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  1. Is there anyone else worth watching Peacemaker for ? Is it all just some Z-tier characters?
  2. Ive only played fc3 and blood dragon to completion. FC5 i played it on a free weekend and didn't like it.
  3. Played enough to finish the first island. I enjoyed it. Its the same old Far Cry stuff again, but I think it works better with the tropical island. This is a good game for people looking for a familiar Ubi collect-a-thon game or for people looking to play a Far Cry game for the first time. I might get it later when its on 75% sale and I don't have as big as a backlog I do now.
  4. I've been playing this all day and I'm really enjoying it tbh
  5. Special effects before cgi is an art in itself
  6. Nice that they're giving free weekend. Will play it tomorrow. Unfortunately this weekend was one of my busiest.
  7. Isn't that the oldest model? World of Warcraft?
  8. Reviews are pretty good but this game is way too expensive. I can't justify dropping 3k on this, let alone convincing a friend to get it too. Shame because I would have liked to play it.
  9. Because there are pc gamepass users too
  10. Idk how you got that at all. He's just making it clear that it's a new saga, not continuation of prev games.
  11. I loved it but it's definitely not like other movies
  12. They changed the name of a fundraiser they were holding, not text book. Still cringe but not as a bad removing his name from a text book.
  13. Saw the demo, looks great. They've put a lot of work into this clearly.
  14. Started Kaguyama. It's hilarious. Love the style too. @North
  15. I think he has said he doesn't want to be
  16. Seeing Tobey in the suit again was reason enough.
  17. seeing Ygritte after a long time. Nice that she's put on some weight she was sickly thin in GoT
  18. New game that's supposed to be really good! Might try this with friends
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