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  1. Yikes!! Was planning to get metroid dread special edition from eBay US. Not anymore
  2. How much customs were u charged for these?
  3. Hehe if you think that is tough you should see the boss fights ...very frustrating at times but equally rewarding Try playing it in rookie mode, it's a good game but very tough
  4. No doubt that Samus returns was amazing but damn ..... this game is a massive improvement over samus returns. Boss fights are challenging and on a regular basis. And the EMMI's..... Nightmare fuel lol. Kinda reminds of me of the Dahaka from pop warrior within but much better. Do play it soon. And in docked mode too the background details of the levels look so good
  5. Completed metroid dread this weekend. Oh man the boss battles are so intense and equally rewarding. The levels are so well designed and especially the background details in these levels look so good. Story is so well written and samus's new abilities too are so good! I'm a huge metroid fanboi but damn what a game
  6. The thing is if you follow few twitter handles you'll see that digital stocks do pop up in between the months as well. But again it's all luck based which is sad. Why should we play fastest finger first for purchasing a console bc :/
  7. No special edition? Sad if there isn't one :/
  8. Finally my voot sub will be of some use Thanks!
  9. Had it on my watchlist in prime . Wasn't sure if it was good. Wanted to watch something similar to LOST. Will definitely watch this now
  10. Playing super Mario 3d world. Damn, such a good game Absolutely hate the limited lives concept though. Want unlimited lives Haven't played the super Mario versions of wii, wii u ,3ds versions etc,. Last i played was on NES but thought Id try this . Totally worth it. Will play bowser's fury after this
  11. https://www.sony.co.in/electronics/support/articles/00008601
  12. Ya that's true. Got to know about it now. @Assassins Creedthat installation guy called. CX 65 inch tabletop will cost you about 8k. For me he said he'll arrange in 10 days or so. No stock as of now
  13. @Assassins Creed The LG cc guys are just clueless bots lol. They're just sending an engineer to my house. They don't know anything. I'll just ask that LG engineer guy over phone for the price before he visits my house.Will tell him not to drop by if the stand is too expensive but if he doesn't about cx stand price then you'll have to call LG directly and ask
  14. let me check Haven't asked yet. Will call them in a while.
  15. No clue. Should call and ask LG cc. When i purchased the TV they were saying 4.5k i think ....not sure
  16. Features wise , yes it falls a bit short when compared to LG c1 or upcoming C2. And it's priced a lot higher than the C1. But if you feel like you want sony TV's or non-oled TV's, then x90k is good. Watch a few YouTube videos of rtings ok youtube. They have compared C1 and x90j. Do research a bit on YouTube when free. You'll understand Also, I wouldnt opt for samsung TVs as they don't have Dolby vision. Dolby vision is a must. The movies look so good with it
  17. OLED is a new technology and it keeps improving. The newer models have better ways to prevent burn in/ image retention. So imo with newer models i don't think you can predict the low shelf life now itself. But if the TV is mainly for set top box viewing I'd avoid OLED. Else it's upto you. Also sony has released this year's new k series tv , so i guess even x90k too will be available sooner than C2. https://www.sony.co.in/electronics/televisions/x90k-x93k-x94k-series
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