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  1. LOl he is confused with Mi mix 2
  2. same old shit

    They need to bring back those bra and panty matches
  3. Oh damn Sent from my SM-G900H using Tapatalk
  4. So anyone here thinks that wonder woman has a nice a*s ?
  5. 0:33 Thank me later
  6. or go boom boom with your gf/hooker
  7. 1st one was pretty awesome
  8. Kingsman The Golden Circle
  9. Shadow warrior deluxe is free
  10. Pay through browser steam client has a problem in novaplay and paytm is there on novaplay Edit just brought a game via paytm
  11. Sale starts tomorrow at 10.30 pm IST. Mostly store will crash All badges crafted during the sale will drop a summer sale card instead of coupons All badges crafted 1 week before the sale will drop a mysterious card, which will convert into the summer sale card when the sale starts Free summer sale cards can be earned per day by browsing your discovery queue Summer sale badge can be upgraded infinitely unlike normal/foil badges which stops at 500/100 xp No flash sales Cod enabled for Indian users
  12. Dadi ke liye tha bhai
  13. Yeah two of my frnds adviced me against this loads of complains regarding heating