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  1. Just an update. The GOT from Flipkart, RetailNet, is an original copy for me too. Delivered today. No issues. Though looks like newer prints do not have any reverse cover art, that I saw in some youtube unboxings. Now, hope the same happens with MM, the tracking of which shows its moving around a lot in Bhiwandi area.
  2. Thanks to both for your replies! I was interested in this Deco M5, currently on sale on Flipkart. @Jigsaw From your reply it seems, that just one would do the job as it will be able to communicate with my main router/modem. I need it installed in a different room. @kunjanp Your reply says one needs to be wired, so would mean I need to purchase them in pair? On a different note, I have not had bad experience from Flipkart thus far. Ordered Samsung Frame TV (already delivered). Yesterday, I too have ordered GOT and MM, should I be concerned?Definitely plan to make an unboxing video, but saw some posts recommending others to cancel? Is this really that bad a situation that no one is getting genuine deliveries? Delivery for MM is coming from Bhiwandi, Pune and GOT from Farukhnagar, Gurgaon. Even my PS5 pre-order is from them. All from RetailNet (quite high scores on FK website)
  3. Can someone please explain here how does this work. I have a modem/router in my drawing room, and my TV & console draws LAN connections from it. This Deco M5 if I install it in another room, would it require wiring from the main router? Or just some internal set-up would suffice?
  4. Success over flipkart!! 6th Feb delivery date. All the best to others as well!
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