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  1. Steam deals

    Oh yeah, the game is sh*t. Definitely not worth buying at the Indian price. I was only interested coz it was dirt cheap @0.12 dollars
  2. Steam deals

    Did you buy it on your Indian account? Can you tell me how? Just link me to a guide if it's there. 0.12 dollhairs is too cheap
  3. Steam deals

    I login to my account and it goes back to Rs. 899. Any workaround?
  4. What you bought this week

    Congrats on the LED. How much?
  5. Purchace Game discs

    Didn't we have a minimum post requirement for Sale and Trade Section?
  6. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Should've disconnected and spoken or chatted with another person. My Prime membership was ending on February 18, 2018, and I just went into Manage Prime Membership and clicked Cancel my subscription, and it showed me this... End Now Your benefits will end immediately and you will be refunded Rs.124.75. I ended my Prime Membership, received the refund e-mail and SMS from HDFC bank, and renewed my Prime membership for 499
  7. The TV Decision Making thread

    Sanyo IS Panasonic. It's a brand owned by them. The box of my LED showed it was manufactured by Panasonic India. I knew it before I ordered the LED. I thought that was common knowledge. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  8. The TV Decision Making thread

    Are you talking to me? Do you mean direct playback via USB? It's kinda irrelevant when you have Fire Stick and Plex. But sure if you want me to, I can check Thanx My interaction with Panasonic customer care was really good. I registered my TV on phone via serial number, etc., and they promptly sent the person for wall installation. He came within 24 hours of registration. Barely 24 hours even. I called at night, and the guy came next day afternoon. By the way, installation was free and the kit came with TV. Zero rupees were spent for this.
  9. The TV Decision Making thread

    Full HD. https://www.amazon.in/Sanyo-123-2-inches-XT-49S7100F-Black/dp/B01ICVLK4I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1508860726&sr=8-1 It's gorgeous. Also got 1 additional year warranty from Sanyo. There is an offer going on right now with Amazon and Sanyo. Now, I have 1+1 Official Panasonic India warranty
  10. The TV Decision Making thread

    Really good. It's equal in terms of picture quality compared to those expensive LEDs I see in showrooms that are priced 80k or 1L. I am also running a 25-feet in-wall HDMI from my bedroom where my PC is to my hall where my LED is, and I've done this for two things. Running my movies at 60 Hz using SVP Pro and playing my single player games on the LED Although, after discovering Plex, I haven't used it for watching movies but it's a good improvement if you're running the movie at 60 Hz. It's like MotionFlow of Sony.
  11. The TV Decision Making thread

    FIRE STICK IS AWESOME! Plex runs GREAT on Fire Stick. If you have an RPI, you can convert that as a 24/7 plex server with your HDD connected. That's what I intend to do somewhere down the road. Also, I went with Fire Stick rather than Chromecast coz of the remote and the proper interface. I also bought that 600 bucks Hotstar annual subscription, and the experience so far with that and Fire Stick has been FANTASTIC! I'm also really enjoying the 1-month free Netflix. It's a damn shame their monthly sub is 800 bucks. Also, because of Fire Stick, my wife says there is no need for DTH. Am saving 500 bucks per month now coz of it, which is great Edit: By the way, during this sale, I bought Sanyo 49 inch IPS LED off Amazon for 25k after CB
  12. Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    Haha, yeah. That happened to me when I just started fighting an Epic captain. During that fight, I was actually fighting with three captains at once. It really got me excited as I was finding the "Normal" difficulty to be too easy
  13. Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    Haha, thanx. I'll keep that in mind. I have almost wiped out all captains in Minas Ithil A few new ones have erupted back though
  14. Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    Guys, bought SoW Gold Edition in the last sale I have a question. Am at the very beginning of the game (Minas Ithil) and I want to know, should I start killing all those captains that are roaming in that city? Or should I progress in the story first so I can convert them, etc? Am a little confused at that part. Right now, I have to go back to Shelob for getting more info about the Palantír.
  15. Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    I would seriously suggest you continue. It's a really good show. Although I stopped watching it coz of fillers and moved to Manga. Never went back to anime.