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  1. nVidia verifies your purchase. Also, I have not confirmed but apparently the verification will move towards the GeForce Experience programme. Confirmed.
  2. Users cannot sell their code online anymore.
  3. In the House, In a Heartbeat -- John Murphy (28 Days Later OST)
  4. Most branded models will cost high since import taxes. Your best bet is something like Kingston's HyperX Alloy on sale or LOGITECH's G610/G410.
  5. ^ 2K and UBISOFT raised the prices on their catalogues.
  6. B-B-B-B-But the lines were really long and Easy Allies say the game is good.
  7. ^ Never played HearthStone. Well, we will see how Gwent evolves considering that it had a lot of issues during the start of the Closed BETA.
  8. ^ That is pretty much any long-term multiplayer game's cycle.
  9. ^ I play casual will add you though. Why bored of HearthStone?
  10. Congratulations @Keano .
  11. ^ Yeah! I figured. Why not simply buy the physical GoTY copy. Should work out a lot cheaper plus you get a decent amount of feelies to go along.
  12. I think he means the final Viper set, which you can only get when you play Hearts of Stone. I played with the Viper set for the most time before switching out to the Wolf.
  13. People please be excited we are putting back features that should be in-game from day, Also, please be hype because this is so HYPE.