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What you bought this week

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37 minutes ago, Sadpixel said:


It is good. I have a Sony WH-1000XM2 already so it isn't something mind blowing for me. 


Check out ES100 / the soon to be released BTR5 if you want something really good in this category. 

Fiio beats the ES100 in terms of output from the 3.5mm jack. ES100 supposedly has better output from the 2.5mm slot but not everyone has that. Personally, quite happy with the btr3 i bought recently. 

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On 11/6/2019 at 12:06 PM, sweetvar26 said:


That's awesome, I see that you purchased it in Hyderabad on Road No.12.

I ride a Street Triple RS, did about 2700kms on it so far, haven't done much. Then again I don't go on the highway with it, I should start doing that.


How you liking the bike so far? Enjoy and ride safe :)


Thanks bro. Loving it so far.... i havent gone on a long ride yet. Riding it in city traffic is a pain in da a$$ but a lovely bike...so smooth n refined.

The street triple RS is one helluva bike...one of the best exhaust notes. Happy and safe riding to you too bro. Cheers!



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1 hour ago, STICK3Rboy said:



Been a while since I last bought a physical copy of a game.

Also, day-one delivery from GTS :good:

Yup, GTS always had release date delivery for me... also add me on PSN

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