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  1. Havent really done that before, and also wouldn't custom prints cost a ton? I did find a larger size thought, not by a lot but have a backup.
  2. Need to buy a big a*s Peaky Blinders poster as a gift for my friend. I only see 13"x19" options on Amazon, I need twice the size.
  3. So I didnt know what went on for a few months, but wait, Rollins beat Lesnar 1v1 at Summerslam?!
  4. Cavill talks Witcher with Kimmel. Skip towards the end for that part.
  5. OKAY. Will consider the Edifice @quixote_1989 Also, I don't think you can buy a good watch from Fossil at around 5K or less @Aftrunner Plus I'm picky about the black dial. I went to a Skagen store today (MOI, Noida), they had a buy 1 get 1 thing running, you pay for the higher priced one. Any of you familiar with the brand? I think the Casio Enticer/Edifice is my best bet with a stringent budget.
  6. Also if I could spend more money on this, something around 5-6k lets say, any recommendations? But still going for the black and sexy look, but too not filled with dials and numbers and whatnot
  7. Also I like one of the variants on Amazon, and its sold by Cloudtail which is reliable so I think Ill do that. Perhaps wait for sale pricing to get a cashback on CC/DC. Casio Enticer Black (Amazon.in)
  8. Okay, then most likely I will go with the Casio Enticer. But what about the pricing? Ethos has one for 2700/- but Amazon has two other models (also black) for 2200/-
  9. I like the looks of the Casio Enticer. But also I see 2-3 variants, even in the black colour. Ethos has a variant for 2700/-, but Amazon has two more for around 2200/-. Is it safe to buy a watch from Amazon, I buy plenty of stuff from Amazon but I guess duplicate watches go around? Also in your opinion this is the best watch in this 3k price range? Or are there any alternatives worth considering?
  10. Hey guys, looking to buy a new watch by the end of the year or during any upcoming sale. Im not a watch nerd, just need something decent that does the job and looks good. Black. Had a look on ethos, and I have my eye on 1. Casio's Enticer 2. Skagen Jorn These are the only two that fit my budget. I kinda like the Black version of the Casio Enticer, but I also see different variations now on Amazon (priced lower). What should I be doing?
  11. Thats a long wait, I was hoping for a sale before Christmas
  12. Ive seen youtube videos, and both do pretty much the exact same things. I know we're all gamers and tech heads here but the amazon echo has been out longer (India/abroad) and its definitely the more popular choice in India so customer service and supported devices will be better in my opinion. Though most basic smart bulbs like Syska, Wipro and stuff support both devices.
  13. Popper up in my recommendations today, its old but its gold.
  14. Any idea when the next Amazon India sale will be? I need the Echo Dot+Bulb combination that went on sale for 2k if I remember correctly (got bumped to 2.2k in the next sale), and a few more smart bulbs. Also, whoever uses these Wipro smart bulbs? You can pair them together, to switch off multiple bulbs via one alexa command/one tap within the app?
  15. @abhinit90 @kunjanp @kold_war Code is FLASHu7bq Just redeem it on 12 months Gold membership within the Zomato app
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