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  1. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Is your controller the Gen.1 Xbox controller?
  2. Metro Exodus

    Most likely should be at E3 unless the game's release gets pushed forward.
  3. The PC Gaming Thread

    In other news, GPP keeps marching on,
  4. The PC Gaming Thread

    Two generations tops. It will be implemented in all mainstream cards. As for how good it looks /runs is anyone's guess. Obviously, no one would use it unless the hardware actually gets tuned for it properly because Real-Time Ray Tracing was and is still one of the most CPU and GPU intensive tasks. In fact, when I was in animation school less than a decade back, this was considered a pipedream because of the amount of computing power required and other technicalities in the whole system.
  5. The PC Gaming Thread

    Apparently, the system on which the demo was previewed cost $60,000 using the Tesla professional GPU's. And even with the latest hardware, it will run like hot garbage.
  6. Bloodborne

    Just report next time. Anyway, account suspended.
  7. Sea of Thieves

    The game felt hollow in the 'Closed' Beta and I had said so, guess getting a $60 price tag did not change it much apart from adding audio to the random NPCs on the islands.
  8. Sea of Thieves

    Guys, guys, guys, wait for Easy Allies review.
  9. Metro Exodus

    I am quite sure the API was already done and shared with their partner studios, it was just 'revealed' now.
  10. Sea of Thieves

    Getting Ripped...
  11. Sea of Thieves

  12. Mad Max

    Did you check the game's integrity?
  13. Fallout 4: The best one among the series

    Hi @sudip761, welcome to the forums. Please do not create new threads for existing games, you can find all game titles under the Games sub-forum (search for the title before creating a fresh thread).