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  1. Listen to a soundbar, if you are satisfied with it then proceed but a discrete 5.1 system will deliver much better fidelity and wow-factor!
  2. Worth it! Last gen versions are holding proper next-gen games
  3. It's funny to hear it coming from people. I know someone who wants to buy a car in the 20-25L category but mileage is one if his primary concerns! Meanwhile his running is also normal and not egregiously high
  4. What about decreasing power via a remap to increase "kitna deti hai" factor
  5. Yes blue > red and less waiting too. Go on!
  6. Great to hear man! Many congratulations once again However every diesel you're getting in the market is TC and not NA due to the nature of diesel, so maybe your salesman must be trying to divert you from the Petrol version from some reason.
  7. Highly appreciated! I remember when ABS and airbags were a "luxury" item offered ~10 years back. Glad that India is catching up!
  8. Unrelated but don't get me started about TrueHD sound decoding
  9. I thought girls would like that movie Rusha. And the absurdness doesn't really end with the emasculation of the laws of physics, all sorts of heresy is committed in the movie :| Plus at 3 hours it feels like you're sitting through 2 movies.
  10. MTX were there in GTS so it's fine as long as they increase payouts a bit more. Not talking about 500k per race though. Excited for this
  11. I can swear I saw the same old thing some months back but it was a girl and her smaller brother in that vid! Is there a factory making these videos
  12. Yes! BD have been good for me so far, sometimes they delay for a day but are good! Delhivery on the other hand are utter TATTI everywhere
  13. nahi hai Focal, tum khareed lo to ussi bahane main sun lunga Tumhare liye Orpheus ka audition karwaun?
  14. paisa bahut hai, tum ek Focal khareed lo
  15. Seeing your bike they should quote you 10000 at least
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