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  1. Do you have link ? I am about to buy it from Flipkart for 945, Complete Edition.
  2. Where did u pre-order ? Flipkart, It was 945 for complete edition.
  3. The Story trailer looks amazing! I just don't want it to be a lengthy RPG. Lets hope it lives up to the hype.
  4. Yeah.. I agree. Let the developers do what they need to do and that is to make the games available and accessible to everyone while keeping something for the hardcore fans as well. I guess SSM and ND did this very well but developers like Capcom/TeamNinja/From Software just wanted their games to be played by a Pro and not some easy peasy junk. Now, coming to GOW, I still feel TLoU II visuals are on par with God Of War not that I felt like ND's Game was far superior in visuals. Just wanted to know from the guyz who played all three (Horizon:ZD as well). Which is the best looking game on the PlayStation Pro as of now? To put in the other way... The Best looking PS4 exclusive till this date.
  5. Same thing happened with me. Changed my strategies and put in all the powers I have saved up for her. This should have been the actual Boss Fight... Sad they kept it as an optional. I'm sure only the very die hard fans and the platinum hunters only will see her.
  6. Nothing more expecting from this console in terms of my liking of exclusives apart from Regular Halo/Gears/Forza but if 4K 120 Hz, HDMI 2.1, VRR, G sync, Free Sync, eARC, IMAX support then I will be happy to get it. Games will be always there but these things matter to me the most.
  7. Dude, Are you really serious! I am currently playing RDR 2 and TLoU II on Pro and X connected to my OLED TV and TBH a Great and fantastic work done by the Team at ND unsurprisingly. Might be bit better than God of War graphically (Which itself is the biggest compliment ND can get) But Damn! R* knows their stuff when it comes to Open World Gaming...... RDR 2 is mind blowing visually to say the least considering its Vast open world stature! Generation and Genre defining. Loads and loads of minor details from horse movement while carrying stuff, skinning of animals, change of environment, Night Mode, details of cloths, textures on barren lands a visual treat to look. Same goes with Naughty Dog, Amazing work ..Seattle Day 1 was ultimate! Still I would rate R* bit better when it comes to RDR2 than ND, because you work on both the consoles and provide visuals as good as you work on only one console exclusively knowing ins and outs of that. IMHO.
  8. 65" LG C9 here. Bought it last week and completly unaware of TLoU II release date. And now can you imagine! The Game feels like a Heaven. But Yes, I also feel.... RDR 2 is mindblowing. The attention to detail is the best I have seen in an Open World Game which is as good as TLoU II and in some parts better. Imagine how much R* worked hard for that. Playing two of the probable best Games of this Gen is the feeling I can never explain. One on Xbox One X and the Other on PS4 Pro both connected to on OLED. Thank You God, ND & R*
  9. Those user scores are very very surprising!! Why? Maybe because of LGBT community or Excess Gore or .... God knows what! On the brighter side.... My Game is about to finish download... Guyz I just cannot control my happiness. Returned to IVG after God Of War, In between got married, Changed places and loads of things happened. But when all settled... here the time has come to delve into gaming and remembering all glorious days again! And what better way to do that with TLoU II
  10. Those who are in Hyderabad, Can get their copies. It is already there.
  11. Thanks Bro. Better will call them, Both Jayanagar and Malleswaram ones. Both are pole opposite to my place. (Whitefield) But will definitely try. Is Landmark Forum opened ? They also used to get day 1 copies during launch.
  12. Very Nice. Specially the ones from ND & SSM.
  13. Hi Guyz.... Long time here. The last time I interacted was when I did Platinum for God of War. Its that time again now for the Playstation Fans...TLoU II Can someone tel me where can I get this on Day 1 in Bangalore. If someone getting two copies please let me know, I will buy it. I am thinking Pre-Ordering now might be too late... Correct me If I am wrong.
  14. One of My Proudest Platinum!!! Sigrun You Beauty! Reminded me of the Great Alma in Ninja Gaiden. All I want to say is... Thank You #SSM Thank You #GoW Thank You #CoryBarlog and Thank You #SONY
  15. Got the Copy !!! Day 1 Edition. I didn't cancel Limited Edition. Venus Games guy told he will take the copy for 15% less. Im thinking to sell it here... Let's see. Specially for Bengaluru Guys... What a Day it is. Full Rain in the evening..... Took my car to office and from there directly to MG Road Church Street... Couple of Guys already there in Venus Games... Got the Copy.. Chatted with them. Reached Home now.... And LET THE GAME BEGINS....
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