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  1. When will the new forza come out? They alternate between horizon and motorsport if Im not mistaken? Will buy Series X next year, before the new Forza comes out. #1 on the bucket list for the new gen consoles for me! I would ask a friend or a relative to bring me the SX/PS5, but ain't much travel in these times, and those are pretty big, would feel like a real obligation. So unless I go, or parents go, probably gonna buy from India when there is ample stock and games to play.
  2. All the trailers for the MOST ANTICIPATED ANIME SEQUELS, coming very soon. (I'm hyped af)
  3. YES, if I ever purchase a blu ray movie, this is IT. Ohhh right. Never mind that, I'll sail the deep seas instead.
  4. I loved the movies too, they were great! One of the later books, Book 9, The Long Haul got a movie adaption more recently with a different cast. The kids are even younger, but its a fun watch the family, so check it out in case you've missed it Of course, the books are always a joy to read. Pre-order it every year.
  5. Arrived today. Call me a kid, but I love reading these every year lol
  6. Mom did the prep, I did the frying. (In an air fryer ofc )
  7. Price tag dekho sir [emoji23][emoji23] No, not buying grey market unit at super inflated price. Will buy sometime next year, at actual pricing. Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  8. Voila- Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  9. Currently reading, haven't finished yet. Its a busy week up ahead or I'd just binge and finish the book. Liking it quite a bit so far.
  10. Been pushing it for years now for the right day, but with Season 4 on the horizon (starts this winter), finally gave in and watched- ATTACK ON TITAN Best show. #1. Favourite. Can't say much more. Glad I waited too, the curiosity might've driven me insane. Watched the whole thing in 5 days or so. HYPED FOR SEASON 4!
  11. Oh great. Already have a sh*t ton of backlog, but I'll pick up P5R too. Should have quite a bit of spare time in December. It was 2600 in the last sale, so 1749 is a really good deal.
  12. https://shop.adidas.co.in/#!product/G26942_senseboostgo I wear 11s, so bought them at a store. Same price though, 7200/- I go for walks and runs quite a bit, hoping to get serious use out of these over the winter. Was using Cloudfoams (Questar Ride or something) before this.
  13. Yes and no. The dongle is same for both the mouse and keyboard, but there isn't a provided dongle. Its missing entirely. I'm getting an option for replacement but wanna go for refund since the keyboard also isn't really to my liking.
  14. Weirdest sh*t happened. Had ordered a regular Logitech wireless KB+M. Received today but there is no dongle inside the mouse I don't really like the typing experience. KB feels cheap. Can I get a refund instead?
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