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  1. Let me know if anyone is up for completing Legends Mode.
  2. Yea the owner is pretty “chalu” type of guy. I prefer to buy from Jai Ganesh than E-Mart Games.
  3. He said you have to buy a game and also an accessory along with console.
  4. Spoke with Jai Ganesh he has been allocated 14 units which are already booked.
  5. Yes he has been allotted 15 units of console and 15 units each of software and accessories.
  6. Spoke with my Uncle, it seems Sony has put compulsion on offline retailers to purchase certain amount of software and accessories along with the console. That may be the reason why offline retailers are only selling the console as a bundle.
  7. Yep this seems to be true either have to pick a game or accessory along with console. Even offline gaming stores in my area are saying the same thing.
  8. Looks highly unlikely as he will mostly get 10-15 units max and he already has 25-30 confirmed buyers who are his old customers who buy software regularly from him. You can try Jain Traders in Thane or Vijay Sales at Ghodbunder.
  9. No pre bookings till yet. Maybe some info next week.
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