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  1. From a interview that Todd gave last year to McCaffrey (can't remember if it was after the 2021 showcase or for Skyrim anniversary). Todd stated that he believes BGS games are completely playable at 30fps(seriously?) and that the company cares more about how the game looks than higher framerate or 4k resolution (considering there are other methods to get a high quality image). So 60FPS is likely not coming.
  2. Yeah,even starfield won't have a 60fps option.
  3. Thanks mate! I asked the company on how they will handle shipping and yet to recieve a reply,oh btw the controller costs $110 so i don't think that's expensive,right?
  4. But i'm curious how they will handle shipping though...? There are customs charges and shipping costs right?
  5. Jeez,that's insanely good for a 1st gen gpu.
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to ask but i have been contacted by a huge company called GAMEVICE(no,it's not a scam i checked thoroughly and it looks like it's the company directly contacting me from a post i made on the state of telescopic controllers for android) which makes telescopic/stretchable controllers for android...they are the ones who made the Razer kishi btw. They are giving me a free Gamesir Flex controller compatible with android phones + gamepass ultimate for 3 months for posting a detailed review. Not sure how customs and shipping will be handled because this controller isn't launching in india so i'm thinking it will be shipped from the US. Can't find a relevant forum here so oh well...do any of y'all ever been contacted like this on any products or such? Idk what to do.
  7. Mystic is the GOAT,most unbiased playstation news channel of all. Been watching him since the PS4 days and honestly my no.1 goto channel for everything playstation related.
  8. The target audience are just casual gamers so i think it won't matter at all,games are 100% gonna get more intensive in the coming years so i really think 60FPS modes will be skipped for this console(devs are already skipping it now,other than that the console should run games just fine in 30FPS) So yeah,once we leave cross-gen then i wonder how the console will stack up.
  9. Yeah,i wonder what will happen when even the bigger consoles will drop the resolution to 1080P just to get 60FPS in future UE5 games? Will XSS be dropping to the 540P range? Idk.
  10. Yeah,it's mostly 800P especially if you are traversing through the city when there is a lot of stuff to render or maybe in gun fights. The only time it hits 1080P is probably when you look up to the sky with a building in one corner of the view then the pixel counts return 1080P other than that i would guess it's mostly around 800P-900P range. I mean it's a weak a*s console so sub 900P was expected.
  11. It really is...pretty impressive they got 60FPS working at 800P resolution.
  12. Didn't some leaker say it's planned for august?
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