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  1. Googled it, looks fun will check this out thank you!
  2. Chirag2001

    Persona 5

    @Joe Cool I'm not losing out on anything by getting this edition next year right? I mean, whats the difference with the regular Persona 5 game? I havent played it yet, so I thought might as well wait and get the Royal edition next year.
  3. @roun90 Thanks a lot, that was helpful! Do you know any romance based anime?
  4. I haven't watched any of these lol. Anyway I'm really hoping they're on Prime/Netflix, its more convenient. Im pretty sure Vinland Saga is on Amazon Prime tho.
  5. Well its obv best not to use courier services for expensive stuff, but as long as you pack it up well should be fine I guess.
  6. I dont think this is the right section for this thread, but I guess when people need to move they could just disassemble their PC, put the parts in their boxes, and rebuild at your new home? Lol is probably just me, but Id just like to build it again.
  7. Me toooo Exactly. But I'm now just short of the final mission in Chapter 6, so....... Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah they managed to kill off basically everybody, despite the bomb not detonating lol
  9. Also everyone dead? I thought he got the right passcode in the end....
  10. I dont really see how Shahid Khan and Sartaj having a connection affects the story in any way, or did I miss something??
  11. I use these chairs and theyre bloody comfortable, so highly recommended : http://geeken.in/product-category/president-series/
  12. I just realised, that trophy for spending 5000/-, does that apply on buying horses too???
  13. Next games to target on my backlog: 1. Order 1886 2. Ninja Storm 4 3. Titanfall 2 (In this order) Hope to complete these 3 before October. Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  14. I actually googled romance anime and this popped up like a lot. Its that good then? Also any idea if its on Netflix/Prime?
  15. Just got the trophy Pony Up for spending 5000/- in-game. It was a lot harder, as I used the tailor-shop in Saint Denis and I still wasnt done after buying everything on the catalog. Had to then visit the General Store(avoid) and the Gunsmith. But it clicked so all good. I should be done with the 10 Stranger Missions strands soon too so thanks for the advice!
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