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  1. Chirag2001

    Apex Legends

    Oh boy this is epic. I can already imagine myself hearing this and reminiscing 5 years later when I remembered playing this game so much xD
  2. Ooh thank you for mentioning this. I've probably got em stacked myself, and both my parents. If they are still miles, can they be used on travel still or just convert them to Amazon vouchers? I already do that for all SBI reward points, amazon wallet already has more than it needs.
  3. Idk about that backward compatibility thing. They haven't said anything concrete about how its going to work. With discs, or digital downloads, upgrade patches etc. Instead of bringing PS4 games to PS5, they're bringing PS5 games to PS4
  4. Don't do it now. I was gonna do that myself, but now I see that there is a 7 day free trial before your sub starts. The only thing I wanna watch is Ted Lasso, and 7 days is plenty. I'll just activate on 1st Oct, binge watch and cancel. Joe said final episode comes out on 2nd Oct. I'm not being cheap, its just that there isn't much to watch other than Ted Lasso. Will sub again if anything interesting pops up.
  5. @dante77 here: https://support.apple.com/en-in/guide/tvplus/apdc0cb7ad64/1.0/web/1.0
  6. Nah. If you're looking for the app on your TV, it may not be there. I'm on an older Samsung model, it has all I need, but no Apple TV. Will just watch it on monitor using my PC. You can't watch it all at once, because of the weekly release pattern but its pretty cheap at 99 a month. The only time I'll use the words cheap and Apple in the same sentence.
  7. DE or Disc version? I'm looking to get from UK myself early next year. How much does it come out to? Any taxes on buying there, apart from customs? If travel opens back up. Will bring myself or ask my brother to bring.
  8. Yeah fake dualshocks are everywhere. Buy only from gamestheshop, sony center or a trusted store to avoid buying fake stuff. Even the fake ones have the ugly colours Don't have much praise for MS this past gen, but they had some really nice color variants for controllers.
  9. I wish Sony also let the PS Plus Collection thing be on PS4 xD Would've been a lot of free games to enjoy over the winter. I'm not complaining though. I already own most of them, and we'll get em when we upgrade anyway
  10. Yeah, I'm aware of that. But my current system will need major overhaul. I'm still on Skylake i5 and those blue DDR3 hyperx sticks lol. Sold my RX470 a good few years ago because I was not gonna get much playing time. Almost a build from scratch frankly. Plus I don't have a gaming monitor, just a regular one. I am looking to getting back into PC gaming, just that I have too much backlog on PS4 and PS5 is priority. Will decide which route to go next year (b/w PC and Series X depending on how much cash left over)
  11. You're in a good spot. PS5+PC is a good combo. I kinda want to put my money towards upgrading PC next year myself, but PC is gonna cost a lot more, as I have to change CPU+Mobo+RAM along with new GPU, plus the Forza experience is better with Xbox as per people here. So if I can't go down PC route, will put money into Series X
  12. How many episodes to Ted Lasso? I assume the final episode is sometime soon for this season? I'm not subbed to Apple TV+ right now, will get it when Ted Lasso is finished and watch the whole thing at once. Its pretty cheap I think. 99 a month
  13. Chirag2001

    FIFA 21

    Technically no, but I think you could say the demo has been out for over a year in form of FIFA 20
  14. Gotchu Still, thats a whole lot of new studios and games coming to Xbox. All that trolling MS on Series X thread just became a whole lot funnier now
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