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  1. He can buy them though considering Nintendo sales are so rare. Might have to wait till next BF to get them at 50% off again. Heck you can buy now, play in next 6 months and sell them off for a profit
  2. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QXLFLXT/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=dav0d2-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B07QXLFLXT&linkId=81e213e37808ec3cdd9cdf49882386c4 Acer Helios 300 2019 model for $928. Even with shipping and shitty customs deposit, it comes to about just over 1L, way cheaper than local price.
  3. CarbonCore

    Half-Life: Alyx

    The problem with motion sickness is that a lot of early VR games didn't know the fact that you can not decouple head movement from camera movement. The moment the camera starts moving independent of you head movement, the gyro in you ears go crazy and makes you feel queasy. And a lot of early games were just straight up ports of normal walking/driving games. Eventually devs are figuring it out and making games for VR from ground up that doesn't make you motion sick. They realise that your brain doesn't like it when things go shaky shaky when you're sitting perfectly still. This is why most modern VR games give you complete control over head tracking based camera view. RE7 is perfect example of what happens when you straight up port a game to VR. Lot of scenes where enemies throw you around like a rag doll, and believe me that game will make you feel like you're on a boat in the middle of a storm.
  4. CarbonCore

    Half-Life: Alyx

    They'll have to make a completely different version for non-VR, and considering how much interactivity is involved, it might as well be a whole different game. This doesn't look like RE7 type of thing at all.
  5. CarbonCore

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Not everyone, just a small vocal subset that hopes it dies because their boss said so.
  6. lol game sharing is not illegal. Don't let the corporations tell you that sharing your copy of game with friends/family is against the law. MS tried that in 2013 and fell flat on their face. This is also not some elaborate scheme to discourage you from sharing changing region, its a relic from past generation and a byproduct of 3 different regions doing their own thing. And Nintendo games were always region free, it was the local hardware that blocked them. Once you installed homebrew and removed that lock, you could play games from all regions. With Switch they just removed that block themselves. There's still games like Splatoon 2 that are locked to 3 regions. Sony games are actual physical SKUs that are different in different region so nothing is cross compatible, no saves or DLC or updates.
  7. It only works if you've purchased the game from that account. For eg I have 3 US accounts for game sharing with couple of groups, and only one of them will show download link. The other two will ask you to buy it. All this could be easily solved by just two simple modifications, show the owner of your digital copy in info tab and make everything truly region free.
  8. You should return Mario Bros U and get Mario Maker 2 instead. That game has 5 generations of 2D Mario with infinite levels, makes any 2D Mario from Nintendo obsolete. Also grab Mario Odyssey and Captain Toad.
  9. You can switch back to India after buying the code. The purchase restriction is only for Kindle stuff.
  10. The fact that DLC is region locked itself is backward a*s. Even Nintendo figured it out with the Switch. There's also no way to know which region your digital game belongs to if it doesn't have in-game store. I've been screwed before by buying Old Hunters from wrong region, essentially costing me as much as full game of Bloodborne because of double purchase. If you have multiple region accounts you have to be very careful on PS4.
  11. You need to go to Content and Devices settings on amazon.in and change the country to US.
  12. https://www.rakuten.com/shop/antonline/product/1363209/?sku=1363209 $100 PSN card for $80. Make account, use code THANKS20 and use your international CC.
  13. They will refund if its your first time, but you're essentially burning you one refund chance forever. No more refunds after this.
  14. Everything is as it is except maybe the effect of timefall. Amelie just extended the extinction event for as long as possible by agreeing to stay on her beach alone for a very long time.
  15. The last walk to incinerate BB is exactly the same as your very first delivery. My net got disconnected at the very beginning so I could only see NPC stuff, and all of Igor's ladders and ropes were there, just in dire state due to timefall. The same one I had used 50hrs ago. That moment was...
  16. One of the best games of the generation. And Titanfall 2 is great too.
  17. If its you primary console for multiplatform then definitely go for Pro. The base consoles are pretty much being ignored by everyone and games are starting to run like crap on it.
  18. Anyone else having trouble with amazon shipping to their pincode? Most items say they can't be shipped to my address. Their CC says its a glitch on their side and a bunch of people are reporting it.
  19. You can do pass-through audio to external speakers and I don't think it'll be weird at all. I personally use HD598 because you maintain some awareness of your surroundings.
  20. I own it. Astro Bot, Tetris Effect and Thumper are life changing experiences in VR. Will grab Quest when HL Alyx comes out. Can't wait for completely un-tethered PSVR 2 with PS5. Too bad our lord and savior is not on board, not that it matters.
  21. It is nominated for best narrative.
  22. MS will focus on VR when it blows up and becomes big, that has been their hardware strategy for decades. From consoles to portable music players to phones to tablets to laptops to motion control gaming.
  23. Yeah it doesn't feel satisfying like in Fromsoft games where every impact makes that loud squishy sound like you cut something significant. Here you have a fking lightsaber and it feels like you're beating someone with a glowing baton.
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