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  1. HotSonix

    The Graphics Card thread

    get rx 580 and the free games 4gb is 14k right now Sell the games and wait for next gen nvdia/amd cards 1660ti is basically a 1070 with lower vram
  2. HotSonix


    Or add some more and visit bangcock
  3. HotSonix

    Resident Evil 2: REMAKE

    Done 100%. Money well spent One of the best remake I have ever played . Ps : Dont miss out the original soundtrack , its worth it . Brings out the nostalgia when it announces Resident Evil 2. Costumes and handgun are not worth it
  4. HotSonix

    Metro Exodus

    Looks like it rained
  5. HotSonix

    Metro Exodus

    Epic store doesnt have pre load function 😂
  6. HotSonix

    Resident Evil 2: REMAKE

    So for doing all that sh*t leon got paid $30
  7. HotSonix

    Steam deals

    upgrade your badge and get the emote bg rest
  8. HotSonix

    The Division 2

    I am getting it , runs smooth af at 1440p, only encountered 3-5 disconnections so far , playing with co op is blast The grind is real , missions become boring soon , but ubisoft these days support their game for at least 3 years so theres that
  9. HotSonix

    The Division 2

    Its working fine now Dl nearly done
  10. HotSonix

    The Division 2

    The servers are f**ked up Doesnt download
  11. HotSonix

    HD STB channels, packages and providers thread.

    My parents took the connection today (local cable ) Its 130 (Base) + 20 NAF( For 25 ch ) + Your choice of Channel + 18% GST ( Chanel price can be found on trai site) NAF per slot SD=25 Chanel HD = 12 Chanel Took 8 HD Chanel and 4 SD Total Cost came to 298. Cable walah made it 349 but got caught by my mom They are increasing price by adding extra NAF making gst 20% and charging extra for HD ( Some Chanel have same price for SD/HD)
  12. HotSonix

    [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Depends on games you play Bf,cs go need more cpu power Other games need gpu and are fine with quad cores I would suggest to get the ryzen series since it offers much more vfm than intel counterpart ( zen 2 if you can hold till april - may )
  13. HotSonix

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Mota bhai has everyone in his pocket
  14. HotSonix

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Best quality https://www.amazon.in/Logitech-Channel-THX-Certified-Multimedia-Speakers/dp/B003VAHYTG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1549027646&sr=8-2&keywords=thx+speaker No usb tho
  15. HotSonix

    Resident Evil 7