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  1. did you check out the amazon basics mount? https://www.amazon.in/AmazonBasics-Single-Monitor-Stand-Adjustable/dp/B07DHK5DHN
  2. They can only grow subscribers by 1 - adding more Xbox console sales , or 2 - increase mobile/tablet subscribers through xcloud. (or 3 - increase in pc audience due to game pass ???) I see that with the new acquisition, they are betting on 2 more. And it will take some time for it to become mainstream. As you only said, it isn't about sticking it to Sony but they are looking to take on other giants. Hence, they will take any source of income they can grab their hands on. In fact, they wouldn't have paid 70billion upfront with "hopes" or generating new revenue sources by taking further loss. They would have paid looking at the revenue "already" being generated by ACTV, which includes cross platform sales.
  3. Bro, you talk like it is not revenue loss for Activision/Xbox if they remove those games. I bet majority of the revenue COD is getting is also from PS. It is not as easy as turning COD exclusive then wait for the millions of PS players to just buy the xbox for the same.
  4. Copied from Reddit comment: "Sony won the battles but MS just bought the War. " Still the outcome of this acquisition from financial perspective and if MS bet payed off or not can only be seen in a decade.
  5. guys, what is the market cap of Sony Group? Just asking for a friend.
  6. After spending years on analysis, studying patterns, i always come to the below conclusion whenever the market falls suddenly. -> It is because I just bought the dip the day before.<-
  7. yup, you either like it or you hate it. no middle ground. And it will be there through out the game explaining some lore on every task that you do.
  8. Done with the game. Really enjoyed my time with it. Story is also good. It seem to take ~50hrs for completing story and gods side quests. Highly recommend this game especially at 19$ sale price that i got it for. Went for platinum as well. . A bit tedious towards the end but still easy platinum if you finish the main game. Need a guide for sure to ease up finding various collectibles
  9. Exide and MRF ( )
  10. Hero? also Exide(im in it for long)
  11. Not sure why the regulator is using absolute amount to set limits. They should just say something like the AMC should be able to only invest 10 or 15% (example) of their total managed AUM in foreign stocks. etc
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Xbox-S/dp/B08G9J44ZN/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?crid=3D0VB708FHQUF&keywords=xbox+series+s&qid=1642105979&sprefix=series+s%2Caps%2C494&sr=8-3 Its always available in us since almost a month.
  13. didn't know such a thing existed to explore online. Thanks
  14. Now a days, especially in shops, I find myself using Phone pe more than GPay. GPay speed is pathetic now a days. From opening app to scanning QR code and confirming payment. May be its the "web" like UI or something else, not sure. Also failure rate is higher for me on Gpay than Phone pe. (even though bank account underlying is the same).
  15. Then that can be bookmarked so it shows up in all pages
  16. @KnackChap Can we have a bookmarked comment on this thread that tells that whatever is being discussed in this thread is not investment advice etc etc. Looks like people are taking comments and discussions seriously to an extent of needless name calling.
  17. I believe they are working on a New IP which will get announced this year. If they delay this for the POS remakes, i will be disappointed.
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