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  1. The deluxe version isn't in stock anywhere, right? #FOMO
  2. Yup, and the CE isn't something special :fear:
  3. This game is so great, just like the other P&C games I've played. No matter how many times I see a rift to another dimension, I can't get over the fact that it looks so surreal
  4. This looks like vaporware, updates are coming in but too far too few. Not even a gameplay trailer now!
  5. plus they don't give the deliveyr guy's contact and all. So whatever they saud, you don't have an option!
  6. Might not be the best place to ask, but are BhimPay, GooglePay, PhonePe etc the same? or is some app better than others even if the inside implementation is the same?
  7. I think it's also due to there not being a dedicated white subpixel?
  8. We had the original box and called the LG guys for installing and un-installing. Was not a problem at all for us. But yeah they seem fragile! ALso this screen issue was a panel defect with CX, it's not common on OLED after or before that!
  9. I don't see the 100+ dead pixels that I used to see after I checked for them!
  10. Screen uniformity is fine, no other difference though. Have you noticed something? Though both my old and new panel had supporter bars from b9/c9! Which freaked me out initially until I saw it's just a supporting metal bar!
  11. Got the panel replaced on the third day of the complaint. New 2023 manufactured panel, looks all good! The guys were not very experienced and the TV didn't start after they connected the MB a couple of times but all good!
  12. In case anyone is confused like me: The warranty depends on date of purchase, download the warranty card from here:https://www.lg.com/in/tvs-warranty-information
  13. Do you know how to check the warranty? I am sure I got it when I got it but didn't get any document etc.
  14. Why are they imposing TCS on spends, income thode hi hai saalon
  15. Doesn't every phone already have that?
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