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  1. As the title says, i am currently writing a paper and need one to review my work as majority of useful functions are in premium. Please let me know. I would really appreciate it.
  2. would like to add constant phone ringing, people actually picking up calls and talking, random chit chatting
  3. sold my ps4, don't know how will i avoid spoilers on freaking youtube.
  4. Look at the state of amazon music and they aren't even bothered
  5. hazard12345

    FIFA 2020

    fifa has at max 6 months shelf life, and the bugs they will bring with their patches will make the game even more frustrating. Glad i am missing this one. Hope everyone in here enjoys
  6. still dont know what were they trying to communicate with that iphone 11 pro presentation. They were not giving any real benefits except using all adjectives in an English dictionary
  7. graphics look way below standard, will wait for ps5 to play this
  8. hope they make significant improvements for ps5
  9. you must be using the WH1000xm3, they released this month
  10. Unbelievable casting and makeup work in mindhunter.
  11. They sound excellent, haven't tried the ANC in outdoor conditions yet but they are sufficient, you won't get the same level as its big brother. Thing i am liking the most is how you can customize the left and right touch sensors. These are levels above airpods (which i have tried ) in every way
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