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  1. I hope we lose so that finally some heads will roll at BCCI and we see some sort of shakeup to squad. Pant is a guranteed starter in tests for next decade so handover Test captaincy to him and groom him. Pandya can take care of T20 squad and for ODIs, we are in a spot of bother with frequent injuries Pandya gets. Maybe time to select someone young like South Africa did back then when they made Smith captain at 21.
  2. I thought same but my experience has been bad with Original Accesories from Apple. Bought a leather case for my Iphone 14 Pro Max and its already wearing out badly in less than 2 months. Leather is chipped away near charging port and silence button. Also the green leather color is rubbed off on all 4 edges on back and front and hence turned black there. Never expected this quality after paying nearly 6K for case. Might as well have bought UAG instead as their Monarch series has always served me well with every phone in last 5 years. Do you have any better suggestions other than UAG for case?
  3. I was so gutted when they took the ichchadhaari power from nagraj in one of those comics. It was such a cool power. Now they have made it very convoluted indeed. Stories were very simple and effective back then. Their multistarer comics were the rage before anyone in India ever heard of Avengers and probably why Avengers was such a massive success as a movie since a lot of us 90s kids were kinds reliving those multistarer comics and having a suedo experience via avengers.
  4. f**k man. This is such a nostalgia trip. Amazing purchases. Rajnagar Ki Tabahi is one of my fav that I read cover to cover atleast half dozen times. Now I feel like buying some of these collectors editions myself. Are they available online or only in store?
  5. Where do you guys get the quality straps for Apple Watch series 7 or 8? Official one's are criminally expensive so I got few from Dailyobject but they are substandard in quality. Any other decent suggestions?
  6. Mumbai got a sexy lineup almost ready: Rohit Ishan Tilak Surya Brewis David Green Bumrah Archer Kartikey/Shokeen Random Indian fast bowler.
  7. Phew. I was away on a trip for a week and thought I missed out this year. Add me in as well.
  8. Well they dont have anything to cheer about so they will cheer anyone but Sony at the awards to cope.
  9. Are story batao kya hua. Itna rumour faila rakha tha logo ne. Koi bola ki hack ho gaya, koi bola ki paisa nahi bhara to koi bola ki admin ke computer me se illegal porn mila to server police utha ke le gayi. Sach kya hai? Nation wants to know.
  10. chalo chalo chalo. i was so stressed seeing it down at this time of the year. I'm in
  11. yaar maths is not mathing. Good that some other guy gonna head the group and i will just pay my share.
  12. exactly same experience. I moved from XM4 to Airpod Pro 2 a week back and boy, what a difference in transpiracy mode. It is everything it is hyped for. I couldn't believe how natural it was , didnt even notice any change with it being on when I took out one of the earbuds, such a clean experience that I might actually use this mode much more often.
  13. sorry for late response. slots in my group are filled but people can join in Root's group.
  14. Okay so they have started doing cuts in fake one too but it is still relatively a big sticker that they paste and make some cuts. Easily spottable if you know how real ones look like
  15. They have even started using genuine airpods serial numbers so that is no longer a sureshot way of confirming. Avoid buying off olx, it is filled with fake ones. One thing that they have not copied properly it the sticker on the side of box, on original it is a split sticker in two parts and on fake ones it is a single big sticker.
  16. TBH, sony and microsoft packs their consoles well enough that you dont need any external protection.
  17. Cricket WC wala scriptwriter le liye ye log bhaade pe. Same copy paste script.
  18. Mods themselves are posting videos with thumbnails as spoilers and nothing is being done. Thread ke upar pin kar do warning baaki logo ke liye bas.
  19. Its alright. Its all about Christmas feel. Happened to me last year but I didnt mind. The year before I did pretty well for my Angel but my Santa went over the top and just made my gifts seem tiny. So that also happens.
  20. so you just casually decide to drop a spoiler just because you didnt like the movie? Thanks for ruining it for anyone who has not watched it.
  21. 3 mins in and controversy already. Didnt even show VAR and just a tiny replay while disallowing the goal. Commentators are speaking nothing about it at all. I guess everyone want to get out of Qatar alive. This WC will be a joke.
  22. And here I sold 256gb version of mine 2 days back at the price I imported it for including customs (65K). Should have scalped
  23. I was calculating for 4 people with my friend when we were thinking about starting with lesser members and then messed up while posting here. price should be 365/6 imo.
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