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  1. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Mostly 3rd party courier
  2. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Coz I hate apple ? ps I was also in same boat as you. But 5.1 plus having all glass body is very difficult to tackle. Btw I m in love with the Sony design ,it looks very premium even though its made of plastic
  3. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    r1 plus no more updates last at oreo 5.1 plus better proc , next 2 android updates Cons - r1 only 2gb 5.1 plus notch very delicate mobile
  4. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    I got the r1 at 6k pretty awesome deal . The phone looks damn good plus updated to oreo . Havent used sony mobile since neo V ,the ui is almost stock. Plus type c at this price
  5. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Yep its one of their phones where they stopped the fake flash sale within a month and introduced red color I would be surprised if they managed to sell more than 6-8k of their units
  6. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Good luck with X4 May the force be with you
  7. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Guys they are all flat discounts not cashbacks
  8. The Mobile Phone Thread

    For 20k+ range I would suggest 1. Zenfone 5z (best among all) 2. Nokia 6.1 plus ( android one ) . Wait for 11th to see nokia 7.1 price 3.Honor play 4. Realme 2 pro 5. One plus 6 6. S9 ( I am getting this one ) Mi a2 has a very low sunlight legibility screen plus no 3.5 mm jack.They also have a very bad track record providing monthly security updates Pocofone and all other xiaomi devices have very very annoying adds inside phone core apps , like file manager etc.
  9. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Hi yes the peeling issue . You cant do anything have to submit to Service center and wait for 1 month Touch screen has a lag. I cant explain unless you see it personally, but if you buy very low quality phones like 3-4k you will see it there . It does have multi touch issue Lastly pie lol it just got updated to oreo so pie maybe next year end
  10. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Me used to one of the worst device I have ever owned.The screen sort of came out after 5-6 weeks.Touch screen is the worst. Also no frequent updates. Pathetic camera Dont buy this crap even for 15k
  11. The Graphics Card thread

    Yep they are called apple fans
  12. The Graphics Card thread

    No comp = High price .They can charge whatever they want and still get away with it .
  13. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    My problem is with flipkart themselves .They now know how our justice system works and is exploiting them fully They straight away lie that the refund is initiated only to cancel it twice .They were just waiting for the 10 day period to get over .Had A high level employee not pressured them I would have never gotten my replacement. But not all people have this luxury and they are thrown at ther mercy of fk and consumer forums . Also If they have resorted to these kind of shady tricks on genuine concerns I have no words to say
  14. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Hi guys plz dont buy any acer products from flipkart . They wont provide replacement or refund even its DOA.They will just wait for the 10 day period to get over . I brought a cheap lappy few weeks back it was DOA on arrival Raised a complaint from website for a replacement . Said they will provide only replacement if the tech confirms Acer tech visited and complied saying the lappy was indeed DOA My return got cancelled by FK team Requested once more, a return tech visited again - denied . This happened 1 more time within the 6 day period. Got a email saying my refund is approved.They cancelled it on the next day. Raised a facebook Complaint . Now again on the 9th day got a email saying that my refund has been approved . This is a fake thing, they use it to buy your time.The refund was cancelled on the 10th day automatically . Fed up and used my contact to get it resolved on the last day of replacement.Finally it was approved and delivered Here are the images 1st Refund email 2nd Refund Email Finally my completion
  15. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Note 8 offer is back for all users on amazon Flat 10k off on exchange and 4k cashback on hdfc Effective price 38-44 k depending on mobile and cashback