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  1. I doubt SD coming to India before Q3 2022. Even the Western market is not so sure about its launch in early next year.
  2. Who got Banned!! I am able to see your posts! Your arguments are in line and fine by me.
  3. Microsoft Flight Simulator -- 90 / FH5 -- 92 Demon Souls!! You mean the Game that launched in 2009!!
  4. See the above quote. Universally critically acclaimed games of 2021, Xbox has 2 exclusives broken that barrier. I would love to see Playstation 5 joining the party. Till then we will have to wait and see this year's GoTY. Which I hardly doubt Returnal has enough to take it compared to FH 5 or other titles. IMO obviously. Future nobody's is talking. I was referring this year 2021. While Returnal & R&C were very impressive technically and critically but Xbox Series X delivered an outstanding game that is doing well both critically and commercially.
  5. Director's Edition have been already released in their original Avatar before right? Same reason why I didn't count FFVII remake! None of the Playstation 5 Exclusives broken the barrier of Must Play Universal Acclaim 90+ on Meta. Xbox Series X exclusive whole of 2021 -- FH5 & Flight Simulator (Tremendous Reviews!!) Lets just admit it, Xbox is a brand to look for Gamers in 2021 as of now... 2020 was a great year for PS5 console (TLoU 2, GoT) but not in 2021.
  6. Lol... Thats not right. Then Days Gone/GoW/ and all PS exclusives will be in PC also. Is Flight Sim on Playstation ? No Right, End of Discussion. I gave 1 point to Playstation bcoz Deathloop was there and its also there in PC. Going by your Logic then its 1-0 Advantage to Xbox.
  7. Dude! We are talking about Playstation and Xbox here in this thread! From where did PC came ?
  8. Microsoft Flight simulator is a 2021 release! July 27th I think. Who is talking about AoE here ?
  9. Let's talk about this year. Quality wise Xbox is far behind to even reach PS Quality exclusives, Any sane person owning both consoles should know that. But they are catching up. And this year they DELIVERED with 2 quality exclusives! With Halo in the pipeline.... Another thing to worry about and pissing me off is the Quality Exclusives going to PC. The one Advantage Sony used to have over M$ was its exclusives always remain to its own console but the trend is changing..
  10. Just chill down Guyz.... All of you are mature enough to know the pros and cons of each consoles. Gone through the last couple of posts... and IMHO, Returnal is a great game but only selected audience can play it -- This statement is wrong. If that's the case then the same goes for FH5 as well, It is a Racing/Sim Game and not everyone's cup of tea. But again, Saying RETURNAL is Juggernaut or a system seller is BS! It has proven with 1st Game let multiple sequels come and then we come to know how well Sony is dependable on Returnal franchise. BUT Forza franchise WAS/HAS/IS/WILL a System seller much like Halo/Gears from previous generations to this gen. This goes without a doubt! Great to see FH5 doing so well, Critically and commercially. Lets just wait and see what Sony comes up with next that can counter it. Xbox Series X -- Microsoft Flight Simulator & Forza Horizon 5 Playstation 5 -- Deathloop So far its 2:1 advantage to Microsoft over Sony.
  11. Arre ye Bangladesh to pura hila daala.... Im feeling bad I missed it. On our Match, Its always ur batsmen who disappoints us in many crucial Games or series or World Cups. Last few years we have improved a lot in our bowling department performing consistently! Not just Test but also in ODI and T20. Now lets see how our batters perform! If ENG could make just 183, I doubt we could even go there... I would be very happy if I am proved wrong. My heart wants that. A Good lead in 1st innings always helpful...
  12. Where is this coming from ?? Almost every regular person in the forum knows his contribution to IVG! overall and not just the forums......
  13. OMG!! It seems few ppl banned since last couple of days.... Anyway, To all those ppl who have logged in recently or don't own any new gen consoles yet or not any console fanboys or loyalists.... For them at this moment the best console to enjoy Games of last 15 years, exclusives, better hardware and more robust online system.. My safe bet would be Xbox Series X + Gamepass, the best console money can buy now.(Not PS5, Not PS5 DE, Not Series S, Not Switch) If you break down each things bit by bit then each console mentioned above have few good positive things. 1. Playstation for Exclusives mostly and Multiplat. 2. Xbox for Multiplat mostly and few exclusives. 3. Switch for Platformers and Nintendo exclusives. 4. Xbox for Seamless Online and Best Visuals from a hardware. 5. Xbox for all previous Generation multiplatform Games. 6. Playstation for marginally Better controller, Still debatable. 7. Xbox for watching Blurays/Atmos/DTS:X latest audio and Video gimmicks like VRR etc etc. 8. Playstation for Award System. 9. Xbox & Playstation for Design! 10. Xbox for Gamepass (All 1st Party Titles Free to Play on Day 1!!) Based on above points we can see who the winner is clearly. And all the above obviously not coming from a Fanboy! A genuine Gamer who actually OWNS all these consoles and spending considerable amount of time in Gaming since last 22 Years. All the Best and My 2 Cents to the New Gamers here. Cheers
  14. Some legendary level banter!! Its ok guyz chill on... And Mods, Plz.... Guyz are arguing with valid points behind. Nobody is blatantly trolling each other by taking names. Offenders can just ignore. But warnings and bans doesn't look cool! My 2 Cents.
  15. Yehan pe Sam bhi soch raha hoga ki kya bakc---i chal rhi hai giveaway thread mein! All these usual suspects @Jigsaw, @Assassins Creed, @b!T, @Snake... hmm... Personal Pics to Scarlett Johansson to drunk wife.... Sahi jaa rahe ho sab. ...Am I the only one who is actually playing Games on Both the next gen consoles. ? OT:- Finished Hitman 3 on Series X just yesterday Night! However, I will play for this GiveAway. Good initiative by @HundredProofSam. Is baar bhi agar jeetunga to daan kardunga. Below is the thread with my name:-
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