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  1. I need to buy 2 smart bulbs, E27 - screw in bulbs. Both Philips and Wipro cost 650. Which should I buy? I think this is a pretty decent price, and I have an SBI card. Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  2. Amazon sale from 12. I was going to snag the Alexa+Smart bulb combo at a good price like 2.2K or less, but instead the white bulb is the one on discount Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  3. I appreciate the Singapore tips, will hopefully get to put them to use soon enough. But eyes on Australia for now. I can do about 7-8 nights, and wanna stick to Melbourne and Sydney. I have a friend in Sydney with who I plan to explore around a good bit, but need stuff I can do with my parents and they cant walk around a ton..... Also I haven't looked into how to get started on finalising this vacation. Can somebody tell me the procedure and what steps do I need to get done? Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  4. @Joe Cool Thats a lot. I'm actually gonna be going with my parents. That has two problems - 1. Rules out mostly any adventure stuff, scuba diving, long hikes, whatever. 2. My mom can't take the heat. Since we want to go in June itself, Singapore should be moderately hot, she feels uncomfortable after about 25-28°C. (She's been to Singapore before once, i have not. Although I'm sure I can visit again in a few years. We just decided to club it in.) Hence I don't mind taking Singapore out if the plan of that's what you recommend, and spend all my time in Australia itself. Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  5. I honestly think that the story and character development is pretty darn good too. But yes, the game is gorgeous. Never before have I taken so many screenshots in-game. Would highly recommend doing that if you attempt the trophy "Paying Respects". We visit the graves of some people from Dutch's gang, and these graves are in some of the best locations, not even kidding.
  6. Does somebody here live in Australia or visit frequently? Thinking of taking a trip, Singapore(3N)>>Australia(Sydney+Melbourne). I think it sounds good, but wanna know how feasible it is. Don't wish to take a package tour, unless its super value for money. I haven't been abroad before, so any and all tips appreciated. (Also any idea how much money I'd be saving per person if I opt to fix this myself over a package tour?) Also: I need 3 nights in Sydney, with 1 day for regular exploration, and I plan to spend 1 day with a friend who goes to Univ. of Sydney.
  7. Don't have ICICI unfortunately. I have access to SBI HDFC and Axis, usually these are the ones with the discounts Well at least I can use the SBI CC once, I plan to buy a camera so that'll save me some cash.
  8. Yes, splitting the bill is gonna be fine, I'll have 10k minimum in either case. I think it is 10% discount upto 3K. So splitting should save me 6k.
  9. In the upcoming sale, we have 10% off with an SBI card. So if I split my order into two, can I claim the discount twice once with a debit and once with a credit card? Hope sale prices are really good. Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  10. I paid 800 for it, and still have 11 months of it left. 800 RS in my opinion is easily recoverable, I ate with my family at a Radisson restaurant and with starter/main course costing 600-700 you could say I recovered the entire thing in one eat-out. Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  11. All of us got it using that deal a month back, that sucks. Couldn't you have cancelled the membership and re-started it with the code? Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
  12. Vacation or business? My cousin went on a trip to Vietnam a year or two back, supposedly you can buy a glass of local beer for damn cheap from roadside vendors. I think he took a trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh....
  13. Great, I'll watch your recommendations
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