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  1. Joker - What the hell is this film? It wants the audience to root for Arthur when it begins, then it takes a drastic turn in the second act deeming the previous one utterly pointless because you are no longer supposed to root for him because of his actions. Then Arthur becomes Joker with zero buildup, motivation whatsoever and acts like a hero when the bizarre "kill the rich" movement he doesn't care about saves him. I mean, it doesn't fully commit to anything. It's not even told from an emo teenager point of view fully, nor is it making any profound statement about mental illness, hell, it doesn't even serve as an origin story for Joker properly for that matter. I think the critics were right about this film. Ad Astra - I liked it, but they should have dropped Brad Pitt's narration. It's poorly written, makes the film sound pretentious and also reminded me of Apocalypse Now too much. 6 Underground - It gets boring very quickly (has good sound effects though).
  2. Well, I am glad that I am not the only one here. Without a doubt.
  3. Sir, mano ya na mano hum bajrang bali ke bakth hain. Jithna dhoor raho ladkiyon se, uthna acha hamare svaasthy aur mano dhyan ke liye. Ye tho mein bade mann se vishwas kartha hun. Mujhe lagta hein ki mein sirf badi neend se uthrahahu abhi abhi. Aur kuch nahi. Amen.
  4. In my opinion, media has always taught us nothing more than panic, suspicion and paranoia. It’s evidently turning everyone cranky, jittery and sucking out all the energy from their lives. Wrong lessons taught to fight for wrong goals. With them, left is right and up is down. Never forget that everything you see, read and consume is politically motivated. That I am very sure of. Respawning is for plebs. Moksha is for patricians.
  5. With you, OP. It’s been several months since I logged into Steam, GOG or Origin. I don’t even remember the passwords anymore. Console is literally collecting dust as I say this. No new games bought since BF1. Zero excitement for E3. I realized that video games, movies, TV shows, internet etc., are nothing but (political) distractions from the real world damaging the young minds and their precious health. So, I am glad that I came out of it all. Because the real world is where the game is at.
  6. The Panda

    Death Stranding

    Holy sh*t! Holy freaking sh*t! That did not make any sense at all.
  7. Wow... that was kinda sh*t.
  8. The Panda

    RAGE 2

    Looks like a much shallower and more chaotic Mad Max in FPS mode. OK trailer.
  9. I know that open-back aren't advisable at all for such requirements, which is why I haven't addressed the post to him entirely (only the subs and forums links are, that have vast userbase including professional experts and official representatives of brands, for kunjanp) or explicitly, rest was for others (self-explanatory).
  10. /r/audiophile /r/headphones /r/budgetaudiophile and related sub-reddits along with head-fi.org forums. See if these are helpful. As for gaming, I have seen many advising against buying "gaming" headsets. Instead, that the open-back headphones are much better. (Headphone Gaming Guide) I use AKG K712. Sound great for movies as well as gaming.
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