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  1. Damn the Lego sets look awesome!! Glad your kiddo liked it Do share the completed version of the bike one
  2. Awesome! Glad he liked it! Wish you and your family a Happy New Year.
  3. Ya metroid esque game. Gameplay looks good. Kinda sad it's not the regular pop like game that we want but at least glad that they are resurrecting this franchise.
  4. Everything except the prince looks and plays good
  5. Got more gifts from my santa Amazon sending such humungous packaging made me giggle Thanks a lot santa Please reveal yourself.
  6. That was the first one I watched on apple tv plus. Rewatching it as of now ,cos it's so good
  7. Awesome. Was watching monarch and looking for another apple tv show. Will watch this
  8. Ya in my parents'/relatives eyes too it'll be the same emoji just in a different sense
  9. Cool. Will carry multiple ice packs too :’(
  10. Late post but was unwell for 2 days. Got my 2nd set of gifts, 2 tees . Love the Mario tee , looks so cool! but bc i informed abhinit that I like anime not fkin hentai Thanks for the Mario tee santa . The other one bc I ain't wearing it for sure lol. I live with parents and hell no I ain't stepping outside my room wearing that Anyways obligatory selfie for you trolls
  11. Wish you and your family the same bhai. But no , that’s not enough …sending something else soon
  12. Glad you liked it 😁 Sorry about the mix up with the other gift. Changing it soon
  13. Which is better than hdfc cards..That's the question. I have millennia ltf but haven't bothered upgrading it. Icici cards in general suck. SBI cashback card is awesome for cashback. Scapia zero forex is really useful for international transactions. Wanted to look for an upgrade in hdfc but bc all their cards are getting devalued
  14. Replaying the first game.Damn i forgot how good this game was. Will get 2 soon after .Can't wait play that
  15. Nah bro. The butt is worthy of a photo op. Also are you my santa?
  16. Got these 2 gifts from my santa. They look so good!!! Thanks a lot! The Pikachu blends in with my remaining figures. (P.s : ignore the shitty wiring ) Reveal yourself please
  17. REC doing well too. I bought that during the crash. Its rise has also been as good as Irfc. Just regret buying smaller quantities.
  18. Had the same question and planned to pick it up. Will complete the control dlcs , plan aw1 again and then pick this up. Thanks all.
  19. Tried playing it on xbox. But bc they have removed it from ea play :/
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