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    Some pics from the weekend 75K ride, was a mix of Climbs, OffRoading, Bad (first) Crash and this Awesome viewpoint.. Overlooking Bannerghatta National Park, Entry is via a gated community close to Nisarga layout..
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    Cream chicken, as made famous by Chawla's in Ludhiana. Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    https://themakoreactor.com/news/ps5-india-preorder-price-release-date-amazon-flipkart/14485/ Its happening!
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    kyun bore kar rha hai behtukay sarcasm kay saath plz no reply after this from ur side.
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    Egg chicken fried rice. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    Loved it. The game does what it sets out to be. Felt sad , wanted revenge, felt miserable while playing as Abby etc etc but where it really got me is when it looked like the game will end at the farmhouse chapter with dina and baby and yet I wanted revenge but 2 hours later when you finally get to meet and fight her again i didn't mind letting her go. The cycle of violence is broken not only just in the game but also in the player's playing it. Even if a few playing it fell the same way, I think they achieved what they set out too. And that guitar scene at the end, I thought I was strumming the ds4 touchpad incorrectly only to realise what the game was trying to do. Gameplay wise too I think this is the strongest ND game yet. Abby's chapter imo is much better than Ellie's and has some phenomenal sequences like the sniper, hotel descent, hospital etc. Huge props to ND's level and assest designers, every single section or even encounter has multiple ways to approach even if they all later coverage and flush you into a single path. While it is all smoke and mirrors, no other game gives you this illusion of freedom unless they go full open world.every single room, every single encounter, every building etc feels different. These guys truly are wizards. As for the characters, I really didn't like Ellie's character arc in this game. From being pissed off on Joel to being in revenge mode & then feeling jealous when Jesse meets dina. She looks like the confused teenager who doesn't know what she wants. Her issue with Joel is also something I fail to understand. You're the one who came close to him in the first part and when he started caring again you expect him to let you die. Loved the scene where he flatly says to her that if he gets that chance to go through it again, he would save her again. Dina, I didn't like her either. Jesse, Tommy were ok. Abby on the other hand will grow on you by the time the game ends. This part also has much more likable characters like lev, yara, Owen etc. Her charcter also shows no regret for what she did. Would have been easy for ND to ease it out and gain fake sympathy for the character but they avoid it. And finally Joel, Troy Baker puts in an incredible performance everytime he appears on screen. You can feel the pain in him in his scenes with Ellie or the lighter moments he shares with her in the zoo. His whole death scene and the scene which follows is also so well done. Goodbye friend you'll be missed. Tbh I would've preferred if they had bumped off Ellie and had Joel go on the path of revenge, this would have felt even more personal for us as we had played as Joel for the majority in the first game.
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    But But But ...series x is 12 TF vs the 10.8 tf (actually 9tf) of PS5 (weakass console, lolz) There will be a 40% performance increase on series X. So much powah, just STFU Worldz most powahful console rox. #native 4k #120fps . thuglife
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    Being a sneakerhead and having tried almost everything on the market, I can say that they do make a lot of difference. But you have to understand the nuances of each shoe and what's it really made for. Trying to keep it as brevise as I can, Pegasus is a running focused shoe in a sense that it provides a lot of feedback, you can feel the track and adapt to it quickly, dynamic force distribution through the feet, basically what a running shoe should do but you won't really prefer these for walking because of that feedback, that's where Ultraboost come in. They try to eliminate as much of the feedback to reduce heel pain. Like you can walk for miles and still feel light in the legs. You can jog in these but because of the lack of feedback, they might feel unresponsive. So it's about finding the right fit. You can really give Asics a go for running otherwise Pegasus are good too.
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    WTF Is this legit? How can someone be such a "evil capitalist" caricature? This is literally what JNU professors must be thinking all Industrialists are meanwhile his daddy talks about "We can't openly criticize modi hurr durr " and this rotten apple hasn't fallen far from the tree with screeching LOCKDOWN BAD to Pappu of all people, who in Feb end and March was mewling with others of the liberal establishment that OMG LOCKDOWN NOW OR INDIA WILL BE DESTROYED. I'd bet Bajaj was MIA when the lockdown started and his workers needed transportation to home towns or atleast permission to live in dorms( does he even have dorms for workers? cafeterias ? ) If you are an Industrialist doing LOCKDOWN BAD jhumlas, atleast take very good care of your workers FFS.
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    I think the promotion's still on, so if you have Persona 5 Royal and the trophies synced up, you should still get it I think Also @b!T and @kold_war don't forget to go to the thieves den and go to the theater/unlock videos section. You can use the in-game points you have earned to unlock Real Life Concert Videos that happened in Japan (It's there under the Specials Tab I think). They are like the Witcher 3 Concert you paid money for, with the actual game singers and dancers conducting a proper concert, being given away for free. It has concerts covering music from entire Persona Series (In other words, Persona 3, 4 and 5; Atlus these days completely ignores Persona 1 and 2), and it is absolutely amazing. It's actually something that would be sold in blu-rays, something you would have to buy tickets for, but here they are giving it away for free. And considering that Persona music is always awesome, it's actually great. Do check it out.
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    I find animated movies more emotionally engaging than anything live action. I just saw Coco couple of months ago. It made me more emotionally invested than any live action did. Same with Toy Story 4, Frozen 2, Tangled etc etc. idk how they manage but they do,
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    Animated movies? I mean they're not bad but meh. My family already watched Gulabo Sitabo, said it was pretty bad except the ending But yes, most movies with the Rock are good family entertainers. Thanks, totally forgot about the dude hehe
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    Just make sure the switcher supports proper output. For example check if it has 60 hz support or 4k/1080p/HDR etc.
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    Thanks dude, will check it out.
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    your lucky pokemon have been doing well since the time I adpoted them:hug:
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    App supports full 4k resolution, HDR and Dolby Atmos audio. Chrome doesn't support Dolby Atmos and even enabling 5.1 is lot of work. Even HDR isn't supported, at least on my laptop. So I use the app. Pro tip: You can enable Dolby Atmos (7 day free trial, 834 bucks one time full payment after that) on any windows 10 laptop. It enables awesome sound quality on any good stereo headset. All Dolby Atmos or 5.1 shows sound amazing and even games supporting Atmos or surround sound have amazing sound quality. It works on xbox one too, as it can support 10 devices at once. Dark support Atmos and it sounded amazing. Also games like Gears 5, FH4 etc just blew my mind away with audio quality. Everyone with a windows 10 laptop/desktop or xbox one must try this. There is also a free version called Windows Sonic but it's not as good.
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    Windows App is frankly the best right now. Quality is excellent (Originally in browsers you had things like only Edge will do Full HD, all others are limited to 720p, that's gone now I think), but App always gets full video quality. Plus, it's so convenient - just add it to the taskbar and you can just click to start it. No need to keep logging in or anything as well.
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    I don't read much Sci fi, but recently read Skyward and Starsight by Brandon Sanderson. He's my favourite fantasy author, and this was his sci fi debut. Fantastic character work.
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    PlayStation's secret weapon: a nearly all-automated factory Fancy version of the same article with infographics Apparently Sony has robots that can attach tiny wires and ribbon cables to connectors Also PS4 Slims are made in Japan?
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    Two series I m happy to have got. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    If anyone's in the market for TWS, I can wholeheartely recommend Galaxy buds+ especially if you can get the corporate pricing of 8.5k. The sound quality is surprisingly great. I have rha ma750 and galaxy buds+ are a solid competition to even ma750 which is really impressive considering how good ma750 are and they're wired. Battery lasts 12+ hours, app works great and never loses connection.
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