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  1. Started playing Ratchet and Clank on the PS4. Haven't gotten much far yet, but already liking the funny quips
  2. A beautifully written article, thank you for sharing this
  3. Yes hopefully nobody is infected, and they reach home safe and sound and be with their families, who are probably worried sick. At least there are enough buses taking the people to their respective towns and villages.
  4. Done. Will donate more whenever my parents get back from buying fruit, but this is what we need to do. Thanks for sharing. I'm happy that its easy enough that you can do it via Gpay, exactly like our IVG transactions
  5. @silica I think the video said Ghazipur Worries me because that is pretty close to where I live. About 2 kms out. I live right on the border (I can see it from my window), so that is a bit scary to say the least.
  6. Maybe. But if countries like UK and other countries do it, its probably because they saw indians doing it. We might have copied it, but we gave it a twist and made it popular lmao. I say everybody do it. Would be hysterical if it was a virus outbreak which truly united the world.
  7. Hmmmm. This sucks for them too, big time. At least most of them are wearing masks, but its gonna be a big problem if such crowds are infected. This thing spreads like wildfire. Same goes for Muslim-dominant areas in cities like Delhi or Mumbai, if they do not abide by the lockdown regulations, they'll infect hordes of people. If this virus turned people into zombies, we'd have the sequel to Days Gone right here .
  8. This kinda defeats the whole point of the lockdown. Where exactly is this (specific) ?
  9. The article says almost every family has a member who's just come home from the Gulf, there are bound to be more like him.
  10. The article says almost every family has a member who's just come home from the Gulf, there are bound to be more like him.
  11. I agree. Big time. I hope the virus finds her soon. Although it looks like she had a kid to the side, so maybe not. Whats hilarious is she's threatening to call the police. As if they don't have better stuff to do right now. She can drive around a Honda car, and afford a house in Harmony (where the f**k it is) , but she can't afford to give her maid paid leave for a bit. a**hole.
  12. Hmmm okay. I don't know much, all I heard is that its a slice of life, high-school anime. You have any recs of the type, Id be happy to hear them. I'll check it out, and get back to you if I liked Tora Dora
  13. Anybody on here watched Tora Dora?
  14. Gonna happen everywhere soon enough There are some real idiots in my society. My friends are walking their dogs outside. Together. I've heard them all say, the only thing I need in my life is my dog. Well time to prove it. Stop talking, walk your dog or go home. But nope. They'll walk their dogs together.
  15. I don't think that is the case. Test less people so that there are less cases discovered? Sounds a bit ridiculous. This isn't a competition for heavens sake. The lockdown was imposed keeping the health of the citizens in mind, and not because we want to show better numbers. I'd rather not head down the same rabbit hole as Italy, Spain, Germany, US or any other countries with the crazy numbers at this stage.
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