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  1. Yeah i saw FF7 on Gamepass but then i checked again and its just the old port not the remake
  2. Okay i thought the game was on gamepass. Apparently not so I will skip for now
  3. Watched Color Out of Space last night. Good movie if you like Lovecraftian style horror movies.
  4. Done with Avengers. Currently playing Forza Horizon 5 and Dead Rising 3. Is it worth playing ff7 remake? How good is it? My favourite FF are 12 and 4
  5. AEW FULL GEAR is going to start shortly Gonna be lit. Match card
  6. Hopefully my 1650 can play all these games at 1080p Medium settings. I'm fine even with 30fps
  7. Watched Resolution and The Endless. Both great movies. Really enjoyed. After watching the Endless you will need to watch a video on YouTube that explains the movie coz you will surely miss on some important things. Watch Resolution first as it sort of directly connects to the Endless.
  8. I haven't played on PS and still won't get it on PC at that price. No
  9. You will have to make a one time investment in either a PC or console. There is no way around that. But once that's done, on PC you have gamepass and steam sales. On console, you have Gamepass for Xbox. On PlayStation, you only buy physical. Then sell after playing. If one time investment isn't affordable, then there are free streaming options like GeForce Now and some local Indian option. You only need normal PC even if its integrated graphics.
  10. This is definitely a rigged thing in IRCTC no way it was coincidence just to announce after split and take the decision back same day. There should be investigation by SEBI into this but I doubt they will care.
  11. I have Deepak at 500rs average but only 7 shares
  12. Yeah you're right. I only have Cipla. Haven't purchased anything else.
  13. We are in full fledged bull market. Any correction is sharp and swift in bull market. And just as quick recovery. Not to mention Pharma is going to be one of the leaders of this bull run.
  14. Buy on dips? Logically it makes sense to create a position or add. Personally not interested in the stock but don't see why chadne ki koshish na kare. Fundamentally good stock.
  15. Initially thought we would see decent correction this year but clearly was wrong. I don't think there's gonna be any big correction at all now, so i guess buy on dip is the best strategy in bull market.
  16. Maybe stupid question but does the stick come with subscription to the mentioned apps or do you have to pay for it? And how much?
  17. mohit9206

    Days Gone

    Imo, TLOU wasn't a 10/10 game even in the year it launched in 2013.
  18. mohit9206

    Days Gone

    I gave TLOU 1 an 8/10 and Days Gone 7/10 so TLOU is better game but not by a massive amount. Gameplay is one dimensional in TLOU but the world, story and characters elevate the game. But TLOU 1 isn't a masterpiece atleast imo.
  19. I noticed that both package i received from amazon that was shipped from another state had poor packing and inside box were also either open or with no proper tape. One was belkin power strip and other was headphone so not exactly high value item but still concerning. Items shipped from same city had proper packing. Has this been the case with anyone else?
  20. God of War greatest game of all time? Lmao i haven't even played it but surely this sounds very wrong.
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