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  1. Dont worry @AnK I got in cart 2 times and still didnt buy
  2. Hey add me to the list I live in Chikkabanavara yet to get a ps5 Nice to meet fellow bengaluru members.
  3. is this still happening?
  4. Congrats what does that mean in layman terms what opportunities and salary you can get?
  5. I use Tapatalk alot on my phone and i only use only this to browse ivg and other forums.Please try to bring it back.
  6. works on my adroid mobile but not on iphone
  7. ivg on tapatalk iOS is not working please look into it admin.
  8. why ivg not working in tapatalk? Unable to see timeline and unread content throws error.
  9. I tried to buy but it continously said out of stock on the payment page.
  10. guys any more shows like arcane and love,death and robots?
  11. Yeah sadly no way around it. This one is more trustable as i have seen people using it.
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