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    It's been a while since i hace used IVG the tapatalk really sucks. Sent from my SM-A920F using Tapatalk
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    For PS4: You enjoy games as if you were watching a movie. You like good, critically acclaimed gaming experiences. Whether it be riding horses on Red Dead Redemption or shooting zombies in The Last of Us, you play games to escape and relax from the stresses of your daily life. For Nintendo switch: You’re either under 13 or over 24 there’s no in-between. You enjoy playing games casually and you pick up the Switch when you have some spare time. You actually have a social life and you enjoy playing games with your friends without going at each other’s throats. For PC: You’re either a hardcore elite veteran gamer who destroys the competition or a complete noob who gets destroyed, there’s no in-between. You probably have a keyboard that lights up and your desk space is a mess. Your best time of the day is when you hang out with the boys on Discord. You don’t have a girlfriend. For xbox: You’re under 16 and play Fortnite on console. Switch to PC.
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    Wait till someone comes here and posts that sony is paying remedy to not make this a smart delivery title on xbox.
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    Also. It is easy to miss those subtle 'Ahhhh' sounds in any laptop speaker which is absolutely necessary, but if you have a monitor with speaker or a good headphone, then it doesn't matter. No laptop is gonna give you good speaker in this range, or any range for that matter, so don't look for those!
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    Their narrative is more important than our lives.
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    I am using Asus Tuf. Although that model is 2 year old now. I suggest you to buy this series, it now comes in less bezel design. Highly recommend it. Just buy whatever tuf series offer comes in this range. Please wait for BBD, insane discounts on gaming laptops at that time! I would advice to stay away from acer despite them loom better on paper and at cheaper price. MSI is decent option too, my friend bought it last year, no problem so far but don't know about their service, lol.
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    men, obvio i won't spend 70k for a basic lappy...it would be for mild gaming and media exp ( ) and some work related stuff
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    Getting hyped for Fable.
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    Youtube recommended me this for whatever reason. How on the nose the raciss was in the olden times Song is 10/10 but.
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    you'll get that ribbon cable as well on Amazon. Its a 14pin for a V1 controller and 12pin for V2 iirc. To be sure check the model number on the usb charging slot pcb. JDM something.
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    Then no router would provide that range. Go for a mesh router system , or have a repeater. Mesh will be costlier but better. Don't spend anything above 10k on a router unles you have way too many devices. I have an Netgear router bought for 4k and handles around 5 phones , a Nas , a PS4 , Chromecast and a pc easily.
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    Please bring back soccom ;—;
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    Yes man that's how it looks. Sent from my SM-A920F using Tapatalk
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    Thanks man. Ya got it from a friend from Japan. Sent from my SM-A920F using Tapatalk
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    So generally either the conductive sheet (green film) gets damaged or the silicone membrane (which goes above the sheet) breaks. You can easily find replacement for these on Amazon (seller was New World if I remember correctly) but you need to know the motherboard version (printed on top of it, you will be able to see it after you remove battery tray). In my case, the X wasn't working, replaced the sheet and it worked as good as new. It could very well be that you need to replace the membrane too but remember to take care of those ribbon cables and rumble motor solders, those are fragile.
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    What are you doing, step bro!!
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    This is exactly the first thing that came to my mind when they announced the event. Not sure what the govt is smoking. Organising a mass event chock middle of 65k cases per day
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    Another week, another IVG Podcast. Yeah, we’re surprised too. In this week’s episode of the IVG Podcast, we touch upon multiple topics, including: The IVG Game Library is back! What we thought of the Avengers beta What we want from Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game Horizon Zero Dawn PC port issues The complete lack of PS5 news during PlayStation’s State of Play xCloud not coming to iOS? PlayStation VR and why VR hasn’t taken off Have a listen and let us know what you think You can subscribe to the IVG Podcast on the following platforms and others:
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    All ps fans after Halol delay
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    You can play 15 year old games on ze moust powahfool consul.
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    Nadella must be pissed off on phail Spencer
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    Is that how the steelbook looks? It's so good.
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    It is but way better. Like rumble technology going from SD to HD. https://www.gamesradar.com/haptic-feedback-explained/
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    Ps4 was around 800-1000. NextGen controller
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    There is a thread on GAF thanking 343 for this great decision.
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    F2P version keeps you busy for solid 300+ hours. I don't think it will be bundled with Beyond Light yet or at all. Shaowkeep and Forsaken goes on sale often and available for quite cheap for what it offers. You will get lots of new quests/exotics/raids/dungeons etc. It is worth buying if you are enjoying the F2P version. Season pass is free and paid. Free version is pretty standard and paid version unlocks the bottom row and seasonal quests/exotics. You also get bunch of materials/cosmetics/ornaments. It is worth it again if you play regularly and plan to hit rank 100 every season to get max value. For Beyond Light, you can pick Deluxe edition and it will cover expansion + 4 seasons. So no more purchase for entire year 4.
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    @GameAnalyzerthanks for the feedback. Ordered it. Arrives in a week.
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    I use that inverter for everything which is there on ground floor. When the power goes off. PS4 Pro + TV + Soundbar plus 2 fans and few lights are always on. The inverter shows it can held up-to 5-6 hours without any hassle.
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    Holy sh*t Why are people so f**king dumb?
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    @Bird Bird Bird Congratulations on your new daughter!! Hope you, your daughters, your spouse and all other family members are blessed and have a healthy, prosperous and fun life ahead of you!!
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    That looked fun!!. Hoping to join in one of the future streams. For some reason i read "stream" as "steam" and assumed you guys are playing on PC and didn't raise a hand . This game desperately needs larger team sizes and Co-OP. Not sure why split screen co-op was not included. They could have included just an offline co-op mode as well with 4 player split screen
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    Usually it is the silicone membrane above the green cable sheet thing that causes this. basically the silicone membrane gets cracked sometimes.
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    Only Ori will of was released in last 2 years. You said they improved a lot w.r.t games. Gamepass has nothing to do with their games in last two years. It's all 3rd party. And gamepass gets like 10 good 3rd party games in a year, i.e. the games you actually want to play. Rest all is fodder material.
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    I want them to release footage of games running on XSX now. Halo infinite was running on pc and it got delayed. They need to release xsx games footage so that we know it's capable of running games properly. So far everything pointed to xsx launch delay too but now even the release date is confirmed. Months before release their biggest launch title, which was headline their "gameplay" showcase was running on PC, got delayed to next year, and they didn't show any game actually running on XSX. Just shows how lame is the launch.
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    Thanks guys ! @Bauji Wait till she's 2+. Mine first daughter is going to be 3 soon. Matching their continuous energy is not easy. Lol.
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    It's officially official.
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    Delayed to 2021 Hopefully now it looks like a current gen game
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    Forza Horizon 3 getting delisted soon from live following the trend of older Forza games getting delisted after few years. Those who care can buy multiple editions at really low price right now as Forza Horizon 3 not in GP
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    Thanks folks ! Daughters are indeed the best. Super sweet and super naughty and super loving.
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    This gooey looking thing is called Faley, and I can bet it's pretty unique to certain sections of UP. The insides are filled with either chana dal or urad dal (kept overnight in water) and roasted for about an hour at least, along with a f**kton of roasted khade masale. There is a strong flavor of black pepper, cardamom, cloves, jeera etc. These are then filled inside big balls of rice aata (the white thing you see outside), and boiled for about 90 mins in huge quantities of milk. It is then allowed to cool, and kept in the fridge for strengthening the outer rice cover. The whole thing takes about 5 hours to make, and is pretty labor intensive, so only gets made 3-4 times a year by mom. But boy, is that thing tasty ! There is a spicy, not chilly, but spicy flavor inside, and the rice boiled in milk is a tad sweet (most of the water content is lost from milk, and what is left is reduced/condensed milk). The balls are then cut vertically into medium thin slices that you see above. Can be have as it is, or deep fried for a different taste. The gooey "sauce" is also a tad sweet, and when fried, gives a unique flavor of fried milk and rice.
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    Baked chicken & vegetables with pasta made in sort of lasagna style (but had only cheese slices) Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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