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    check with known local retailers too, the online should also be up closer to release date... the bank offers are shyte now.. lets wait for better ones..
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    It actually went through lol
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    Up on amazon, grab it quick.. https://www.amazon.in/Xbox-Series-X/dp/B08J7QX1N1?ref_=ast_sto_dp
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    This. The top management repeating the "3 billion gamers" tagline and their focus on Cloud means that the market they want to capture is not just console gamers. Mobile games spending alone is more than all other platforms combined; although, admittedly the revenue model there is different and less than a quarter of them are hardcore. But still, if their GP can be delivered via console, PC and mobile platforms, that 15 million subscriber base is still puny. They targeting the bigger pie (whole of gaming market), instead of a bigger slice of a smaller pie (console gaming). And thats why their real worry right now is not Sony, but Apple. And they shouldn't care about "declaring" something as exclusive. Anybody who has GP and a PS5 would know better than to spend 70 bucks on something which is already available for free. The game is afoot.
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    Thanks! I know not everyone here likes/uses Facebook, but if you do and like to watch old school cartoons and WWF shows, this page does live streams. https://www.facebook.com/The-80s-90s-Page-274495196340246
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    Freedom Fighters is BACK!
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    Contract was made before the acquisition. Deathloop and Tokyo are timed exclusive anyway. PS5 and PC day 1.
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    Found it because of an ad on youtube lmao, but soo good
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