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  1. Fear Street Part 1 - Mediocre, boring, couple of cool kills but overall not good. Black Widow - Underwhelming
  2. Watched Selma - Great movie about Martin Luther King fighting for voting rights in 1965 Peepli Live - Great movie about a farmer deciding to commit suicide to obtain 1 lac compensation.
  3. Man so many variants. From A to Z it seems we will get.
  4. Wow ur avg price is 60rs? That's sweet. I think the only way Tata Motors can turn itself around in India is capitalizing on EV. No one is really interested in buying their traditional cars. But I am sure they will do great with EV. Personally I feel Tata Motors can break its ATH of 600 soon within the next couple of years.
  5. https://deadline.com/2021/07/youtuber-chris-stuckmann-direct-horror-movie-shelby-oaks-missing-paranormal-investigators-1234786643/
  6. I was thinking about buying the 16000 NIFTY July call option. Good thing I didn't. I must continue my urge to resist options trading as i have stayed away from it this year.
  7. Ohh I see. Makes sense.
  8. There's no way to know if its exhaustion or brief pause before another rally.
  9. Yes very bad acting. Army of the Dead was a much better movie. This movie had this female character Norah, (TV show name Chloe ) who used to work in CTU in 24 tv show. I was hoping they would make her badass but they dropped the ball there too. Actually i haven't seen her in anything other than 24 show and now in this movie. She's a good actor and deserves more roles.
  10. Just saw The Tomorrow War. Gonna have to agree with IGN on this one. All the clich├ęs of sci fi action movie are present here, Falling into water from 1000 feet causes no damage, helicopters explode on impact, unlimited ammo cheat code, etc. The writing was bad, the dialogue was bad, emotional scenes fell flat. Movie was overall boring with only a few good moments. In Jeremy Jahn's words, You're not gonna remember this movie in T-1 hour, yup already forgot.
  11. Do you guys prefer investing in stocks or mutual funds? And why?
  12. Saw Ek Shaant Jagah 2 (A Quiet Place Part 2). Good movie but overall disappointing because the first one was so good. Definitely hoping for a trilogy though.
  13. Parkland - Good movie about the assassination of JFK Philomena - Decent movie. The Nice Guys - Decent, very good in parts but not consistent. Still good time if you're drunk.
  14. Interesting strategy. What do you think about taking the profits and keeping the investment?
  15. A stock whose chart looks like this cannot be great stock for long term. 100X better to invest in Airtel.
  16. What are your opinions on Adani Power and Green? Are fundamentals supporting the current share price? Good for long term investment?
  17. Saw the following movies Watchmen Ultimate Cut - Good movie. 3 and half hours long but I wasn't bored at any point in the movie. The Wedding Singer - Great movie. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore had amazing chemistry. The Lincoln Lawyer - Good movie. Matthew great as always.
  18. What about USDT? Can i buy usdt and transfer to binance and buy bitcoin there?
  19. Do you hold stocks for long term or just short term? What is your reason to sell? Don't you belive in the company anymore?
  20. ITC fans rejoice /s
  21. Market has dropped barely 2% from ATH. It doesn't make sense to put in additional money, it will not make any difference. But of course its ur decision. I only add extra if drop is 10% or more.
  22. What do you mean by top up SIP?
  23. Settlers, a new sci-fi thriller about a group of mankind's earliest settlers on the Martian frontier who will stop at nothing to survive in a difficult landscape.
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