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Kingdom Hearts 3


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Kingdom Hearts 3

Publisher : Square Enix / Disney



Developer : Square Enix



Director : Shinji Hashimoto / Tetsuya Nomura



Platform : Playstation 4 / Xbox One



Genre : RPG



Release : TBA 2014









The long awaited sequel to one of the most celebrated series in the world of RPG's was announced at the SONY E3 press conference , 2013 , with a reveal trailer. Kingdom Hearts 3 , as of now has an unconfirmed release of sometime in 2014.

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The gameplay is so smooth! And those new combos! Fantastic!! :wOOtjumpy:

I am happy they kept the gameplay mechanics from Dream drop distance. Chaining combos while jumping off enemies and environment is really cools not to mention made battles a lot more interesting in dream drop distance.

Also such a beautiful colour pallete. This game is gonna be epic!

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All the good classic movies are pretty much covered already. They should add all the new movies. From Tangled I really liked all the movies.

No actually not. Sword in the stone, black couldron, jungle book, ducktales, talespin, rescue rangers, robin hood, princess and the frog, etc. Lots of worlds still remaining.

I enjoy original KH hearts worlds as well(radiant garden and traverse town, twilight town,etc).

Also these guys have this wierd affinity for Olympus colliseum even though it's been done to death now. Heck even them mobile game Kingdom hearts x i'm playing at the moment, has olympus colliseum(though as an arena) :P

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Princess and frog is a new movie, just before tangled. Ducktales, chip n dale and tail spin are not movies I believe. Frozen, wreck it Ralph over rest of those crappy movies any day :P

Ducktales, talespin etc do have feature length movies. They can do something set in Duckburg with Magika de spell , etc. Beagle boys would be epic too :P

Rescue rangers has several movies actually but not sure how apt the setting would be.

Gummi bears world could be awesome.

and Bitch please :P Sword in the stone is Arthur and Merlin setting. Awesome as f**k! :P

Also I hope they include some kickass KH original worlds like the world that never was and castle oblivion.

Keyblade graveyard is a given.

And give us back Oogie Boogie


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