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  1. What you bought this week

    Why that Dragon war mouse tho.
  2. Movie Discussion Thread

    f**k that. Bring back Blackadder.
  3. Gaming PCs

    Yep yep.
  4. Gaming PCs

    I think it sounds like if its not a specific brand/model its just luck on how long it lasts. Seller etc shouldnt matter then I guess. I think I am gonna try a random one and see how it works out.
  5. Gaming PCs

    The usual. Craps out after a week or so. Or DoA. I mean the thing is, its so cheap that I am fine on taking a hit if it dies. But just wanted to know if there were options that were more reliable.
  6. Gaming PCs

    Its not for the TV. PC/Monitor/Desk. I have a good estimate for the size, its the quality that worries me. Most reviews on Amazon for generic ones are pretty bad.
  7. Gaming PCs

    This may not be the best thread for it but whats a good place to get an LED strip. The kind you put behind monitors and desks - I am looking at Amazon but the reviews are terrible for most of them. The only half decent one is the Phillips. Anyone using something like that?
  8. Am I confused or was this a DS or a PSP game at somepoint.
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Holy f**k. Best looking game ever.
  10. Introduce Yourself : The New Members Thread

    'ello there.
  11. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    How is this game so f**king buggy 2 years after release? I tried the Rainbow Six mission in co op and it glitched out thrice in a row and we just gave up. Why is the driving so f**king borked if you use keyboard and mouse? The roads are tiny, on mountainous terrain and the slightest press of the right and left arrow keys makes your vehicle do a total 90% turn. I lost count the number of times I just went off a f**king cliff and now just stuck to flying vehicles or being on foot. Why is the mission design so f**king sh*t. Insta fails on so many missions. That Predator mission is ridiculous. He has crazy amount of health and downs you in one shot. f**k off. Genuinely disappointed in this game.
  12. Movie Discussion Thread

    Saw MI Fallout. Really loved it. My only gripe was that movie lacked a good villain. None of the available options did anything for me. I think Phillip Seymour Hoffman from MI3 is still the best the series has had. Other than that it was phenomenal. The stunts and set pieces were absolutely jaw dropping.
  13. Suggestions and feedback

    Everytime it goes down, I am like "gone forever?"
  14. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    I dont know how to break this to you but those custom servers you browse in Battlefield, UT, Quake, CSGO, etc have always been paid. Here is a custom server browser in CSGO. Guess how many were paid by Valve? Zero. Same for L4D2. Same for every other game ever made. Just because you can play on them for free doesnt mean they were given for free by the devs. Someone is still paying for them. A sponsor, a team, a website, often players contribute the money to host one etc. This has always been how it works. I know this site is console centric but trust me, asking a company to foot the bill for custom servers is a laughable idea. Especially if your game has a large audience. Nobody has that kind of money. This isnt a console 5v5 shooter that can run on a PvP basis. Its a 100 player game that has an 8x8 km map that NEEDS A DEDICATED SERVER TO WORK. Now imagine you give people the option to host custom games on them. Some guy locks his custom game to 5 players. So you have an entire server which is capable of hosting 100 people running just for that guy's 5 friends. Multiply that by thousands of people who would do the same and you should understand why custom servers arent given away for free. I mean sh*t even Teamspeaks asks you to rent a server and that is 1/10000 of the bandwidth of this.