks, could you please ping me next time you find a deal in stock.
  10. I have been trying to get a 5TB HDD for quite sometime. The f**king price increased from 7999 to 8699 in the name of Republic day sale. Ye kaisa sale hai Amazon learning tricks from Flipkart
  11. Yeah specially during Covid times when one is wary of visiting Sony center for repairs. Didn't happen during his first playthrough either. Very strange.
  12. So my kid was playing Miles Morales and the console crashed. Is this still a thing with this game? The unit was unresponsive for 5-7 minutes . i unplugged all cables and reattached everything and now it's back up. Let's just say had my heart in my mouth, for the sake of being decent.
  13. Guys he's trolling all of you.
  14. BOTW is IGN's Top game of all time. https://www.ign.com/articles/the-best-100-video-games-of-all-time Deservedly so
  15. Maybe we’re just delayed in the scheme of Sony things. Even the launch was delayed here. Also this is unrelated but who is buying these scalped consoles. All my friends/cousins are like MRP or nothing. 50k is already too high.
  16. Why would a retailer like Amazon buy individual units from scalpers? And yes this time the stock was low but most probably it’s because here the main festival is Diwali ( at which time there were ample stocks). It makes sense for Sony to provide more units to US & Europe this time of the year.
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