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  1. TLDW:To get equal or slightly better perfomance and image quality to the PS5's perfomance RT mode(1440P IGTI DRS w/ Raytracing equal to PC's high RT settings),you need atleast a RX6700XT or a RTX 3070 GPU. In regards to the CPU:the engine is heavily CPU bound and requires a modern multicore CPU but even then unlike the PS5's custom I/O which helps it lock 60FPS+RT in all areas while streaming huge amounts of data during web swinging,getting locked 60FPS/above 60FPS comes at a very expensive cost at higher resolutions with raytracing enabled on PCs. Once again:DLSS>FSR 2.0>IGTI but the difference is incredibly subtle on higher resolutions and not to mention the reconstruction techniques give similar FPS boosts. Back in the PS4 days,the difference between high end PCs and PS4 was night and day but here not so much.The visual leap over PS5's fidelity mode/Perfomance RT modes is incredibly minor even on the highest settings. Extremely impressive for a $500 console,this just goes to show how much talented developers like insomniac can utlise the hardware to it's full potential and not to mention we are just at the start of this generation.
  2. Y'all saw this crazy post on reddit? Someone got a Series X and a controller for just Rs.7389 directly buying it from amazon with a 87% discount(basically due to a price glitch and unlike the usual times where thr order gets cancelled,OP actually got the freaking product delivered and the controller which he bought for around Rs.705 is working absoluely fine) All there is left is the actual console and if it actually gets delivered then holy sh*t bruh. The price glitch in the post:
  3. Someone was selling a Series S for 21k here or in techenclave,you willing to buy used?
  4. I'm wondering how the hell freeing up a few 'MBs' will help Series S in either resoltion/frame rates. Looking back Microsoft should have launched the Series S without crippling it's RAM for no fking reason,it is clear that devs are having a hard time optimizing games for this pathetic console. Just watch,these so called "perfomance boosts" time to time won't help in the long run.Once UE5 games and fully raytraced games become mainstream,the console will be crippled to death with outputting PS2 era resolutions just to get 60FPS,lmao.
  5. Lmao,might as well save up and buy XSX at this stage.
  6. https://www.resetera.com/threads/discord-voice-chat-coming-to-xbox-consoles.609801/ Discord voice chat coming to xbox consoles! I thought it would release on playstation first...but here we are.
  7. You can install retroarch,Duckstation UWP app and PCSX2 UWP app all on retail mode... There is no need to use dev mode anymore.
  8. So snitch is an youtube employee afterall?
  9. Aren't PS5 Pro consoles planned in the near future,many reputable resetera members who have connections in the industry confirmed that something like that is being planned.
  10. Dude,can you please throw this "obsessed" word out of the window.What's your point in saying that? We are in a XBox vs Playstation thread ffs,you and everyone else here is obsessed with console wars.I don't own an RTX 3080 but i can say that RX 6900XT performs better in rasterization perfomance and RT Cores help on the nvidia side but still amd is a better choice in the long run with more future proofing blah blah..i can basically go on writing paragraphs cause i'm interested in this stuff and just type in what i have in my mind.You act like i'm sitting down preparing hundreds of papers to rant about a white box that plays videogames to nobodies on the internet. You don't have to own something to say how weak it is,we all know that switch is pathetic with it's tegra processor.Are you gonna say to me that i'm obsessed with switch if i rant about how weak the hardware is? You aren't adding anything to the discussion and calling me obsessed just because i wrote what i know is just stupid,i'm sorry.
  11. For a 7 inch 720P screen,games running at 540P-720P is fine. It's an handheld you know and has a tegra chip which most entry level phones these days perform better than that. For an RDNA2 4TF custom SOC in the series S,540P is pathetic,might as well enter PS1 generation resolutions just to get 120FPS at this point on the console lmao.
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