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  1. See if V-Sync solves it, if it does not then remove that setting.
  2. ^ Do not use V-Sync, it introduces input lag. Are you noticing any screen tearing?
  3. ^ Click on Shrink Volume. Then the rest of the space would open up.
  4. Up to you, I would suggest ~200GB on the Windows OS and rest you break up however you want.
  5. Follow these instructions.
  6. Select C and see if you can use the "Create New Partition" option and how much space it starts with.
  7. Lack of developer support (post a year) plus the endless settlements you got to make after being constantly bombarded with the #NEVERSETTLE marketing speil.
  8. ^ Why are you playing with DirectX 12? That API is known to have issues, especially more with Nvidia hardware.
  9. ^ Nope, Windows will only use free sectors. How much there is dependent on how much data you have written and how fragmented it is. By the way, are you using an SSD?
  10. ^ Can you go into Windows Disk Manager and see if you can create a second partition?
  11. What logic is this?
  12. Okay, then. Can you make partitions and retest this entire set-up? Also, is Windows Game Mode on in your setup or switched off?
  13. Nope, local debit cards and CoD are currently not functional.
  14. Some musings.
  15. I generally keep a spare from Cooler Master around, as far as I have noticed there above average units all come with solid over-built cables although they generally are flat-pinned. It is really difficult to find spare power cables although a trip to Lamington should fix that. I do not think anyone on this forum can help, ask on TechEnclave, more hardware oriented peeps go there. Cool, let me know if you need any more help with the parts list I gave you, can put you in touch with the right people for purchase. =]