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  1. Waiting for official launch, not taking chances with new hardware :/
  2. 20years in the market and one of the biggest mega corporations in the world, the access to best of everything, and if they still whine about having a 20 times smaller company dominating them all this time, maybe MS should pack up the gaming division like they did Windows Phone
  3. You speak like Xbox doesn't make 3rd party deals to keep games off of other platforms. Scorn, Medium, Warhammer 40K, 12 Minutes, As Dusk Falls, The Ascent, Call of the Sea, Echo generation, Exomecha, falconeer, Gunk, Stalker 2 and more
  4. 2 Trillion dollar company MS, telling the world how much they suck at their gaming division is hilarious to watch And Brad going to Ninty and Nvidia while saying he walks around with Sony deal papers in his pocket
  5. ^^^ "Over the course of 45 minutes, we will showcase new reveals and the latest information and gameplay for 16 new titles across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation VR2.”
  6. Where? The pre-order button doesn't do anything, just refreshes the page :/
  7. gecko89

    Atomic Heart

    The review scores are everywhere between 4 and 9.5 Think MC and OC aggr will settle around low 70s.
  8. gecko89

    Atomic Heart

    Yeaah... I'll pass on this. Seems pretty mediocre or worse. Edit: 81 on Meta is pretty good score tbh :/
  9. gecko89

    Gran Turismo 7

    Skip to 3:55
  10. You're right, but that's not insulting enough for xbox.
  11. I member hot takes like, 'it'll flop', 'no one wants to watch this', 'box office is down', 'won't make even 1B USD'. Marvel fans..
  12. gecko89

    Atomic Heart

    More they show of this game, better it looks. Might buy this if it gets reviewed well.
  13. PS buying small unknown/unproven studios and still coming out on top
  14. That's a shame. RE2 Remake was pretty much same as the original, and that remake was so well done. Makes sense, thought I reached the hospital much faster than expected.
  15. Playing through this, reached the hospital, I don't remember half the sh*t going on?! Either I've started losing memory or they've changed a f**kton of stuff.
  16. Ballistic Moon may have already been acquired by Sony/PS. It's name also showed up in PS future game development list smack in between PS studios.
  17. gecko89

    Apex Legends

    Apex Legends hits new peak on Steam in its 16th season. Considering PS has bigger base, the player count would be in millions.
  18. The Quarry, Borderlands 3 and Scarlet Nexus for me. Insane month even if you've already played HFW.
  19. Ohh I hope not, for their own sake. Visiting Japan at the end of the year anyway On the bright side, they haven't removed a first party game from the catalog. Yet.
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