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  1. HotSonix


    ^^^wtf No wonder they are drinking cow piss like amrit
  2. HotSonix


    Mean while kerela govt announcing Financial package of Rs 20000 crore , free rations etc Our Pm - Come outside your balcony and
  3. HotSonix


    ^^He could have asked his party workers not to drink cow urine Somehow they have weird festish for gaumutra
  4. HotSonix


    His dumb f**k mother also met with prominent persons at Nabanna participating in meetings as if nothing happened
  5. HotSonix


    Kolkata’s first coronavirus carrier and his mother, a senior bureaucrat, moved freely for two days Story The little prince, although aware of the Coronavirus crisis, still goes to London to attend a friend's party. His Excellency landed at the Kolkata International Airport on the 15th. He was asked by the airport authorities to go and have himself checked at Beleghata government hospital. (Beleghata is close to the airport). But being used to pamper all his life, he does a f**k all and heads home with him mother. The following day, aka on the 16th, his parents take him to MR Bangur hospital despite his protests. The doctors advised his parents to take him straight to Beleghata government hospital for a check. But this did not suit him. He once again did a f**k all and returned home, not before visiting a prominent shopping mall and a restaurant. His mom, being a bureaucrat, takes him the following day to Nabanna (the seat of state government) to have him checked by the medical staff on duty there. They all asked him to be taken to Beleghata straight away. Finally, his mom gives in and order Beleghata hospital to roll out the red carpet. But that still did not suit his schedule. Next day he finally heads to the Beleghata government hospital after having spent time with his friends and probably having infected hundreds. He is tested positive for covid 19 This guy needs a good thrashing Ps : his mother is a wbcs exe officer promoted to IAS .
  6. Zomato Gold for 1 Year at Rs.540 https://www.zomato.com/gold
  7. HotSonix

    Steam deals

    If you buy from existing steam wallet you wont get any tokens so cant get the discount coupon . sh*t like this makes me want to switch to epic store
  8. un subbed from Netflix , not worth it anymore
  9. Yeah not even worth it at the price.Heck its not even worth it at 80% Its just a cash grab with everything locked behind MT Free to play it should have been
  10. Theres a gareebo ka fast and furious movie dont remember the name . The songs that movie has
  11. Right now nope One of the best super hero shows I watched , Tom Welling really nailed it
  12. Yep they have branch in major metros Online nada Every bank will ask you aadhar , thats how they insta authenticate you Offline every id works but takes min 1 week to activate They hand you a kit these days with all the necc items like net banking id ,Dc, passbook etc
  13. Any online savings AC you need to give aadhar details , no other way Offline no issue even voter id works
  14. Digibank DBS - Good kinda best right now . Axis ASAp - Avoid like plague ,they force you a 500 Rs + GST Debit card even if you dont want one , their CC Sucks Kotak 811 - Heard nice things but they have weird restrictions on these online only accounts Yeah I knw locals kinda call it with recent name
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