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how much are you willing to pay?

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have put on the items on ebay.. tell me if the prices are right or not ?



hey guys ...need a little help.... i have come across some beautiful things for gifts.....i am going to put some of them and just need to see how much you all are willing to pay and then i will disclose the prices ... the following items are distributed in 3 groups and the price of each item in a group is approximately the same.... i just need need to know that how do you guys rate the products in terms of the cost ...tell the prices according to the group... n 2nd group will be in the second post and 3rd group in third post... only 3 groups and about 9-10 total items... so i guess it wont be a tedious task.thanx


Group 1






this is a frame which can hold upto 3 pics....of the following sizes 3 X 4 , 2 X 3, 1.75 X 2.75

it has a digital watch. alarm and snooze setting, birthday reminder mode, temperature mode, music mode.






its a stainless steel wall clock ...the size 15inch by 6inch...






again a stainless steel wall clock.. its a spiral shaped.... the size is 15inch by 4inch

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Group 2






pen set includes a pen , swiss knife and a key chain







a beautiful table clock...the diameter is about 5 inch.. etched stainless steel






stainless steel wall clock... lenght 7 inch width 4 inch..









a new way to fill your home with fragrance..Rose laver lavender .. regulate the intensity of the perfume to suit your moods and the times of your day.....









a 4 X 6 photo frame which can be put horizontally as welll as vertically.... theres an analog clock too....

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@ sacky... choose any one thing bro... n gimme ur address.... will send u a gift as a token of appreciation....

I thought it was how much should be the price of these items :P


And no need for anything man , this is a community and we are here to help each other is all

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Group 1:- 1000

Group 2:- 1200

Group 3:- 300



and the above is if I have to.. otherwise frankly speaking I would never go out to get that stuff.. Dealing with several companies gets me a lot of clocks and accessories :P

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