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  1. Playstationdude

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Imax 3d is better but those glasses are still uncomfortable. It felt so comfortable watching Shazam in 2D. I wonder when this gimmick is gonna die in cinema halls.
  2. Playstationdude

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I too would rather binge cobra kai and wait out the weekend.
  3. Playstationdude

    Death Stranding

    Yeah, but we will get an obligatory teaser every sony stream anyway.
  4. Playstationdude

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Already full till Sunday in most of the good theatres in Delhi. Either scalpers are buying tickets , or Kalank is eating up a lot of screens
  5. Playstationdude

    Crackdown 3

    I said POS looking game, not gameplay. The visuals look horrible even for a cartoonish style game.
  6. Playstationdude

    Crackdown 3

    It might be a good game, but compairing a refined game such as Spiderman to this POS looking game is a joke. Lol. MS probably realised this and didn't bother with the marketing. Plus they were gonna put it on Gamepass day 1 anyway, why waste money on marketing?
  7. Playstationdude

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Nope, not gonna happen now. They are generating millions of dollars in revenue from paid online, they aren't going to dump it next gen. If anything, I can see them charging more for ps plus on ps5.
  8. Playstationdude

    xenoblade chronicles 2

    Talikng of Torna? That seems to be a full game in itself, 25 hours or so long. However, I do get your point.
  9. Playstationdude

    Best Educational Games for Kids ?

    Echochrome is good, I guess. Also Flower for sure. That game has a hidden message of what happens when we pollute the world.
  10. Playstationdude

    The PS5 and Next Xbox thread

    Lol God of War is perhaps the most badass game this gen, next to Devil may cry 5. And I'm not even a fanboy. I too was quite unhappy with the initial designs but that changed when I actually played the game.
  11. Playstationdude

    The PS5 and Next Xbox thread

    Nope. As much as I am a fan of Sony, and will relunctantly cough up the amount, I would be pissed if the price was more than 400 dollars, though it seems very likely it will be.
  12. Playstationdude

    The PS5 and Next Xbox thread

    Welp, then I'll get time to upgrade to an OLED TV 😛
  13. Playstationdude

    STAR WARS: Jedi Fallen Order

    At this point: EA- MP only, MT filled game Gamers- Why no SP? *beep* you EA! Greedy bastards. EA- SP game, no Mt Gamers- No MT? EA is plotting something. *beep* you EA! 😛