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  1. Ok took me overall 6 hours to figure out what all was going on. 1) When I installed TW3 an eternity ago I installed a controller instant sign casting mod along with it, that requires you to also change the input.settings file in the documents folder. This bitch was the culprit. 2) Reverted to old one everything was functioning smoothly now, but then I wouldn't get the instant sign casting of course. 3) Multiple tries and versions later I have found a working sign casting mod and this one has been updated only this late November 2017 so it's up to date and should be working fine for the foreseeable future. https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/2468?tab=description Whole damn thing from the beginning took me like forever to figure out and endless pages of google. Seems everyone has controller issues but almost no one has solutions! As of my last check (got so tired I haven't played the game yet just fixed it and let it be for now.) everything is working fine if I run into any other issues I will update here! Thanks though guys. Also at this point in time I do have a software called Antimicro (the software that allows for the instant sign casting) actually working so it's not necessary to have everything disabled like a lot of solution posts are claiming online.
  2. Can someone explain to me this weird controller issue I am facing after having been away from the game for a while now? Alright so I stopped playing TW3 on my PC a few months back after reaching the bloody baron, I know for sure everything worked just fine when I was playing the game back then. I then took a short break. Fast forward a few months, I plugged my Xbox elite controller back in (same controller I used the first time) and now some of the buttons are functioning but some are just not. Example both joysticks work, L1/LB works, left dpad works. The A/X button works for running. But RB/R1 doesn't work, and neither does triangle square or circle in game. The funny part is these things are not working inside the actual gameplay, but as soon as I press start and move the menus the circle button is just fine to back out of menus. So at this point I have tried both my Elite controller and my PS4 controller and they are both not working properly in game. Obviously everything is working just fine with the MKB but who wants to use that when a controller is just so good. At this point I do NOT have motionjoy or any other software working while playing TW3. I have f.lux on and I will disable and check in game again if that has any issues but I doubt it should. My game is bought on steam, but I run it through Nexus Mod Manager because I have some mods on it (nothing to mess with controls though, and as I said some work and some don't which is what's confusing the crap out of me.) EDIT : Couple of things I have tried to no avail. Launching from Steam, disabling f.lux, checking for any controller related softwares that might be working in the background but there's nothing that I can think of or see. Not sure what the heck is going on here exactly. The buttons are clearly working, just not in game (but functioning just fine even in the menus!)
  3. newuxtreme

    Destiny 2

    Played 3 campaign missions on MKB, then moved and played one Crucible on MKB. Switched to Controller and started dominating. Controller aim assist is definitely strong and very noticeable, maybe because it's a 60+ fps game. Also played against a top D2 player and streamer and ended up similar as him in the game, I'm not sure if he was MKB or Joystick.
  4. newuxtreme

    Destiny 2

    Destiny isn't worth more than 15-20$ max. Maybe 40 all DLC included. It's never a complete game and they won't complete it until Destiny 3 will be coming out. I had over 2000+ hours and most in PvP but I did challenge myself in PvE too from time to time in D1, the game that I got to play and grinded the most in D1 was completely different from the game it became in Y2 and again completely different in Y3. Those that came the latest got the biggest bang for their buck and missed out on NOTHING EXCEPT the PvP aspect. And most Destiny players are not PvP players. Yes D1 Y1 Y2 PvP was way superior than anything they've had since and even most probably they will in D2 (they set themselves up for failure with 4v4). Literally ANY game you play will end up being better than Destiny, no matter which iteration of it comes out, it's quite predictable and logical by the way Bungie and Activision have been responding and creating content the past 3-5 years. I hear a lot of great things about Warframe and I see one of the biggest Destiny twitch streamers now playing Warframe and it's been less than 2 months since D2 has released. Bang for buck? Even South Park is worth more than Destiny X. My suggestion just play on a friends account from time to time, I am doing the same. The game is worth checking out just because it's going to be 4k uncapped FPS on PC, but besides that there is nothing about Destiny that is really worth checking out. PC life is predicted to be 1 month or shorter.
  5. newuxtreme

    Destiny 2

    They don't play a pivotal role if you're stomping or you're losing by an insane margin. But they can definitely turn the tide of the game if it's somewhat close. I can rack up at least 3 kills with the Shotgun if not 8 per game if I get heavy twice. 8 kills is 8 players down, and 8 less players to stomp on my n00by power hungry teammates, can definitely make a difference in the game. If you're winning 75-20 then it doesn't matter whether you pick power or not. But this method of giving the least deserving people an equal chance at power is just stupid. Just like supers charge faster for more kills and more caps power weapons should be allowed priority to players with the highest amount of kills in the game at that point. That ways good players always have a chance and so still do bad players if they get there first, get the first power weapon of the map etc.
  6. newuxtreme

    Destiny 2

    Why does the current power weapon ammo system exist....? And how f**king retarded is it? I need to know other PvP players' thoughts. I'm here dropping 4-20+ K/Ds , cleaning entire maps, fighting against team shooting, travelling the length of the map trying to carry my team of moronic randumbs. And by the time I wipe the team on one side, my idiotic teammates spawn just in time for the heavy and all bee line for it, and I get stuck not getting it to help my team. Then I proceed to watch as they fail with the power ammo for the 5th time in the same game! If your power weapon ammo system is so retarded, why not have a simple rule of having a mandatory at least 1 kill in that life, before you can pick up ammo. This would ensure at least the brainless dildos can't get the ammo since they don't deserve it. First you have team shooting which is anti solo players, and to top that you have no way of improving your odds since the game is designed never to give you special ammo. Thoughts please.
  7. newuxtreme

    Destiny 2

    Anyone else getting like 70+% laggy games and only the remaining normal to okay? I've probably played less than 10% of my games that were perfect with little to no lag. The worst part is there are a f**k ton of Indians, so matchmaking is local but still we suffer the BSNl and Airtel of home :'(
  8. newuxtreme

    Destiny 2

    Possible World First L- We Ran Out of Medals + Unbroken
  9. newuxtreme

    Destiny 2

    Still streaming AND giving away beta codes! https://gaming.youtube.com/c/Newuxtreme/live
  10. newuxtreme

    Destiny 2

    Streaming the Beta + Giving away beta codes while playing. Join for some Destiny and Chill. YouTube Gaming Live :- https://gaming.youtube.com/c/Newuxtreme/live Twitch :- https://www.twitch.tv/newuxtreme
  11. !LINKS! Facebook :- https://facebook.com/newuxtreme.psn Instagram :- https://instagram.com/newuxtreme Twitter :- https://twitter.com/newuxtreme_g Twitch :- https://www.twitch.tv/newuxtreme YouTube Gaming Live :- https://gaming.youtube.com/c/Newuxtreme/live Subscribe to YouTube :- https://www.youtube.com/user/kitkatlmnop?sub_confirmation=1
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