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The Indie Games Thread - Out now: Cult of the Lamb

Heaven Angel

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Completed Death's Door last night.

This is the isometric Zelda-like that I've always dreamt of having on PC. It also has some of that wacky Ghibli weirdness to boot. Some of the characters in this game are morbid, and yet charming at the same time. And I love it!


The game has such a soft and visually pleasing aesthetic too. I can't think of a better description than what Skillup came up with when he said that it feels like everything is made out of the same stone. That art-style combined with a stellar soundtrack make it an absolute treat to play! What makes it consistently enjoyable though is the level design. There are lots of secrets strewn around which I'm having a lot of fun finding even after having completed the game.


The only nitpick I have is the lack of a mini-map. The levels are generally not big enough to warrant the need for it, but it can get slightly irksome when you're trying to look for collectibles.

Some might also find the combat very simple, but IMO it still works well enough because of the engaging enemy encounters. Even the boss battles are pretty great!


Seriously, this game is a f**king steal for 700rs on Steam. Get it!
















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It looks too good? 🤨 Very ambitious for a small studio but awesome if they can pull it off. 



The game is still in early development. It's more like small open world, big enough to wander around and explore. And yes there will be more weapons, gadgets and special abilities

We don't want you disappoint you but this is not space western. It's more like cyber-western. For consolation it's small open world with main quest and few side quests. As for our inspirations its more like blade runner, fallout and RDR but we also like Cowboy Bebop


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A post-apocalyptic narrative-driven RPG set in Australia, this is Broken Roads. The wastelands of post-apocalyptic Western Australia reveal their stories in Drop Bear Bytes’ emotive and branching isometric role-playing game coming to Steam and console platforms in 2022!



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