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  1. My head is right where it should be thx. That was Said 5 years ago. 5 years is a long time. Most of the Games in history have changed hands at some point in that sense. They didn’t lie/fraud or anything at that particular time. Like some other publishers have who purposely marketed games as exclusives while knowing they have only 1 year rights.
  2. Who said it was about easy or difficult. That doesn’t define a Remaster or Remake. If you think it does that’s “your personal problem” not mine. If I count all Remasters the count goes upto 42!!
  3. It was a Remaster. Every console architecture is different from one another in that sense but a Remake is blatantly different visually than a Remaster….that’s why even TLOU & GoW3 were labelled as Remasters not Remake. & Rest of the games in Halo MCC weren’t labelled as “Anniversary”. Again “your personal problem” not mine.
  4. Anniversary Editions nor Gears UE were remastered. They were remade like SoTC. If I counted the remasters which were free or part of Halo MCC it would have been a list of 40 I think. Also these are all available & released as console games…..Xbox didn’t have a handheld so that’s “your personal problem” not mine.
  5. Halo CE ForzaM Halo 2 Gears 1 ForzaM2 Halo3 Gears 2 Halo3 ODST Halo Wars ForzaM3 Halo Reach Gears3 ForzaM4 Halo Anniversary ForzaH Halo4 GearsJ ForzaM5 Halo SA ForzaH 2 Halo 2 Anniversary Gears UE ForzaM 6 Halo 5 ForzaH 3 Gears 4 Halo Wars 2 ForzaM 7 ForzaH 4 Gears 5 Gears Tactics Forza H5 Halo Infinite Total 33 Sorry missed One. Sourse:Right in Front of you Son
  6. Holy f**k!!! total 32 Gears/Halo/Forza have been released till date!! What a count!! Not just count……obviously they count!!
  7. They not only count. They count till infinity & back. Just see the count again:-
  8. Everything is because of M$ practically speaking. Even PS+Extra. I’m really thankful
  9. Like what?!? Please help me find in this list:- & Please don’t say Psychonauts 2 like your buddy. It wasn’t exclusive. Flight Simulator?!? Yeah…..ok!!
  10. I think it’s about time they release Spider-Man on PC. (Maybe even Miles as full bundle)
  11. You saying that!! You!!! As if there is any need to
  12. I was looking at PSnow on my system right now & Saw GoW 1&2 among PS2 games. But they are available only for streaming. Even the PSP GoW’s. It would be really nice if they could make this downloadable like Jak&D trilogy of PS2. GoWs are the only games on PS2 or PSP I’d like to revisit. Just like MGS4 the only PS3 game. (has been removed from even streaming surprisingly)
  13. Neither was my Hindi broken,misspelled nor out of place. Like what?!?
  14. It wasn’t name calling. Masoor is dal & after having it you fart it. It’s basic science….no names involved.
  15. Ha farting memes after being proven blatantly wrong with evidence. Yeh mu or masoor ke farts
  16. Watching you has always been as entertaining as a fly trying to buzz around someone’s ear only to be squashed few seconds later.
  17. HorizonFW Gameplay was revealed on State Of Play event. It was quite big & hyped event.
  18. Kya delusion bhai….padle na aankh faad ke,daal diye hai old quotes Aaj bots ki dhajiya udne ka din hai
  19. You should have read all of my posts even at the time when I was defending them for not honouring old discounts for new service. I clearly called out their decision to be hunky dori & trying to take best of both worlds from the customers. Discounts & locking them up for their entire tenure!! & this was the biggest reason they had to take 180 which I called they would from the beginning. If I was a blind fanboy I wouldn’t defend them for one aspect of it & criticise on another. Selective reading/criticism is bot business not mine!! Here:-
  20. Have always maintained this in all my comments. This was just a failed attempt at getting back at me…..for god knows what reason. If some other Pony ridiculed someone for Enjoying GamesPass at cheap…..I can’t do squat about it.
  21. It’s loophole for them actually….not the customers. They increase numbers by this way in investor callings but in reality aren’t generating that much revenue.
  22. Aye nadda nadanu!!! Tumhara dosta agar tumhe kuchh gift karta hoyinga!!! toh tum usko muh chhupa ke khaana bolega hoyenga kya!! Dost kho hum bhi kabhi gift diya hoyenga na….tabhi toh woh diya!!
  23. How does one “sh*t on someone” for just saying that the company who made it didn’t do justice to the longevity of “Next Gen” CC just just said he “would have bought it”…..did anybody sh*t on him for saying that?!? Obviously it’s your money…..do what you want. That’s the whole problem here…..anything said about M$ or Xbox is defacto equated as “sh*tting on us” by the bots. & Anything said in defence of Sony ends up getting personal comments….no matter how humble explanation it is. It’s as if M$/Xbox is family.
  24. Inb4 “liar liar pants on fire” meme
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