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  1. ALPHA17

    The Graphics Card thread

    Fairly good replacement. Yes. Go for ZOTAC!, better resale value.
  2. ALPHA17

    The Graphics Card thread

    If you are looking to pick up a card here and now, the GTX 1660Ti is a great option at its current price range. Any dual-fan variant should be a good buy. The RX 580 is the next logical option but considering the price gulf involved, if you can jump onto the GTX 1660Ti, it is definitely going to be a solid high frame rate, full-HD performer. The RTX 2060 is a different card, in a different league, most of the hardware for which you are paying the ~6,000/- -->7,000/- Rupee premium is severely useless in current titles, and by the time anything with a good implementation of RTX /DXR comes out, it would be legacy to the point of worthlessness.
  3. ALPHA17

    Random Song of the Day

    Never Ever -- Lord Huron
  4. ALPHA17

    Far Cry New Dawn

    Video taken down? What?!?
  5. ALPHA17

    [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Get the WHQL (stable) version of Adrenalin 2019, if you do not want the latest update version. =]
  6. ALPHA17

    [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Dude, update your driver. Like update it, right now. That thing is two years out of date, missing half the features that we have added in the suite and obviously day one optimisations et al.
  7. ALPHA17


    No, I meant give them time to sort out this mess. I mean, have they learnt nothing from Destiny, f**k, nothing from Warframe. And Warframe is grindy, grindy as HECK! But they still managed to retrofit a story that is really driven and worth following. And this is not to say everything is peachy that side of town but hey, F2P, decent monetisation, a developer team that is more than willing to acknowledge their shortcomings (sorry Vauban mains). This, this is just absolutely idiotic. Put it, in, the, game. Dumpkoffs.
  8. ALPHA17


  9. ALPHA17


    Are we not sometimes guilty of this? Everyone does it. I have just given up on GaaS model, It sounds terrible It sounds exactly like something that came up inside an all suits meeting None of the "AAA developers" realises what makes the good games stand out from the mass of unwashed shovelware thrown into our general direction, just slap the GaaS theme and thoughts and prayers It f**king sucks for a majority of the developers working on such projects (because uneven numbers dictate the staffing cap) and you have great studios like Visceral, Westwood, Raven Software get ground up into gruel and then either reabsorbed into making mundane tripe (Raven Soft does the UI elements for CoD games, yes the studio, that gave us this, Now does this, I mean, sometimes it feels really good when studios just fold up and go kablooey rather than having their entrails smeared everywhere for scraps. And once every now and then we get people like Obsidian, CD PROJEKT, Digital Extremes, 4A Games, and UbiSoft's art division which refuse to die and somehow have gone through almost a decade plus of weird, weird times doing games that just feel, right. Okay, end rant. I really hope EA f**king gives BIOWARE some breathing room to get this whole experience going, rather than giving it the sweet, sweet 9 grams of lead I think everyone is yearning for, only to see if AAA publishers have learnt anything at all. And if they really had content to pipe into the game or was it just how things turned sour with Destiny when half its leadership team just up and left because they were tired of the overwrought nature of the project. The important question though is, did you do it without a scope?
  10. ALPHA17


    On the surface: Feels bad man.
  11. ALPHA17

    The PC Gaming Thread

    I am aware. But these releases give hope that it might show up at a later date.
  12. ALPHA17

    The PC Gaming Thread

    This is excellent news, it is on GoG too, hoping Journey gets released on the platform too.
  13. ALPHA17

    [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Difficult man. Too many compromises will have to be made.
  14. ALPHA17

    Metro Exodus

    I think the update brings DLSS to both titles. So, yes, it would be necessary.