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I will NOT put this guy's pic as my avatar...




This is ONION KNIGHT....


Relax mate. I am not asking you to use the avatar also. I said I am doing it, because to me it makes sense. You can choose any avatar you want.


Here is a better image of the Onion Knight though ;)



And here is the infamous Goomba from Mario.








Remember him?



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U guys havnt seen my ultimate Onion Attack!!! My super armpit onion smell!!!! Will make the strongest of the stongest cry buckets of tear!!!! muyhahaha!!!!


LOL, at least now, you're out of the Onion Knight status. All you had to to was use Postega.

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aman & Harsahil: why do yall have identical GTs?





cos we use the same console for our xbox live gameplay and always play together. we swap b/w each other after a match in Gears of War (that's the only game we've played online so far)... anyways thanks for ur concern :D

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