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  1. One of My Proudest Platinum!!! Sigrun You Beauty! Reminded me of the Great Alma in Ninja Gaiden. All I want to say is... Thank You #SSM Thank You #GoW Thank You #CoryBarlog and Thank You #SONY
  2. Got the Copy !!! Day 1 Edition. I didn't cancel Limited Edition. Venus Games guy told he will take the copy for 15% less. Im thinking to sell it here... Let's see. Specially for Bengaluru Guys... What a Day it is. Full Rain in the evening..... Took my car to office and from there directly to MG Road Church Street... Couple of Guys already there in Venus Games... Got the Copy.. Chatted with them. Reached Home now.... And LET THE GAME BEGINS....
  3. Bcoz it got over!! Saala, Ye to Mi ke flipkart waale order se bhi fast hai.
  4. Ok... If I install standard Edition disc in my PS4 Pro and update with all patches. Later if I get the collector's Edition disc, Do I need to install anything again or just continue from my last save point ? I have never tried like this before.
  5. Apparently by 5 pm today. Maybe would have received by now. I got an SMS saying 4:30 PM from Venus Games. But haven't mentioned whether Standard or Limited.
  6. Me too... Can't decide. I already pre-ordered Limited Edition. What I am thinking ..... Since the Release is Friday (A Perfect Weekend) I will get a Standard Edition from Venus Games on Friday itself and then wait for Limited Edition to arrive. Once I get Limited Edition I will sell the Standard Edition with 300-400 Less. What to do. Sometimes I feel Im taking it too far with God of War. Such an impact this Game has on me... I don't mind loosing 300-400 Bucks. But I CANNOT wait for next week MID. @kold_war --> Thats Great Bro. Atleast you have time to play. Im in early 30s, In IT, Work Pressure... Gaming left couple of years ago.. We always jump back to Gaming when Games like these gets release. Once in a Generation Games.
  7. 5-7 Days Waiting for a Game like this is not justified. All I will miss is the Art Book & Dynamic Theme which I will get it later. But I can't sit idle at home and the whole world playing GoW and posting amazing screenshots here & there. Specially in a country where God of War is considered as the God of Gaming for console generation.
  8. Btw, If they are not getting the L.E on 20th, I will ask for refund and take the standard edition instead. I hope Venus guy should be able to do this. This wait is killing me. Reminding me of the UC2/GOW III/GTA V/TLoU days.... Where HYPE is greater than everything. Also, 1 query.... I always loved the gore part in GoW franchise. From what I have heard and read few bits of reviews they say it is not as gorier as previous installments. While this is not a turn off for me but I always loved the Gore part. Head Smacking, Tearing, Limbs Cutting, Blood Splattering over the Floors & Walls. WOW!! , Yeah I know. I am sadist.
  9. I see... But if that's the case do I need to worry about the Grey Copy ? I paid 5K and by the price LE itself is 4999. This means only standard edition people will be getting on Day 1. This should be fine then. Why so much Hate. At least we are getting any one edition on Day 1. Some countries don't even get it on 1st Week/Month. I know how I struggled in African countries getting Xbox & PS4 Games.
  10. Source ? TLoU is 95 on Meta with 98 Reviews, GoW is pretty near to that but I don't think any Game in this Gen. will beat the Mega Blockbuster Uncharted 2 when it comes to Review Scores. That was just a Trend Setter. OT:- Shipment Update. I went to Venus Games Bangalore today.... What Ninja said is right, SONY as usual F**ked it but this time they crossed the line bcoz it is GoW. All Midnight launches cancelled in Bangalore (Landmark/Venus/GTS) as confirmed by Venus Guys. There is a delay in Order but they are claiming we will get the Game on 20th from the stores. I told him 10 times just to re confirm. And I ordered L.E paid full amount bcoz the owner said he will get me the Game on 20th Night (Limited Edition) without Fail. Let's see How True they are while committing.
  11. Yes Guyz.. Exactly. Been Ages. And this is the perfect time. (God of War brought us back to serious Gaming once again) Even I will be also in India for 1 month. Plan Karo. OT :- 89 Reviews and sitting on 95!! No Game in This New Generation got this high ratings. Please let's not count Nintendo here.
  12. Kuch zyaada nhi ho gaya. Waise bhi bahut din baad GoW aa raha hai woh bhi dhaasu reviews ke saath. Tera excitement to banta hi hai. Aaj tak tune apna avtar change hi nhi kiya isi bharose mein ki mera Kratos waapas aayega ek din. Le aa gaya saala ... tera Hero.
  13. E3 Reveal and Multiple Game of Shows Nominees/Winner --> 35% Previews --> 20% Embargo Lifted with Tremendous Review Scores --> 45%
  14. I Love You Bro!! Tomorrow Im leaving Early from office hours to Venus Games. Kindly share me the location. Edit :- I called them. They said it will be available. I told to book one copy for me. Tomorrow Im visiting there.
  15. Cool then. I will come there. Which block in Jayanagar ? Also, The number you gave is currently switched off. I hope I will get a copy of GOW that night. Koi bhi copy chalega. (Standard/Limited/Collectors) Long time getting so excited in Gaming and God Of War Again.
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