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Welcome to Driveclub GP



Driveclub Grand Prix is a 10 week event that will take place over the course of the ten weekends starting August 12th and ending October 14th. Each weekend will have 2 races, so that’s 20 races over the course of next 10 weekends.





Weekend 1 - 12th August


Timings - Races start at 9:00PM IST
Race 1
Country - Canada
Track - Sinclair Pass
Laps - 4
Car - Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy-R
Race 2
Country - Chile
Track - Chungará Lake
Laps - 4
Car - BAC Mono


Weekend 2 - 19th August

Pending vote

Point System


Here’s how it will work: 
Each race will earn you GP Points as long as you finish anywhere in the top 6
1st Place = 50
2nd Place = 45
3rd Place = 40
4th Place = 35
5th Place = 30
6th Place = 25


But that’s not all.

EDIT (Changes highlighted in red)

After every race Driveclub awards you points as well for your driving skills. The Driveclub score from each race that weekend will be added up and you will receive additional GP points as per the table below.
1st Highest Score = 20
2nd Highest Score = 17
3rd Highest Score = 14
4th Highest Score = 11
5th Highest Score = 8
6th Highest Score = 5


New - Every week there will be a new challenge. The top 4 scores or time will earn GP Points.

1st Highest Score/Best Time = 20
2nd Highest Score/Best Time = 17
3rd Highest Score/Best Time = 14
4th Highest Score/Best Time = 11

At the end of the 10th Weekend the winner will be the player with the overall highest score.

•    Open to all IVGians
•    Participants will be required to be logged in at least 15 minutes prior to decided race time
•    DNF will be treated as 0 points
•    No show will be treated as DNF
•    Disconnection during match will be treated as DNF

•    After the first person  crosses the finish line the race will automatically end in 30 secs. If you do not cross the finish line within that time DC will treat it as a DNF.
•    Screenshot of progression points screen after the race is required to determine additional GP points. Failure to screenshot it will harm that players overall GP Score.
•    Participants will have to vote to select 2 race tracks and car for the weekend
•    Race/Car assists is as per individual preference
•    Clean racing is upto you. Feel free to take out your opponents, however keep in mind DC deducts points for collisions, corner cutting. The strategy is your choice.

•    Complaints about the track, track settings, car etc will not be entertained
PSN ID, PS4, Driveclub, PS+, Internet Connection
Please remember we are doing this for fun. If you have a headset with a mic feel free to trash talk, but avoid profanity and getting personal etc. 
There are no prizes at this time, If everyone is open to contributing an amount we can arrange for a prize based on everyone's input. Alternately if a contribution is not possible, based on my financial situation at the end of the GP I may deem it fit to reward the winner with a game or voucher. No promises as I may very well be broke and all the winner may end up with is a custom title or nothing at all 
To register post your PSN ID in this thread.
Participants PSN ID's
Thanks to [mention=5571]hope[/mention] for helping out with setting this up. He'll be in charge of maintaining the scoreboard. 


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Updated Point System Changes
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4 minutes ago, adity said:

Walker, we must find a way to solve that issue, man. I wanna be a part of this

Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk

Don't worry ive activated an alternate connection. We'll try it this weekend. I'm adding you anyway .

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OK boys the first weekend (5th August) we're going to Canada and Chile. There will be one track from each location. The track will be a circuit track i.e. Road Circuit or Race Track or Urban Circuit. Learn the tracks well and next week we'll poll on which tracks will be used. P.S tracks could be normal or reversed so practice both.



  • Fraser Valley
  • Oliver's Landing
  • Sinclair Pass
  • Maplewood Motorsport Park V1
  • Port of Vancouver V1


  • Chungará Lake
  • Los Pelambres
  • Salar De Surire

  • Autodromo Frontera V1

  • Iquique V3

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Updated the OP with new Drift Challenge information. Every week you can earn additional GP points by trying to get top score in a weekly Drift Challenge . The challenge will open later tonight and will be available for 48 hrs.

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