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  1. Battlefield V

    Honestly thought MS/Nintendo's conferences around the time of 2010 when motion controls were the all the rage were genuinely awful. But even they had gameplay to show. The utterly awful Xbox one reveal also had games to show. This was, on the other hand, an hour of talking followed by a 60 second pre rendered shitty trailer. Easily the worst reveal I have ever seen.
  2. Battlefield V

    I really hope its not a shitty trailer. Gimme some gameplay. But I am guessing it is a shitty trailer. And gameplay is being saved for E3.
  3. Movie Discussion Thread

    Yep. DCCU has ruined the word "dark" when it comes to movies. I am definitely interested. Lets see how it pans out.
  4. Ask The Experts

  5. Battlefield V

    Better maps please. BF1 was sh*t because the maps were sh*t.
  6. Ask The Experts

    I honestly dont know if you want to build an HTPC with broadband speeds going up and more options to stream coming in every day. I have an HTPC right now and I am selling it because it is just straight up lying unused since I just stream everything off the Chromecast right now. Honestly dont think its worth it.
  7. RAGE 2

    The first one was the definition of mediocrity but it does look interesting. Plus its the Just Cause guys, right?
  8. Assassin's Creed: Origins

    I think I am like halfway through and just utterly shocked at how good this game is . It is the best open world game I have played in years. Better than The Witcher 3, GTA V etc. The amount of content in there is just staggering. There is always something else to do. And holy f**k it looks absolutely stunning! Even at work I am thinking about the game and cant wait to go home and get stuck into it again. Its been a while since I felt that addicted to a game.
  9. Ask The Experts

    Eneloop, eyes closed.
  10. Days Gone

    Thats the gold standard really. The E3 demo was interesting. Kind curious to see how it turns out.
  11. Assassin's Creed: Origins

    So I have been playing this for a little while now. Fantastic game, LOVING it! My only complaint is the modern day crap. Do people actually enjoy it? Its just absolutely garbage. Twice I have been pulled out of the "simulation" and its brought the enjoyment just crashing down. It is genuinely annoying to be pulled out of an amazing place you are having fun in to go through this modern day story crap. Why they havent ditched it completely is beyond me. Anyway, super fun game otherwise. Really digging the combat overhaul. Its not Dark Souls but its such an improvement over the shitty combat of the last few AC games I played.
  12. Avengers Infinity War Spoiler thread.

    The weirdest thing you will see on the Internet is a brown dude fighting for the right of white men to maintain their status quo of being every f**king where. Homie if you were born in 1930 you probably would have been trying to convince the British to stay a while longer. "I dont mind Indian's being able to make their own constitution as long as its done right. Just dont replace old established governments."
  13. The Humble Bundle thread

    LOL how do you spell BOMBA?
  14. Ask The Experts

    This is the SOTC and Ico ones I have. They look absolutely gorgeous. I cant find the original images but it should give you an idea. Here is a link to the place where I picked up the NES boxart - https://imgur.com/gallery/1IQBx Been thinking of getting these done as well (Ocarina, LTTP and MM specifically) - https://imgur.com/gallery/KqNt0 cause I am a sucker for minimalist designs.
  15. Ask The Experts

    Honestly, you are probably better off finding some hi res art work you like and getting that printed and framed. Printing is dirt cheap. Framing costs a little more. You can get a really nice poster done for under 200 Rs (printed and framed) of 12x18. A 24x36 costs more to print and frame, ideally around 1000 Rs for both printing + framing. I currently have the NES Mario trilogy box art hanging in the study (3 pics all of size 12x18) along with artwork from ICO and SOTC (two big 24x36 posters). It looks great. Will try to post pics if I remember later. Beats the shitty posters with the crappy quote on it. You couldnt pay me to hang stuff like this - https://www.postergully.com/collections/top-100-posters/products/breaking-bad-artwork-js