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  1. The Cricket Thread

    ^ Pakis blamed the Spot-fixing on conspiracy between India's RAW and Britain's MI6 to tarnish Pakistan's image, yes they are that kind of idiots. 😂 Btw, Pant will play along with Dhoni, great move, Pant will need all the exposure he can get before WC.
  2. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Chloe is one hot mother
  3. The Cricket Thread

    Australia and Pakistan and toiling hard in heat and not even a black dog is interested in watching the game in the stadium 😂 It has stopped making commercial sense a long time ago when Ticket sales used to be a large part of revenue. Now you get great TV broadcast contract plus Streaming rights sale, so you can just play anywhere and make money, 10000x than playing in empty stadiums This series would have made a lot of sense had they played in in ENG/AUS But this lure of playing in 'home' conditions is driving to take decisions otherwise. Pity! Test cricket is not everyone's cup of tea, this is why it has to be served only to connoisseurs.
  4. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Gordon Ramsey is annoying af BC who invited him for a week. Geez
  5. The Cricket Thread

    Unmatchable feeling when I see less-previleged people like Shaw and Hima Das winning. it reposes my faith that despite many wrongs, system in India works and creates champions.
  6. The Cricket Thread

    A guy who is called the Tendulkar-in-waiting doesn't disappoint. The only thing I don't like when I watch him is that his bat is too far from his body, takes some elegance from the shot away.
  7. The Cricket Thread

    What you were doing in life when you were 18? And...:there is not a single guy in WI that I know of. WI is brutal to it's seniors, they are like IT companies, senior managers are dumped in favour for freshers or people who cost less.
  8. The Cricket Thread

    Rahul has made knack of taking wrong reviews. that was f**king plumb.
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Shaw debuts, hahahha. what a day!
  10. The Cricket Thread

    Karun Nair has been dropped because he carried warm drinks in stead of cold drinks during the breaks on the ground. Shardul se koi ummeed nahi hai. DK and Dhawan's test career seems over now.
  11. The Cricket Thread

    He played really well today, couldn't get to finish line but I don't think we would have win w/o his contribution
  12. The Cricket Thread

    Virat won't be rested against Windies Star TV created a ruckus after his resting in Asia Cup was announced though BCCIgave them a fitting reply, they can't sit him out in this one, home crowd, only series played in this Year in India. there is a T20 match on Diwali eve, BCCI is like Karan Johar
  13. The Cricket Thread

    Dhoni is very much khatam khalifa as a batsman but his sharp reflexes and great sense as a cricketer is something needed for WC Aftrr seeing Pant I don't see DK fitting in frame and Pant needs lot of experience as a slog over bat in Intl cricket. Btw this was Dhoni today:
  14. The Cricket Thread

    They are a test side now, they will get minimum 12 ODIs and 3 tests every year as per the ICC FTP rules IIRC.