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  1. Yehan pe Sam bhi soch raha hoga ki kya bakc---i chal rhi hai giveaway thread mein! All these usual suspects @Jigsaw, @Assassins Creed, @b!T, @Snake... hmm... Personal Pics to Scarlett Johansson to drunk wife.... Sahi jaa rahe ho sab. ...Am I the only one who is actually playing Games on Both the next gen consoles. ? OT:- Finished Hitman 3 on Series X just yesterday Night! However, I will play for this GiveAway. Good initiative by @HundredProofSam. Is baar bhi agar jeetunga to daan kardunga. Below is the thread with my name:-
  2. Ok... so back to this thread after long time..... When it comes to South East Asia Tour, If you ask me.. Anyday I would prefer Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia over Thailand/Singapore/Indonesia/Malaysia. There are far more natural beauties than the materialistic buildings and man made monuments. The only exceptions are Lang Kawi/Phuket/Bali due to obvious reasons (I am talking about beaches) Now, few above posts discussing about Singapore & Dubai. Both for me are very good places but again mostly are man made structures and are modern. Singapore -- Changi Airport/Sentosa/GardensbytheBay/Malls/Chinatown/ClarkeQuay/SingaporeFlyer Dubai -- Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall/Mall of Emirates/Jumerah Mosque/Beach/Deira/Souks/The Atlantis/DubaiMarina Boat Ride(Night)/Amusement Parks/One Day Trip to AbuDhabi (This covers Emirates Palace/Sheikh Zayed Mosque/FerrariWorld/Yas Island/DC Studio/Marina Mall) Cost wise Dubai cheaper than Singapore and will get you cover 3 places entirely (Sharjah/Dubai/AbuDhabi) And now... Tell me Why most of you are planning abroad ? Did you guyz really see the whole of India ? Not to offend anyone but at these times taking risk why you want to go to abroad ? There are so so many beautiful places in India that you have absolutely no idea. I mean, barring the extreme east I have been to all over India in my 34 years (Courtesy, Father's Central Govt Railway Pass), There are still far more places for me to cover. Each place has its own beauty from Kerala to Kashmir and from Gujarat to Manipur! And you know what, Most are actually natural and not man made like the Singapores/Dubais/HongKongs etc... This is the best time to witness India as you can now roam all over country without fear and keeping a good safety than flying abroad! Once things are in place, you can anyway visit abroad. There is absolutely nothing to boast about been traveled to Singapore/Dubai/HongKong and few others which are only modern skyscrapers and man made, Each places from Each Zone in India will put them to shame. Honestly speaking and IMHO. Now Europe/Africa/ASPAC/US/Oceana and South America are worth. And considering the situation now, You can visit to Africa and Middle East (UAE/Bahrain/Oman) without any issues as per latest travel advise. For other continents and their countries My suggestion is to hold on till things get stabilized.
  3. Both the console and the controller are rock steady and doing perfectly fine. No drift issues spotted as of now and I am using an imported model. UAE ones. So far even my colleagues also haven't reported this issue. There seems to be rare cases of controller drift for PS5. That's all I can say as of now. And on people who got consoles from me and quoted, THANK YOU so much for your kind words. That is my honor and a duty to help a fellow IVGian.
  4. I see.. Yeah. No worries let me see if I can get one for you. Only issue is the shipping because I am sure a spare ones can be given but you have to pay extra for shipping which is a bit headache.
  5. @Assassins Creed and @sobbii , Guyz sorry for the confusion. It's @yatin509's friend from kerala. Till yesterday one more extra was there with my cousin, Bugger decided to keep with him due to FOMO.
  6. DM your number. Will call you before leaving!
  7. Whitefield bhai. OT:- Will go to Sony World (Koramangla) today evening for pickup if possible.
  8. Wow!! How are all of you? @hope @[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]@ZooZoo and all others.... Been some time since I am back... Was very busy in playing Hitman 3 and 3 Spiderman Platinums on my PS5 and XSX! Nice excitement here.... So let me share some good news for the folks who ordered from me.... FK f**king already shipped this time! Sony Centre will get it this evening. Amazon bit disappointed as its still preparing to dispatch!
  9. I have requested... Only 20 members so far! Plz join guyz, then we will explore all the activities in this club.
  10. I even got a complain that theirs was also slow but not like Croma and RD. I think Croma and RD online site design was done by some WhiteHat Jr graduates
  11. haha.. Are sab budhdhe hi hain idhar. Mauke dekh rahe hain ki kab baahar jaayein. Ye Jiggy bhai bas yehi rehta hai 24/7, This is one thing I noticed. Bahut miss kiya IVG ko itna saal. Guyz, we will plan Bangalore IVG meetup in 1st week of Feb, Jab sabke paas aa jayega PS5 except RD ones.
  12. Bulao sabko Bangalore, Humlog host karlenge. OT :- Just logging in to start GoT Anyone available on PSN ? Will add them. Raat ko koi free ho to Gears 5 Hivebusters Co-Op.
  13. I have only 1 Bro. And a person from kerala a friend of @yatin509 has already contacted me. I will see what I can do. Lagta hai phir se lena hoga PS5 Ye to record ho jaayega.
  14. Khud teen kiya aur bhai aur cousins ko baitha diya slot pe. @Assassins Creed, Bro, Whatever happens, You plz keep one for our brother @rushaboswal. Aakhir bhai hai wo hamara. Ye sala RD ka bharosa nhi.
  15. Thats what. Why do you participate in pre-order then. Jiggy, Motabhai ka kuch karna hoga. Uska naatak bahut ho gaya. Isliye abhi wo Asia ka richest aadmi nhi raha. China overtake kar liya. Aisa hi kuch chutiyaap kiya hoga ye.
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