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  1. Society says one will have a truly fulfilling life and the other one will have.. cats.
  2. Pixel Buds A series now at 5k https://www.flipkart.com/google-pixel-buds-a-series-assistant-bluetooth-headset/p/itm22ab581797101?pid=ACCG57P5RGWJZARH&lid=LSTACCG57P5RGWJZARHE4FIP7
  3. I thought PS5 was demolishing LangarBox at 10:1.. this is not even 2:1 excluding Japan.
  4. Coz they had their grubby fingers in many pies.
  5. quixote_1989

    Elden Ring

    I 'hope' this means a ban. If so, good riddance.
  6. quixote_1989

    Elden Ring

    Nobody owes you anything. You didn't pay for his console or his game. He didn't brag, and certainly didn't ask you to rate his gameplay. Your opinion means squat.
  7. Uh Oh.... v/s thread will be lit!!!
  8. quixote_1989

    Elden Ring

    It is a mechanic that the developer's have put in, so clearly they meant people to use it if they wanted to. Whether you consider it easy or ultra-easy, that is irrelevant. AC bought the game using his own money, didn't use any cheat codes, played the game fair using provided gameplay mechanisms, completed it, is happy about it and shared it here with his gaming brethren. He didn't claim he is the biggest baddest gamer out there, all that post reflects is his love and admiration for the game. So, kindly shove your opinion on his 'run' up where the sun don't shine. Also, I rechecked the dedications in LOTR, don't see Tolkein handing out any mentions to the jhaatus of the world. So, you have no say on who gets to use/recreate "iconic LOTR scenes", he can wipe his bare a*s on it if he wants. tldr: Maybe just stick to console wars instead of being a raging dick to people who don't deserve it.
  9. Is it that low really? Haven't we seen lower?
  10. I do hope you mean in terms of unintentional comedy
  11. Are you claiming ponies procreate more? As in, they are more virile than xbots? Interesting.
  12. sh*t can look cool. There are dedicated subreddits you can visit.
  13. I was thinking more in terms of instant sh*t.
  14. Approx. 100 million people have been masturbating to him since 2015.
  15. Toh achchhi baat hai na grope bhai? Zyaada log active rahenge aur post karenge toh forum will stay alive. Actual words rank better in search indexing than->
  16. Would you rather nobody else comments here and rad-dude keeps talking to himself?
  17. Your arguments and counter-arguments are constantly tripping over each other. I would recommend narrowing it down to a few specific points and then go ham on those. Apart from that, keep up the good fight!! Us ponies are praying for your success.
  18. Nah, some are butt ugly. I know because I was one.
  19. Got to love Playstation Deliver banger games - Digital Entertainment Deliver scummy decisions and flip-flops - Forum Entertainment Never a bad time to be a Pony
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