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  1. Anthem

    HuiHuiHui =P
  2. The PC Gaming Thread

    Yup, although since I do not play this title I cannot comment with any authority.
  3. Below

    Will pick it up in the Winter Sale just for the music.
  4. Battlefield V

    This is good. On the whole though,
  5. Battlefield V

    Talks about launch maps being garbage pulls out Op Locker citing quality. That map was a meat grinder just good for XP and progression farm which is why it was super popular. Golmud was liked because of spacing and variety. Shanghai was the centrepiece for the franchise but not the best. Zavod was very popular on PC, probably the best map overall, Hainan Resort and Lancang Dam were fairly easy to find in custom servers. Oh! Wait, we do not even have custom servers any more, everything is run by EA and then they wonder why the community no longer feels any kind of affinity towards the game.
  6. Battlefield V

    Probably learn how to do a live-service properly before marching on to do one and support the damn thing properly or not at all.
  7. Battlefield V

    Hehe... I just realised that if you add up the actual number of maps released. It is just about the number of maps we would get in a single DLC in the past. Not counting that two of them are limited to one game-mode. B-B-B-But free Bro. Free.
  8. Battlefield V

    It has got three content drops. Majority of which is a texture swap but I guess it is okay since it is "free". A release immediately to correspond with The Last Jedi which got two maps (one land, one space) and two hero characters, A reskin of Iden Versio and company followed, Followed up by the Han Solo season which gave us five reskins (Han, Chewbacca, Lando, Leia, and the Millenium Falcon), two maps (Kessel and Jabba's Place), one new game-mode and one reintroduced from BattleFront (2015), And this brings us to the final release last month which was The Clone Wars, four new heroes (Kenobi, Dooku, Anakin, Grievous) with a bunch of texture swaps so piss poor that fans made better versions and one new map (Geonosis) Yup, top tier, ace level support right there with all the backing of the STAR WARS brand. Now people are actually legitimately showing that EA-DICE done goofed up with BattleField V (offering it 50% off across the board, getting players onboard via free ORIGIN Access time), I guess it will only matter when either DICE itself gets shuttered or the franchise is chewed up and spat out like wasted cud.
  9. Battlefield V

    Probably the stupidest hill to die on. Defending EA. I would really like to see the post-launch support for the game one year from now if it is anything like BattleFront 2. Y'all got PRANKED.
  10. Battlefield V

    The number of maps on launch has been on a downward spiral since BattleField 4. Every mainstream release it is one less map, I think BattleField 1 had 9 maps compared to 10 for BattleField 4 and now V has fewer maps at launch compared to BattleField 1. And considering that in BattleField 3 /4 you had a DLC release with 4 new (recycled) maps from older titles within the first quarter of launch, yeah! Feels even worse that people are getting hyped for 1 new map, a single-player snippet and some core features like Training Range. Fewer maps than past releases. One map compared to China Rising which came out a month post-BattleField 4 and gave us four maps, a bunch of weapons, a new game mode. I mean the roadmap that DICE has released is such a farce, I get recycling maps with touch ups but hey look chaps you are getting Rush and Grand Ops, two months post-release, HYPE GET!
  11. Battlefield V

    Nobody is talking about support although it is right to be worried, now that they have transitioned over to a "free" update format. They will need regular sales and some in-game monetisation for this to succeed. Also, regular content drops and by regular I mean once a quarter regular, adding new weapons, locations, factions and possibly game modes. DICE does not have a stellar track record of either and their last outing in the form of BattleFront 2 was plastered for poor monetisation. If the sales are weak prepare for things to quiet down for a long, long time post the BR mode addition in March.
  12. The Graphics Card thread

    Pretty screwed and nVidia's consumer cards were never favoured for mining. Only taken in desperation.
  13. Darksiders III

    ^ That was some grade A garbage. I mean some of the points were literally missing the context provided above in the article (case in point when he complains about poor signposting in Spyro Remastered).
  14. Battlefield V

    Worse than Tomb Raider because it is now "free" updates for everyone model of operations.
  15. Anthem

    Instanced MMO, not a true MMO. More of a Co-Op shooter thing for most content (PvE) with an active PvP aspect. WarFrame is another one but that is exclusively leaning on PvE with a very underwhelming PvP scene.