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  1. It is not all the way there, simply vote with your wallet, do not fall for the hype generated by publishers, pick up the ones that seem interesting to you, accept them for what they are and carry on.
  2. Easier said than done when gamers buy into their spiel now, why change if the profits are keeping the board and the shareholders happy, who gives a damn about the consumer because the consumer sure as hell does not care and throws their money at the next predatory big-budget AAA title that rolls around the corner. Yeah! That is why stopped buying into the hype.
  3. All those Doritos and Dew tie-ins man. You could buy this special edition of some meat sticks which would give you codes inside to redeem for XP crates in Battlefield 4. It still does not change the fact that it exists in the first place.
  4. Does not matter if they are invasive or not. The existence of these things in a full retail title in itself is an abhorrence. And do not give sh*t about $60 per game is not enough to sustain the industry, there is hardly a complete game release these days that is just $60 and done, there is a season pass tacked onto 90% of the games and outrageous Collector's /Exclusive /Retailer Exclusive /Beef Jerky Edition(s)
  5. Five minutes in, you get the meat of the stuff.
  6. ^ Go to nearest Kaizen service centre, hand it in and wait for a replacement. Happy Diwali.
  7. Which could probably be called Gears in Space. EA has kept a lot of studios on its payroll 'alive' before gutting them after their highly monetised garbage does not meet board expectations.
  8. ^ PM me his email iD. We will see what can be done. Cheers! Wishing all here a Happy Diwali. =D
  9. Different studios, locations, costs, cost of production for three platforms vs one. Lots of things to throw in that misery pot.
  10. $60 million + $60 million (for marketing) for the total cost of development according to the thread participants. On top of that, EA doubled down on the micro-transactions bullshit in Dead Space 3 and somehow that did not sell too well. I wonder why.
  11. Signs of the times. Titles with a focus on the singleplayer element enter the resale market really fast and no one is incentivised to keep holding onto them. With titles which have a longer tail, multiplayer focus, games as a service model with plenty of gated content (a.k.a. Destiny, Overwatch, Battlefront 2) players have a greater incentive to hold onto the original copy and then invest in future content. Mainstream publishers will go where the money is. Project Ragtag was the codename for the original Star Wars title being worked on by Visceral, not the new stuff that is coming out. The original high concept is dead. In essence, it is a brand new title which will never play the way a single player, narrative-driven, action-adventure title would have.
  12. And another one bites the force, ironic that I am necro-ing this thread with news,
  13. SteelSeries Siberia 200. Sound quality is better than the Kingston HyperX Cloud range of headsets (just the Cloud II outdoes it plus all of them have a more bass oriented signature).
  14. Thanks, it is good. Like a Lumia shell with Android inside. I waited for the phone to launch.
  15. I know about Metal Gear, I had purchased the disc. I would still buy the physical copy.