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  1. That Avatar trailer was just ok. Idk why people are freaking out
  2. You're right but I think this is the faullt of the game developers tbh. They should named the last option 'EXTREME' or something and people would have understood. +1 to this. The slow methodical pace really helped me appreciate all the details.
  3. Watched Dr Strange 2. Easily the best movie for me of Phase 4. As far as I'm concerned, the keys to next Avengers can be given to Raimi. Did a phenomenal job with incorporating his own creativity and also giving audiences some fan service. Felt like he understood all the characters well and gave them their moments. For me the best part
  4. Caught up with Better Call Saul. What a fantastic show. Truly the best show right now, the highest level of craft on display.
  5. New show from the guy who made Mr. Robot premiers tomorrow
  6. It is
  7. Finished this game today. Really liked it but it had its issues. The dialogue and character writing is superb. Easily the best part of the game, second only to the art and cinematography. Lots of thought went into it. The amount of dialogue in this game in INSANE. The characters just dont shut up LOL. But gotta say chatting with the charcters on the ship was my favourite part of the game. Managed to scratch that Mass Effect itch. I liked the 'new' characters like Ko-Rel, Nikki and the Dog. I think I like this games version of Gamora and.. The weaker part of the game is the combat. I just didn't enjoy it. The concept seems really cool, but in execution it was just lacking in polish. (Maybe I'm feeling it much more becasue before this I was playing God Of War?). Star-Lord's pew pew guns feel horrible. Very unsatisfying, In a lot of the cinematic shots the hits don't even land properly. Felt like an afterthought. The controls are a mess on keyboard. Giving your teammates commands is pretty cool though. I enjoyed that part. The puzzles were nice but very easy. They should aim for more complicated stuff. Timing based with all characters involved would be cool. I experienced a fair bit of technical issues. - Controller didnt' work. - On some days my game would freeze every 30 mins or so and I had to force quit and restart. On some days it was fine. - A lot of times during combat my actions wouldn't register correctly, like that reload mechanic kept missing even though I was doing it right. Same with the double click to fire the stagger shot. Felt like it was just wasn't registering. - During one of the cutscenes in the middle of the game, every characters eyes started blinking like crazy. o_o Overall I liked enough. Not my GOTY, but still a really good game that punches way above its weight and deserves to be played for its writing and art.
  8. Anyone know a good IMAX theatre in Mumbai?
  9. Just got done with ReZero S2. Not a fan of this season. The story feels so weird and convulted. S1 was miles better. I'm starting to really dislike the characters. Having 2 of the main characters of S1 be absent for 99% of the season for what feels like completely arbitrary reasons (that are unresolved) was a terrible idea. I'm starting to also dislike the whole "MC is the center of the universe" thing. Also idk if it's me but the translation feels so off, like i couldn't properly understand what the characters were saying, like they were talking past each other.
  10. From what I'm reading on reddit, there's not enough material for another cour. They should have made a movie. They're really going to drag it. Honestly, Seaon 4 in total has been pretty disappointing for me. Outside of just 2 real hype moments, its been pretty meh. Not like Season 3 where every episode was a banger.
  11. New Railgun based hero for OW2
  12. Steam doesn't recognize it as a 'game', but only as an .exe so it doesnt give me the option for controllers and stuff.
  13. Yeah it seems to work for steam, but not epic and gamepass?
  14. Watching Akebis Sailor Uniform. Nice slice of life show
  15. WTF Series X controller doesnt work with this game. What garbage lmao. Other people having same problem. Their solutions didnt work for me. 1 2 3 Guess i'm continue using kb+m for now.
  16. Just started this game today. Playing it on PC with Mouse + KB. I'm finding the controls really weird. Double tap to roll + the guardians menu in combat feels very unintuitive. Is it better to play with a controller?
  17. Just finished watching Takagi-san season 2. What a sweet wholesome show. If you want something very light, something to cheer you up and keep you smiling from ear to ear throughout, then this is an excellent show. Kawaii personified. Season 2 is on Netflix btw. But s1 is not.
  18. One of my fav shows of all time. Its kinda sad that Danny Pudi didn't get bigger roles after this.
  19. Yesss. I was watching on Netflix but Netflix subtitles suck. There's so much on screen text in this show that Netflix doesn't show properly.
  20. Nice prank they took a video of a real shed. April 1 is still few days away.
  21. I've noticed this of many big accounts. They will routinely copy paste old tweets.
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