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  1. Well... that's a really tempting price!
  2. The Panda

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I hope every major game from now supports DLSS!
  3. Just what I am looking for then! I will wait for a month and see if the price drops. Thanks a lot for the reply!
  4. Is the HDR good? Any backlight bleed? Also, exact model name pls!
  5. When HZD is coming to PC, anything is possible. Moreover... since ND are known for making games with cinematic elements, I rather want to play TLOU2 in 21:9 aspect ratio on a 16:9 monitor with black bars on top and bottom. I know it's weird but I like playing that way.
  6. Can't find the gameplay video on any of the official PS channels. Why didn't they upload it?
  7. Mee likey them aesthetics. Def buying.
  8. Will wait for the PC version. Is there anything/anyone left that isn't banned on ReeeeeeeeEra?
  9. Their contracts do have such conditions while playing Superheroes, but they might have worked around it. Ryan Reynolds liked some RTSC tweets on Twitter and also name dropped "Snyder Cut" during his 6 Underground marketing tour. Snyder also revealed that there are multiple Green Lanterns in his Cut with one among them being a crazy one! Bloggers/Scoopers are also being very open about it. I think we'll know soon enough.
  10. Apparently, the contracts of the cast have been extended for additional photography. And the mother of all bombs: Grace Randolph and other bloggers/scoopers are strongly hinting that Ryan Reynolds will be back as the Green Lantern/other Superhero in Zack Snyder's Justice League in a cameo. Pre-viz action scenes from the stunt team: Definitely looks like it will be Rated R.
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