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  1. The sudden rise of Sony and consistency of Nintendo damn.
  2. Box not available, will be shipped in a different PS4 case
  3. Just noticed that Daredevil is now available on Hotstar edit: so is punisher, Jessica jones , etc etc but glad I get stream DD again
  4. Pre owned ones afaik but getting pre owned ones are better via Olx from individuals….but in my case I bought via ivg tp
  5. What a comeback from city damn. Unbelievable.
  6. There was a huge drop of ps5s on Amazon and shopatsc day before yesterday. And they've all shipped yesterday So hopefully more stocks from hereon?
  7. It's possible through call. It's like somewhere hidden in that customer care options while calling .....you get an option to talk to cc after validating your existing card details lol. I recently spoke to a hdfc cc rep over phone for preclosure of emi amount on my cc.
  8. Ya should try ....but it's a small screen without docking lol.....won't work out that well
  9. Cries in Nintendo switch lite. I want to play switch sports so bad Enjoyed wii sports a lot Will play switch sports somehow. Let's see
  10. Horizon forbidden west and metroid dread Both are So good
  11. Ya it's a good game. The jump scares Tricky part is keeping everyone alive lol
  12. There is Samsung qn90a but no Dolby vision in that tv and only 2 ports are hdmi 2.1 so is the case in Sony x90j ,..only 2 hdmi 2.1 ports ….very tough to manage if u plan to use Xbox , ps5 and a soundbar Also both these tvs are 55 inches whereas lg c1 is 48 inches (starts from 48 and goes upto 83 inches) and has hdmi 2.1 on all 4 ports. It’s the best available tv for gaming rn
  13. Ya don't buy A1 60hz panel Buy C1 locally. Online cheapest is 90k on FK . But don't buy online https://dl.flipkart.com/s/s2TRWGuuuN Plus Online you get only 1 year warranty whereas you get 3yrs in offline purchase
  14. Check the above posts of mine. I got LG c1 48 inch locally for 88k. It has all 4 ports with hdmi 2.1 and there is vrr support.
  15. Consoles India's Notifications are still popping up on twitter. Not Amazon links though. Keep trying bro
  16. For anyone trying to get a PS5, there's a drop today at Amazon, shopatsc etc
  17. For anyone trying to get a PS5, there's a drop today on Amazon ,shopatsc etc
  18. Arrey no one said that guys. But how is sitting so close to a 42/48/55 inch screens any good? Like there are viewing distances standards based on the size of the screen https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/by-size/size-to-distance-relationship Imo the above sizes mentioned are just too much when you're sitting like right in front of it
  19. I know right. Too pricey for a 42 inch tv. The screen may later take your whole vision at an older age
  20. It's retailing at 1400pounds and dollahs bro How will you get it for 60-70k but what amazes me is people use this and a 48 inch C1 as a monitor. How can you so close to such a huge screen. bc you want burn in for eyes too is it :/
  21. Oh nice! Thanks for the detailed explanation. I paid now itself cos who knows when I’ll go broke If you can wait , get the c2 during diwali. But c1 prices will more or less be the same rate as how much I bought for. Cos Croma during diwali 2021 settled for 89k for the 48inch and now too for the same cost. Not sure if a 55 inch will be 1 lakh during diwali. Try going to some trustworthy shops and see if they offer for 1 lakh
  22. Ya ya enjoying it for sure bro ...what a tv holy sh*t.....but was surprised to see the price go down even further after being billed 88k settled complete account with hdfc And @Mr. Comingletried your settings you recommended in previous page and for bright room too it looks really good !
  23. Does it vary with 6 months payment? Because I was billed 88.1 during April and now 85. Any further margin beyond 88k is a win for me but anyways i got reimbursed by my company for buying this
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